Top 10 Must-See Attractions in Chisinau That Will Make You Rethink Your European Travel Plans

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The globe is filled with places that we can always and unquestionably include in our travel bucket list. While some of them are visibly marked on the map, others are concealed in countries like Moldova, which are rarely visited by people. If such places pique your interest and you wish to visit the Republic of Moldova, you absolutely cannot overlook its capital Chișinău, also known as Kishinev in the Russian language. As the industrial and commercial center of the country, it holds significant importance and, of course, offers various experiences. And even though the population is not large, you can still find numerous exciting activities to engage in Chisinau.

10 Top Things To Do In Chișinău

Here is a compilation of the 10 finest things to partake in Chisinau during your next vacation and create unforgettable memories for your European getaway. Take a glance!

1. Valea Morilor Park

Cricova Winery

2. Explore the Cricova Winery

3. Visiting the Nativity Cathedral

4. National Museum of History of Moldova

5. Stay at the Zentrum Aparthotel

6. Chișinău Water Tower

7. Discover Mileștii Mici Winery

8. Enjoy Tucano Coffee

9. Explore the National Museum of Fine Arts

10. Dine at La Placinte

1. Valea Morilor Park

If you find yourself in the city, then you must venture a few miles beyond the city center to discover this stunning park. This will provide you with a fresh experience of the city, which stands in stark contrast to its modern and industrial surroundings. The park features a small lake where visitors can enjoy kayaking and boating. We suggest visiting during the afternoon for a delightful picnic or to explore the small amusement park with your children. At sunset, the cascading water installation in the park offers a truly picturesque view.

Location: Strada Grigore Alexandrescu, Chișinău, Moldova

Nativity Cathedral

2. Explore the Cricova Winery

If you inquire with anyone about one of the finest activities to engage in while in Chisinau, then the designation of this winery will assuredly be mentioned. The wines are renowned throughout Moldova, so you will be fortunate enough to actually savor them at the winery’s own underground cellar. This winery extends over a distance of 120 kilometers, where approximately 1.2 million wine bottles are stored. The tour will guide you along various paths, providing insight into both the history of the location and the process of winemaking.

National Museum of History of Moldova

Location: trade Petru Ungureanu 1, Cricova 2084, Moldova

3. Birth of Christ Cathedral

Like all other sites in Moldova, religion plays a prominent role in this city. Additionally, this cathedral is renowned for its architecture and exquisite interior. It possesses a neoclassical design and was constructed in the 1830s. The site endured considerable damage during the Soviet era, when worship was restricted. However, now you can admire its beauty as it is often filled with crowds of people. We highly recommend taking the time to listen to some of the sermons.

Location: The Great National Assembly Square 12, Chisinau, Moldova

Zentrum Aparthotel

4. National Museum of Moldova’s History

As the capital city of the country, it is unsurprising that this museum is situated here. If you inquire about things to do in Chisinau, Moldova, we would highly recommend delving into the history. The museum houses over 263,000 exhibits that delve into the nation’s heritage and history. If you possess an interest, do inquire about the various exhibitions regularly held at this venue to enlighten visitors. They possess numerous artifacts from the medieval period.

Location: 31 August 1989 St 121 A, Chisinau 2012, Moldova

5. Zentrum Aparthotel

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Nostalgia is something that is quite close to the hearts of many individuals. If you are one of those travelers who appreciate history and want to stay in a building dating back to 1875, then make a reservation for a room at this hotel. This place is particularly known for its passion for art, as the initial owner was fond of it. Many famous artists have once occupied the rooms which are now accessible to the public. Their rooms are actually named in an artistic manner and you will feel the influence of creativity once you stay at this hotel.

Location: St 103, Chisinau 2012, Moldova

6. Chișinău Water Tower

Chișinău may often appear as a very ordinary city in the eyes of most individuals. However, we have included this location in the list of things to do in Chisinau to present a distinct viewpoint of the city. By ascending this water tower, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Chisinau which will leave a lasting impression of the city on you. Taking the elevator to the top will also grant you access to a delightful art gallery where you can spend quality time. Make sure to visit during sunset when the city glows beautifully in the golden light.

Location: Alexei Mateevici St, Chisinau, Moldova

7. Mileștii Mici Winery

We have already mentioned one winery in this list, but we couldn’t overlook the largest wine collection in the world. If you are a wine enthusiast, then you must visit this winery which houses over 2 million bottles. Established in 1969, it has been producing high-quality wines that are renowned worldwide. The underground galleries are the main attraction and these are the places that you must include in your tour. Take your time to indulge in wine tasting sessions while exploring this stunning and remarkable place.

Location: Milestii Mici village, Moldova

National Museum of Fine Arts

8. Tucano Coffee

When you are in the city you will need to explore various places. So, we suggest you begin your day by enjoying one of the fantastic things to do in Chisinau. This coffee spot established in 2011 and has since become a favorite of both tourists and locals alike. They brew their coffee using 100% specialty Arabica, which will tantalize your taste buds and give you a boost of caffeine. Additionally, the cozy ambiance will surely add to your enjoyment. Don’t forget to try their delectable cheesecakes.

Location: Alexander Pushkin St 15, Chisinau 2012, Moldova

La Placinte

9. National Museum of Fine Arts

If you want to visit one of the finest museums in Moldova, then do make sure to visit this place. Art enthusiasts will be captivated by the exhibits found here. It was founded in 1939 by Alexandru Plămădeală with 160 art pieces, and it has grown since then. The building itself is a significant monument in Moldova. Even those who aren’t particularly fond of art will appreciate the peaceful atmosphere. So, take your time in admiring the artworks.

Location: Stefan cel Mare si Sfant Boulevard, Chisinau, Moldova

10. La Placinte

Exploring the local cuisine is a must on your list of things to do in Chisinau. La Placinte is a restaurant that has multiple locations throughout the city, and they serve incredible food. Don’t forget to try the mămăligă, brânză, and ghiveci, all of which are renowned local dishes. The restaurant offers an extensive menu that includes pies, grills, salads, and other delicious treats. And of course, make sure to sip on some local wine or beer while at this establishment. Visit their website for more information about the food they serve.

Location: BUL. DACIA, 47/6, SEC. BOTANICA

So, here are the 10 things that you must do in Chisinau. Don’t miss out on any of them, or else your tour of the city will always remain incomplete. It appears quite empty in the beginning but we guarantee you that there are many things you can do in this small city. So, put on your exploration hat, head out on your journey to Europe with Fred and Fuzzys, and explore this city like a professional!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Chisinau

What can be done in Chisinau?

Milestii Mici, Stefan cel Mare Park, Victory Memorial and Eternal Flame, National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History, Catedrala Nasterea Domnului are some of the places where people can experience some of the best activities in Chisinau.

Is a visit to Chisinau worthwhile?

Chisinau is not a very lively capital city in Europe, but it’s still a destination worth visiting. The city is located in the middle of nowhere, so many travelers often miss out when they are traveling to Europe.

Is Moldova safe for tourists?

Moldova is a European country situated between Romania and Ukraine, with Chisinau as its capital city. Travelers mainly visit this place when they are visiting the country and it is reported to be quite safe for tourists, with very few incidents of violent crime.

Do they speak English in Moldova?

The official languages spoken in Moldova are Romanian and Russian, which are widely used by the locals. In some areas of the city, the locals speak a Turkish dialect called Gaguaz. Although younger people and those in the tourism industry speak English, it is not a common language among the locals.

Do people tip in Moldova?

Yes, tipping has become quite common in Moldova and it is now expected in restaurants and bars. Additionally, a service charge is also included in the restaurant bills, but it is not necessary to always give tips.


How much does it cost to live in Chisinau?

The cost of living in Chisinau is very low, and a person can manage to get a one-bedroom apartment for only 65 USD.

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