Top 10 Lithuanian Eateries Embraced by Food Enthusiast Travelers

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Lithuania is an art-loving, culturally, and historically rich nation situated in Northern Europe. Due to the severe weather conditions of the country, individuals in Lithuania are accustomed to consuming substantial meals that are abundant in fat and carbs. The country places importance on nature and ensures to incorporate available greens in their food. When visiting the country in the summer, one is sure to have an incredible opportunity to sample their traditional Lithuanian cuisine. Here are some Lithuanian eateries that serve timeless Lithuanian dishes that are difficult to resist.

10 Essential Lithuanian Eateries

It is essential for every food enthusiast exploring Lithuania to make a stop at these renowned eateries in Lithuania and indulge in the mouthwatering delicacies they offer.

Senoji Trobele

1. Lokys Restaurant

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Located on the ancient 14th-century merchant street, Lokys Restaurant is undoubtedly one of the finest Lithuanian eateries in Vilnius. The restaurant’s atmosphere resembles an old tavern with modern amenities. Lokys is highly popular among travelers for their chilled beet soup, roasted boar with pears, and rye bread dessert. The restaurant offers very few options for vegetarians. Its ideal location in the Old Town attracts tourists and provides breathtaking views of the city. Occasionally, the restaurant hosts live music for their patrons, especially during the summer season.

Location: Stikliu Street 8/10, Vilnius 2001, LithuaniaCost for two: INR 2500TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5TripAdvisor Reviews

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Mykolo 4

2. Senoji Trobele

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Renowned for its charming atmosphere and the most exquisite Lithuanian cuisine, Senoji Trobele takes the spotlight as one of the best eateries in Lithuania. The restaurant is designed like a folk town from the medieval era, offering customers a refreshing change from the bustling city lights. The staff here are known for their exceptional courtesy and friendliness, paying attention to every customer’s needs and even politely explaining each dish. Not only do they serve exceptional Lithuanian dishes such as zeppelins, dumplings, and pork, but they also craft their own beer. Visitors can sample a variety of cold Lithuanian beers and locally produced mead here.

Location: Naugarduko street 36, Vilnius 03228, LithuaniaPrice for two: INR 3500TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5Reviews on TripAdvisor

Gabi Restoranas

3. Mykolo 4

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Nestled in the center of the primary tourist area, the Old Town, Mykolo attracts customers with its extravagant interiors and the incredible Bourgeoisie cuisine. It is essentially a type of cuisine that combines the French and Polish cooking styles with Lithuanian cuisine. The restaurant is also renowned for their hospitality and their extensive selection of Nordic wine. The atmosphere of the restaurant is peaceful and filled with warmth. They even play some gentle jazz melodies in the background that is greatly appreciated by the customers. Some of the must-try dishes here are the dumpling soup, lamb dishes, and the catfish. Unfortunately, there are very few choices available for vegans and vegetarians.

Location: Shv. Mykolo street 4, Vilnius 01124, LithuaniaPrice for two: INR 3000TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5Reviews on TripAdvisor

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Lauro Lapas

4. Gabi Restoranas

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Restaurant Gabi is located discreetly in Pilies Street near the popular tourist area, the Old Town. It is situated in a renovated 18th-century house with antique interiors. This stunning restaurant is famous for its appetizing Italian and Lithuanian cuisine. Gabi also happens to have their own brand of beer along with the delicious food. All types of meat dishes are recommended here, especially with their special dates and spinach sauce. It also provides vegetarians with a variety of options. Each delicacy here is freshly prepared to order using the finest ingredients. Many locals suggest the apple pie for dessert, which is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Location: Shv. Mykolo street 6, Vilnius 06312, LithuaniaPrice for two: INR 2000TripAdvisor rating: 4/5Reviews on TripAdvisor

Aline Leiciai

5. Laurence Pages

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With trendy interiors, this modern restaurant happens to be one of the highly recommended Lithuanian restaurants by locals. Laurence Pages serves exquisite Lithuanian cuisine but with a contemporary twist. It offers state of the art Italian cuisine with a Lithuanian twist. The walls of the diner are adorned with meticulously arranged cookbooks and bread. The restaurant is vegetarian-friendly and offers exceptional dishes made from beef, pork, and lamb at reasonable pricing. Their bar menu includes an extensive list of wine and cocktails. The place is perfect for a brunch or a special dinner event. Live music is part of the restaurant’s attributes.

Location: Pamėnkalnio street 24, Vilnius 01114, LithuaniaPrice for two: INR 2500TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5Reviews on TripAdvisor

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Bistro 18

6. Aline Layers

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Aline Layers is more of a pub than a fine-dining restaurant located in the capital, Vilnius. It is famous for its abundant variety of Lithuanian beer and food. It also serves the local mead made out of herbs and honey. This pub is a good place to get together with friends and have an afternoon drink whilst enjoying some flavorsome Lithuanian meal. The ambiance of the restaurant is very ethnic with slant tiled roofs and untempered stone walls. It is a small place that spreads an intimate yet casual environment. Some of the must-haves from this restaurant is the mushroom soup with rye bread, dumplings and potato and pork dishes.

Location: Stikliu street 24, Vilnius 01131, LithuaniaPrice for two: INR 1500Rating on TripAdvisor: 4/5Reviews on TripAdvisor


7. Bistro 18

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Bistro 18 is technically not merely a Lithuanian eatery but focuses on modern cooking from all around the globe. It is a small family bistro with limited seating arrangements yet offers a snug and intimate ambience. It is among the most sought-after eateries by tourists in Lithuania as it serves comforting cuisine. From traditional risotto to zesty Indian curry, Bistro 18 ensures that its patrons are served with delectable fare and warm hospitality. The bistro also boasts an impressive assortment of wines and cocktails. Vegetarians can indulge in a satisfying meal here as there are numerous options available for individuals with specific dietary requirements.

Location: Stikliu street 18, Vilnius 01131, LithuaniaPrice for two: INR 3500Rating on TripAdvisor: 4.5/5Reviews on TripAdvisor

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8. Telegrafas

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Situated amidst the medieval structures of the Old Town is this lavish bistro renowned for its splendid culinary experiences. The bistro can be found in the Grand Central Kempinski Hotel, which offers breathtaking views of the magnificent Cathedral Square. With elegant decor and utensils, the bistro exudes a sophisticated and romantic ambiance that is perfect for an intimate evening with loved ones. It may very well be the only eatery in Lithuania that serves Mediterranean cuisine while still preserving the essence of traditional Lithuanian dishes. Cepelinai, seafood platter, and potato dumplings with spinach are among the must-try dishes here.

Location: Universiteto street 14, Vilnius 01122, LithuaniaPrice for two: INR 5000Rating on TripAdvisor: 4.5/5Reviews on TripAdvisor

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Chacapuri Sodu

9. Amandus

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Amandus is not merely a restaurant but a culinary retreat. Positioned in the center of Vilnius, the capital city, Amandus prides itself on crafting fascinating and noteworthy dishes inspired by traditional Lithuanian recipes. Visitors can also find a variety of vegetarian and Scandinavian choices on the menu. The restaurant’s interiors are designed to be minimal yet sophisticated, creating a cozy atmosphere. In the summer, the restaurant offers a special 7-course set menu. It is an ideal spot for a peaceful and enjoyable dinner. The food served here is exceptional and vibrant, as are the wine and cocktails.

Location: Pilies Street 34, Hotel Artagonist, Vilnius 03214, LithuaniaPrice for two: INR 4500Rating on TripAdvisor: 5/5Reviews on TripAdvisor

10. Chacapuri Sodu

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Chacapuri Sodu is an affordable restaurant located just outside the main square in the tourist area. This cozy eatery offers a limited selection of dishes from Georgia and Lithuania. It is the perfect place to grab a quick bite of Khachapuri or a cup of refreshing kharcho soup. Please note that this restaurant doesn’t have many options for vegetarians.

Place: Pilies Street 34, Hotel Artagonist, Vilnius 03214, LithuaniaExpense for two: INR 800TripAdvisor score: 4.5/5TripAdvisor Evaluations

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Lithuania is a tourist-friendly nation that hosts international music festivals and concerts to promote and support Lithuanian music to the rest of the globe. To accomplish this, the capital must serve the finest meals to its visitors as a good host. These Lithuanian eateries are surely a culinary delight, adding to the delightful atmosphere of the country. Book your European getaway with the assistance of TravelTriangle today and embark on a gastronomic journey in this Baltic nation.


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