Top 10 Dining Spots in Norway for Exploring European Cuisine on Your Next Vacation

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Mother India

10 Finest Restaurants in Norway

This write-up aims to acquaint travelers with one of the most renowned restaurants in Norway that will help them satiate their hunger, while also exploring this incredible country. Hence, here is a compilation of some of the superb Restaurants in Norway offering delectable and savory cuisine.

1. Maaemo

Maemo is an acclaimed international restaurant with three Michelin stars. The cuisine here is crafted solely from natural, organic ingredients and offers an extensive array of non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. The personnel also happens to be extremely amiable and attentive, ensuring a thrilling dining experience at this establishment.

Location: Schweigaards gate 15B, 0191 Oslo, Norway.Contact: 47 22 17 99 69.Specialties: Goat’s milk, quail eggs, and razor shells.

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2. Enhjørningen (The Unicorn)

Enhjørningen is a restaurant located on one of Norway’s most exquisite wharves, Bryggen in Bergen. Enhjørningen, signifying the Unicorn, is a remarkable eatery offering a diverse selection of mouthwatering dishes. With its spectacular seafood and fish preparations, this is among the finest dining establishments in Norway for seafood enthusiasts.

Location: Enhjørningsgården 29, 5003 Bergen, Norway.Contact: 47 55 30 69 50.Areas of Expertise: Cetacean carpaccio, marine cuisine, and pink-orange fish.

3. Mother India

Hoven Restaurant

Mother India is a remarkable Indian bistro in Kristiansand that offers some of the finest Indian food in Norway. It creates exquisite, genuine Indian delicacies that are certain to excite your taste buds. The service here is excellent and the dishes served are usually highly spiced, making it a paradise for all Indian food enthusiasts.

Location: Pilestredet 63, 0350 Oslo, Norway.Contact: 47 22 60 81 04.Areas of Expertise: Murgh, stew, Butter chicken, and Naan.

4. Hoven Restaurant

Peder Hiort Mathus

Presenting fine dining at more affordable prices together with a comforting ambiance, Hoven restaurant is one of the most desired dining establishments in Norway. Positioned on the brink of a cliff that provides a panoramic view of the Nordfjord, this gorgeous restaurant manages to captivate a large number of travelers. The dishes served here are of superior quality and the staff ensures that you have an exceptional experience. The flavorsome local dishes served here perfectly complement the breathtaking surroundings.

Location: 6789 Loen, Norway.Contact: 47 57 87 59 00.Areas of Expertise: Decent midday meal as well as Hamburgers.

5. Peder Hiort Mathus

Gapahuken Restaurant

This intriguing eatery offers a combination of local as well as global cuisine. Additionally, a significant feature of this eatery is its exceptional and appetizing pizza menu. The service here is excellent and there is a range of dishes you can select from. This eatery also provides a cozy and intimate ambiance, making your experience very enjoyable and thrilling, and you can absorb the finest of Europe here!

Location: Osloveien 2, 7374 Røros, Norway.Contact: 47 72 40 60 20.Specialties: Local, Global cuisine as well as Pizzas.

6. Gapahuken Eatery


Located near Kirkenes, this eatery has some of the finest delicacies in Norway. Along with great food, there is also a breathtaking panoramic view that this eatery offers. Local delicacies such as red king crab, salmon, halibut, and reindeer are the specialties here. Additionally, there is a special menu for kids here consisting of pasta, fish fingers, and meatballs.

Location: Storskog, 9900 Kirkenes, Norway.Contact: 47 78 99 08 20.Specialties: Salmon, reindeer, fish fingers as well as red king crabs.

7. Bagatelle


This Michelin-starred eatery in Norway flawlessly delivers dishes that epitomize the flavors of both Asia and Europe in a remarkably organic manner. The service in this establishment is exceptionally pleasant, and the staff ensures that you feel at ease and thoroughly contented with the cuisine. Despite being a bit pricey, the halibut, snow crab, and lobster, which are the highlights of this restaurant, make it more than worthwhile.

Location: Bygdøy allé 3, 0257 Oslo, Norway.Contact: 47 22 44 40 40.Specialties: Lobsters, snow crabs, and halibut.

8. Brutus


Although not a typical neo-Norwegian eatery, this restaurant in Norway offers a diverse range of tasting menus, and the service provided here is remarkably superior. There is a wide range of wines available, making it one of the most popular restaurants in the area. The ambiance is enchanting, with beautiful lighting and a fantastic atmosphere. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this establishment for its top-notch cuisine and wine selection.

Location: Eiriks gate 2, 0650 Oslo, Norway.Contact: 47 22 38 00 88.Specialties: Course meals and a variety of wines.

9. Skippergata

Ett Bord

This extraordinary restaurant in Norway boasts a delectable and tantalizing menu. The service here is of the utmost quality, and one can never feel dissatisfied with the staff’s attentiveness. The lunch menu changes daily and features some of the most exquisite salads and sandwiches. Additionally, this restaurant offers gluten-free cookies, cakes, and rolls, which are highly sought after by health-conscious individuals. They also serve drinks and coffee in the evenings.

Place: Skippergata 20, 0152 Oslo, Norway.

Contact: 47 469 83 315.

Specialties: Sandwiches, salads, and gluten-free dishes for health-conscious individuals.

10. Ett Bord

Situated in close proximity to the National Theatre and the Oslo Concert Hall, Ett Bord is a fantastic restaurant for individuals who enjoy substantial lunches. Many visitors also frequent this establishment for its comforting and nourishing dishes made with natural and organic ingredients. The lunch menu includes a main course, salad, soup, and dessert, while the dinner menu offers a more sophisticated three-course selection.

Place: Ruseløkkveien 3, 0251 Oslo, Norway.

Contact: 47 22 83 83 03.

Specialties: Chocolate mousse, Fish, meat, and scallops.

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We hope this compilation of some of Norway’s finest restaurants helps simplify your quest for exquisite and delightful cuisine. Why not indulge in these extraordinary delicacies to satisfy not only your taste buds but also your soul. So, plan your journey to Norway with Fred and Fuzzys and savor the best of European culinary delights like never before!


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