Top 10 Berlin Attractions to Explore During Your 2023 Adventure in Germany

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A city as ancient as 775 years has much more to offer than just a holiday. Berlin—the capital city of Germany is one of the most bustling metropolises of today. The city welcomes thousands of tourists from around the world to come and explore the most enduring and dynamic culture in the history of human civilization. The seat of numerous political events that altered the course of world history, the land that gave birth to heroes of unparalleled courage, of wars, of revolution, and much more, the divided city has a wealth of stories to share with its visitors. Germany’s capital city Berlin dates back to the 13th century. It has a long tale to recount to its visitors through its iconic architectural structures and locations. There are many iconic places to visit in Berlin that bring to life each and every page of world history.

10 Renowned Places To Visit In Berlin

There are countless places to explore and discover in Berlin, here is a list of must-visit places that will make your journey a truly memorable one. Have a look!

  • Academy Of Arts
  • Berlin Cathedral
  • Memorial To The Murdered Jews Of Europe
  • Jewish Museum
  • Museum Island
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Charlottenburg Palace Gardens
  • Mauerpark
  • Treptower Park
  • Alexanderplatz

Academy of Arts in Berlin

1. Academy Of Arts

Dating back to 1697, the then-called Prussian Academy of Arts was established by King Frederick. It came to be known as the Academy of Arts after it was acquired by the Prussian treasury in 1902. One of the best places to visit in Berlin, Germany, it is one of the architectural structures in Germany that has changed many political hands and even endured bombardment during World War II, became divided into western and eastern branches during the Cold War, and has managed to survive to this day to present to the world the rich art and cultural evidence that it has been able to preserve for so many centuries.

Entrance fee: Varies depending on the exhibitionOpening hours: Monday to Sunday: 10 am to 8 pm

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Berlin Cathedral in Berlin

2. Berlin Cathedral

Situated on the Museum Island, The Protestant Berlin cathedral happens to be one of the main Berlin attractions. It is one of the oldest architectural structures that was initially constructed as a parish church in the year 1465 on the banks of the Spree River. It has witnessed the rise and fall of empires and its construction extended until the year 1903, only to be reopened after the GDR era in 1993. The church is adorned with over ninety sarcophagi and tombs that display the various glorious political and religious moments etched in the mosaic of the tombs. The Dome’s organ, which contains over 7000 pipes, is one of the largest in all of Germany. If you’re in Germany, the cathedral is among the most beautiful places to visit in Berlin, Germany.

Admission price: 4 EuroHours: Monday to Saturday: 9:20 | Sunday & Public Holidays: 12:20

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin

3. Monument To The Slaughtered Jews Of Europe

Holocaust Memorial, the mere mention of the term sends a shiver down the spine. The proof of the darkest era in the history of mankind, this monument stands in silence as a tribute to the thousands of Jewish victims who fell victim to the Nazi extermination during World War II. A piece of land covered with 2771 gray rectangular blocks made of concrete and an information office that has preserved the records, documentation, and personal details of the Holocaust, the monument is among the most popular tourist attractions in Berlin.

Admission cost: FreeHours: Always open

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Jewish Museum in Berlin

4. Jewish Museum

A symbol of German-Jewish history, the Jewish Museum is also one of the notable places to explore in Berlin. Comprising of three buildings, the museum encapsulates the period of Jewish settlement in Germany that left a profound impact of the Holocaust on the city’s psyche. Designed by Daniel Libeskind, a descendant of a family that perished at the hands of the Nazis, the lightning bolt structure (from a top view) and architecture of the Jewish Museum is a rare and remarkable work of art, in addition to its political significance. The intricate structure is open for visitors to discover and marvel at the sheer creativity and artistry.

Admission price: 3 EuroOpening hours Monday: 10:22 | Tuesday to Sunday: 10:20

5. Museum Island

Museum Island in Berlin

A city as ancient as Berlin is bound to be filled with museums. How else can the city preserve the memories of centuries that have shaped its evolution? The city is home to a group of five museums located on a small island on the Spree River. Built between 1824 and 1930, these architectural marvels house a collection of art and historical artifacts that span thousands of years of human civilization. Your visit to Berlin would be incomplete without exploring these museums.

It is a treasure trove that safeguards a private collection of the Prussian rulers. The first and oldest of these museums is the Altes Museum. This and the other four museums draw inspiration from the ancient Forum of Rome and were constructed with the purpose of preserving artifacts and scientific evidence from different time periods. A visit to this museum will be an enriching experience, especially if you are looking for places to visit in Berlin in a single day.

Entry fee: 9 Euros

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6. Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate Berlin

Such is the turn of time! The former symbol of the divided city now stands as a representation of unity and harmony. Yet another emblem of the strict political orders that affected the people of Berlin, the Iron Curtain that thoughtlessly separated East and West Berlin during the cold war. In November 1989, the collapse of Berlin took place, followed by the monument reemerging as a symbol of peace that brought the two parts of the city together.

As we can observe, the city carries the marks of the past with a grin, and this is one of them. Unfailingly, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Berlin. Visit this place to encounter another significant historical event. Witness how people come with friends and families to spend time and visit the same location, the same piece of land that was strictly off-limits.

7. Charlottenburg Palace Gardens

In addition to the remnants of the past carefully preserved in this city, Berlin is also home to some of the most exquisite parks that are among Berlin’s top attractions. One of them is Charlottenburg Palace Gardens, the first baroque garden in Germany. Also, one of the oldest gardens that date back to 1695, it showcases a carp pond and an expansive lawn bordered by plants and trees trimmed in a box shape and tricolored gravel. While the garden provides the perfect atmosphere for family outings, the palace is also one of the most stunning architectural marvels that captivate the tourists. This is one of the most renowned historical sites to visit in Berlin.

Charlottenburg Palace Gardens

Entry fee: FreeOpen until: 8:00 pm until twilight

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8. Mauerpark

A former part of the Berlin wall, located in the Prenzlauer Berg district, Mauerpark is one of the finest Berlin tourist destinations. It is popular among various age groups, making it an ideal spot for a family outing. During the weekends, it also transforms into a flea market and a karaoke stage. The section of the former Berlin wall has become an open canvas for street artists. It is a complete package – an open space beneath the sky, a place to unwind, relax, and be entertained.

Mauerpark in Berlin

9. Treptower Park

Much stated regarding the city and remnants of its magnificent and tumultuous park. Let’s now pay a visit to the Spree River – the calmness of the water that harmonizes with the rush and commotion of the city that is swirling around it from morning to evening. Treptower Park positions itself right alongside the banks of the Spree River and serves as an ideal location for boating, jogging, taking a leisurely walk, or simply being present.

Treptower Park in Berlin

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10. Alexanderplatz

One of the most significant and bustling areas which also acts as a base for several tourist attractions is Alexanderplatz. Situated in the Mitte District of Berlin, some of the main crowd magnets in this vicinity include the 365-meter television Tower, the tallest structure in Berlin, Alexa shopping mall, World Time Clock, and more. This part of Berlin has been a prominent location, deeply associated with its political upheavals and social progress. If you are seeking places to explore in Berlin over a two-day period, Alexanderplatz is the ideal destination.

Alexanderplat in Berlin

We anticipate that after being acquainted with the destinations in and around Berlin, you will be eager to visit these places soon. So, organize a trip to Europe today and venture to astonishing locations like Germany and Austria.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places to explore in Berlin

What is the most frequented place in Berlin?

The Reconstructed Reichstag is the most visited tourist attraction in Berlin. Other popular points of interest in Berlin include The Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island, The Berlin Wall Memorial, German Historical Museum, Berlin Television Tower, Checkpoint Charlie Museum, Charlottenburg Palace and Park, and more.

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