Top 10 Belgian Dining Spots: A Food Enthusiast’s Delight!

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10 Top Belgian Restaurants

The following is a compilation of the ten most renowned and captivating places to dine in Belgium during your upcoming European journey. Browse through and make sure to take note of the dining establishments you absolutely cannot afford to miss during your trip.

1. The Belgica

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The Belgica draws inspiration from the lifestyle of the Belgians and stands as one of the premier dining establishments in Belgium. It showcases the simplicity and authenticity of local ingredients served in generous portions. The standout dishes here include meatballs and Flemish potato mash. Additionally, a wide selection of refreshing Belgian beers is also available. Visitors should not miss the opportunity to experience traditional cuisine in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Park Restaurant

Location: Rue Du Marché Au Charbon 41, Brussels, BelgiumTripAdvisor Rating: 3.5 StarsReviews on TripAdvisor

2. Park Restaurant

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Restobieres Restaurant

Situated in Brussels, Park Restaurant is a chic eatery that provides a romantic atmosphere with its cozy and intimate interior design. It is nestled in a peaceful location within a grand mansion. The tantalizing fusion of European flavors served here pairs perfectly with the extensive selection of wines available at the restaurant. The highly recommended dishes at this establishment include succulent steaks, delicate scallops, and crispy French fries. With excellent service and top-notch food quality, Park Restaurant never fails to leave a lasting impression on every diner.

Place: 1 Minderbroedersstraat, Brugge, 8000, BelgiumTripAdvisor Rating: 5.0 StarsReviews on TripAdvisor

3. Restobieres Restaurant

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De Heeren Van Liedekercke

This is a conventional Belgian restaurant in Brussels which is perfect for all beer enthusiasts. Every other dish offered here is artistically curated by blending a range of ingredients with beer. This is one of the top Belgian restaurants in Brussels and is inundated with locals and expatriates almost every day so it is recommended that one should reserve a table prior to visiting this restaurant. A classic range of Belgian beer is also served here.

Place: 32, Rue Des Renards, 1000, Brussels, BelgianTripAdvisor Rating: 4.0 starsReviews on TripAdvisor

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4. De Heeren Van Liedekercke

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This marvelous restaurant is tucked away 19 miles away from the hustle bustle of Brussel. Everything from light snacks to beer-infused food is served here. Visitors have the luxury to choose from a variety of beer options as this restaurant accommodates 5 taps and more than 300 bottles. The specialties include Gueuze, Lambic and Orval. All the dishes served here are made fresh with the locally picked ingredients blended in a way that provides the maximum flavor.

Place: Kasteelstraat 33, 9470 Denderleeuw, BelgiumCost For Two: INR 4,500TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0 StarsReviews on TripAdvisor

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5. Pomperlut

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This splendid eatery provides the sensation of a 17th-century fairy tale. It showcases exquisite embellishments that enhance the overall atmosphere of the place. Ancient chandeliers, wooden toadstools, and a massive hearth contribute to the country charm of your dining experience. This establishment used to be a farmhouse before being transformed into an elegant establishment for fine dining.

Location: 26 Minderbroedersstraat, Brugge, 8000, BelgiumTripAdvisor Rating: 4.5 StarsTripAdvisor Reviews

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6. Amadeo

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Maison Du Cygne

Amadeus eatery is a sculptors studio converted into a fine dining establishment. This is one of the top eateries in Belgium Brussels that offers the perfect ambiance for a romantic dinner or a friendly gathering. The walls are adorned with motifs inspired by the figures in the old churches, which bring a distinct vibe to the entire area. The specialty dishes served here, which are cherished by every regular patron, include beef carpaccio, spare ribs, ricotta, lasagna, and spinach tortellini.

Place: Rue Sainte-Catherine 26, 1000 Bruxelles, BelgiumPrice For Two: INR 3,500Rating on TripAdvisor: 4.0 StarsReviews on TripAdvisor

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7. Maison Du Cygne

La Quincaillerie

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This is one of the finest restaurants in Belgium which was previously a pub that hosted Belgian Socialist Party. The walls of this restaurant are elegantly adorned with captivating original Brueghels and the interiors provide a dining seating ideal for an evening gathering with family and friends. It serves authentic Belgian speciality dishes like steamed turbot mixed with hazelnut and mint sauce, roasted pheasant, fresh wild mushrooms with sauteed veal.

Place: Grand Palace 9, 1000 Bruxelles, BelgiumPrice For Two: INR 8,000Rating on TripAdvisor: 3.0 StarsReviews on TripAdvisor

8. La Quincaillerie


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Formerly a hardware store, this quaint restaurant still showcases the colossal splendid clock which is the initial thing anyone would observe upon entering this establishment. Eye-catching decorative embellishments housed by this venue consist of the authentic pieces which formerly constituted the hardware store. The food menu changes on a weekly basis and every dish served here is crafted from fresh ingredients that are locally obtainable.

Location: Rue Du Page 45, 1050 Ixelles, BelgiumCost For Two: INR 9,500TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5 StarsTripAdvisor Reviews

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9. Bruneau

Cafe Brussels

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This is the most ancient restaurant in Brussels Belgium which is managed by a highly acclaimed chef, Jean Pierre Bruneau. The European and Belgian cuisine offered here alongside the amorous atmosphere of the restaurant has facilitated him in acquiring 2 Michelin stars. The ingredients employed by him to curate numerous delectable dishes are freshly imported from various locations. His culinary creations are distinctive and inventive and are certain to be adored by every epicurean.

Location: Avenue Broustin 73, 1083 Bruxelles, BelgiumCost For Two: INR 12,000TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0 StarsTripAdvisor Reviews

10. Cafe Brussels

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Even though this eatery is located outside Belgium, it is certainly worth mentioning due to the highly delectable Belgian cuisine dishes offered here. A Belgian restaurant serving a variety of mouth-watering signature dishes and an appealing atmosphere is sure to attract every individual. It is one of the top-notch Belgian restaurants in Houston serving an extensive list of daily specials that change every day.

Location: 1718 Houston Ave, Houston, TX 77007, USACost For Two: INR 9,000TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0 StarsReviews on TripAdvisor

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These Belgian eateries are a must-visit for every gastronome who adores exploring diverse cuisine dishes. And so, we are confident you would have an excellent experience dining here. Therefore, make sure you personalize your journey to Europe with TravelTriangle in a manner that allows sufficient time to explore Belgium and indulge the inner food lover in you!


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