Top 10 Amsterdam Hostels for Your European Backpacking Experience

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Backpacking through Europe is a deeply spiritual encounter for the countless individuals who embark on this journey every year. Hitchhiking across the breathtaking cities and enchanting countryside is an adventure that every avid traveler should have at least once in their lifetime. And when you have the opportunity to experience it in Amsterdam, it only makes sense to stay in one of the many affordable hostels in Amsterdam!

The Trendiest Hostels In Amsterdam

Whether it’s the Van Gogh museum or the multitude of bicycles that congest the streets, Amsterdam is truly unlike any other place you have ever visited. And the best part is that it is one of the most welcoming cities for backpackers.

one of the cheap hostel in the city

1. Generator Hostel

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This former establishment of zoological education has undergone renovations to become one of the most enjoyable hostels in Amsterdam. Inside the hostel, you’ll find a pub that used to be a boiler room, as well as several dining options. The hostel offers twin and quadruple rooms for guests, as well as a six-person apartment with a communal area and kitchen. You can even enjoy a reasonably priced breakfast here.

Location: MauritskadeStarting price: INR 8,112Google rating: 4.3/5 | TripAdvisor rating: 4/5

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built into colorful train compartments

2. Amigo Budget Hostel

This is one of those economical hostels in Amsterdam that perfectly captures the relaxed and fun atmosphere of central Amsterdam. The staircase leading to the dormitory area is steep and amusing, the beds are both clean and comfortable, and the internet connection is surprisingly fast considering the price. With a capacity for 6 to 8 people in each room, the dormitory accommodations here are not as cramped as other low-cost options in Amsterdam. The Cottage and Soi 66 – Thai Cafe are two popular hangout spots near this hostel.

Place: LinnaeusstraatInitial cost: INR 9,063Rating on Google: 3.1/5 | Rating on TripAdvisor: 3/5

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beautifully decorated interiors

3. The Train Lodge

The perfectly unusual hostel to investigate this absolutely eccentric metropolis, the Train Lodge accommodates guests in rooms constructed into vibrant train compartments. Located directly adjacent to the Sloterdijk train station, the Lodge is well connected to the city center as well as to other attractions on the outskirts. You can also reach these places by embracing the Dutch culture and renting bicycles at the hostel itself.

Place: ChangiwegInitial cost: INR 9,219Rating on Google: 4.2/5 | Rating on TripAdvisor: 4/5

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relaxed and fun nature of the city

4. Stayokay Hostel Amsterdam Vondelpark

This is probably one of the finest hostels in Amsterdam. Housed in a stunning building in one of the lively Amsterdam neighborhoods, the hostel offers daily strolls where you can encounter other backpackers. There is also a canal excursion, and the hostel provides Stayokay bikes for discovering the city in the Dutch style. The Museum Quarter, which hosts the famous Van Gogh collection, is nearby and is an essential visit.

budget free hostel

Position: ZandpadInitial price: INR 7,615Google rating: 4.1/5 | TripAdvisor rating: 4/5

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5. Core of Amsterdam Hostel

the classic old Dutch building

This is a youngster hostel in Amsterdam. The rooms are small but very comfortable, the bathrooms are fine and there is a communal area for guests. Breakfast is included in your accommodation. The bathrooms here are larger than you would find in most hostels in Amsterdam. There is complimentary internet throughout the building, so that is a great advantage considering this is an economical place. Situated right in the heart of Amsterdam, this is a good place to stay on a budget and have fun.

Position: LeidsegrachtInitial price: INR 10,845Google rating: 3.5/5 | TripAdvisor rating: 3/5

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6. Flying Pig Downtown

Situated in one of the traditional ancient Dutch buildings, Flying Pigs Downtown is a comfortable and secure lodging in Amsterdam, Netherlands. There is a designated room for smoking for the visitors and the four bunk rooms are the finest. Additionally, a key card is provided for entry into the premises in the evening, which is wonderful for ensuring the safety of your belongings (which almost never happens at this lodging!). This makes it one of the greatest economical lodgings in Amsterdam!

Position: NieuwendijkInitial price: INR 7,229Google score: 4.4/5 | TripAdvisor score: 4/5

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7. Amsterdam Hostel Orfeo

This is one of the affordable lodgings in the heart of Amsterdam. Regarded as safe for travelers, the place offers comfortable beds and spotless bathrooms, allowing you to relax during your enjoyable stay in Amsterdam. The central location implies that there are numerous dining options available near the lodging. The staff is excessively warm and accommodating and proficient in English as well, hence they can truly assist you with directions.

Location: LeidsekruisstraatCommencing price: INR 13,274Google score: 2.8/5 | TripAdvisor score: 2.5/5

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8. a&o Amsterdam Zuidoost

This is a fresh hostel that also offers a dormitory area for backpackers. The chambers accommodate 4 to 8 bunk beds, and there is an immense communal area near the reception. The beds are quite comfortable and spacious, and all guests have their own private bathrooms. You can also enjoy an inexpensive breakfast here. Regardless, it is in close proximity to the metro station, which can directly transport you to the city hub.

Location: HogehilwegCommencing price: INR 6,681Google score: 3.1/5 | TripAdvisor score: 3.5/5

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9. ClinkNOORD

This establishment should be at the forefront of your list when seeking affordable yet superb hostels in Amsterdam. A pre-War edifice that has been revamped to resemble present-day Amsterdam, the hostel showcases an impressive communal room, a lush atrium filled with greenery, a library, and the Zinc Bar that brings an exciting ambiance right to your doorstep. Additionally, you can purchase tickets for city tours and canal cruises at the hotel reception.

Place: Badhuiskade, Overhoeks areaInitial cost: INR 7,874Google score: 4.4/5 | TripAdvisor score: 4.5/5

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10. Stayokay Amsterdam Oost

This hostel is one of the largest in the “Dam”. Situated just a quarter-hour away from the city center, the hostel has an on-site restaurant and a lounge bar. The beds are tidy and spacious, and the personnel is skilled, courteous, and proficient in English and other languages as well. There is wireless internet throughout the hostel, and the most enjoyable aspect is that breakfast is included in your stay. You will also be thrilled to learn that Stayokay Amsterdam Oost has been awarded the Ecolabel for its environmentally friendly practices.

Place: TimorpleinInitial cost: INR 6,344Google score: 4.2/5 | TripAdvisor score: 4/5

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These exceptional hostels in Amsterdam city complement the independent nature of the city and its residents. Reserve your journey to Amsterdam with Fred and Fuzzys now to have the most invigorating backpacking experience this season!

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