Top 10 Affordable Resorts in Vadodara Offering a Comfortable Stay Below 5000 INR

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Gujarat is an enchanting destination for nature enthusiasts. The vibrant colors of nature come alive here, offering a remarkable experience. While Gujarat showcases the best of Western India, Vadodara also boasts several attractions. Explore the area and discover the finest resorts in Vadodara, ensuring that your trip is truly worthwhile.

From camping to social functions and from clubs to mud therapy, these resorts offer a multitude of experiences. With well-appointed rooms and restaurants serving diverse cuisines, your needs will be well taken care of, ensuring a delightful stay. Read further to discover the top resorts in Vadodara that guarantee a dreamy experience for all travelers.

Top Resorts in Vadodara Under 5k

Are you searching for a rejuvenating getaway in Vadodara? Look no further, as Vadodara is home to numerous awe-inspiring resorts that offer memorable vacations under 5k. Here are the best resorts in Vadodara that provide affordable stays:

1. Kamdhenu Resort – The Most Centrally Located Resort in Vadodara

Discover the Kamdhenu Resort, situated near Navakhal Village, which stands out as one of the best resorts with a swimming pool in Vadodara. Boasting luxury cottages and a multi-cuisine restaurant, this resort is perfect for large groups and families seeking a fantastic vacation. The resort’s attentive staff can also assist in organizing parties and other events. Undoubtedly, Kamdhenu Resort is the most popular resort in Vadodara.

Banyan Paradise Resort stay by the poolside in Vadodara

What makes it special: Enjoy the 32-seat home theatre exclusively for resort guests.

Tariff: Prices start from INR 4200 per night onwards.

For more information, visit their website or check out the reviews on TripAdvisor.

2. Banyan Paradise Resort – A Haven for Travelers

If you are in search of a resort in Vadodara with a swimming pool, Banyan Paradise Resort is the ideal choice. Sprawling over a vast 7-acre land, this resort offers a perfect retreat for a relaxed trip, business travel, or social gatherings. Take a leisurely walk in the garden, enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool, or savor a delicious dinner by the poolside. The remarkable hospitality and courteous staff truly enhance the overall experience.

The grand entrance of Prakruti Resort in Vadodara ss

What makes it special: Immerse yourself in the 70,000 sq ft manicured lawn, perfect for hosting outdoor social functions.

Tariff: Prices start from INR 3500 per night onwards.

For more information, visit their website or explore the reviews on TripAdvisor.

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3. Prakruti Resort – Exemplifying Unforgettable Holiday Experience

Nestled far away from the chaotic urban life and in close proximity to the airport lies Prakruti Resort – an impeccable sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. The stay at this remarkable resort is characterized by its exquisite and artistically accomplished luxury rooms and suites. The culinary delights offered at the two upscale restaurants are truly commendable. Prakruti Resort boasts of six meticulously designed banquet halls and has earned a prominent reputation as a sought-after wedding venue in Gujarat.

One of the stays of Reva Resort in Vadodara

What makes it special: Indulge in the authentic flavors of Jain and Swaminarayan cuisines at Panchamrit – the enchanting dining room within the resort Starting price per night: INR 3200

Check out their Website | Read Reviews

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4. Reva Resort – Embracing Nature’s Tranquility in its Finest Form

Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of Reva Resort, surrounded by lush neem forests and peacefully nestled on the banks of the Narmada River. Here, you have a variety of beautiful accommodations to choose from, ranging from vibrant yellow and green rooms to luxurious villas and cozy tents. The resort owners organize organic food experiences, night treks, birdwatching excursions, and pottery sessions to enhance your stay and create lasting memories.

Exterior view of Mahi Valley Hotel and Resorts in Vadodara

What makes it special: Engage in special spiritual sessions and experience the transformative effects of conscious sleep therapy Starting price per night: INR 3000

Check out their Website | Read Reviews

Outstanding Resorts in Vadodara Under 3k

Experience the luxuriousness of a resort without breaking the bank! Here are the top-rated resorts in Vadodara that offer cozy accommodations at affordable prices:

5. Mahi Valley Hotel & Resorts Ltd – A Favorite Among All

Refresh and rejuvenate yourself as you stroll along the river walkways near the esteemed Mahi Valley Hotel and Resort. This exceptional resort, located on the banks of the beautiful River Mahi, is a true gem in Vadodara, Gujarat. Enjoy the serene ambiance and indulge in the offerings of the resort, such as the garden café, Kerala Ayurvedic Therapy Centre, and the reading lounge with a stunning view of the swimming pool.

Poolside view of Aum Health Resort in Vadodara

What sets this resort apart is its dedicated card room for senior citizens. It provides a space for them to relax and enjoy their leisure time. The tariff for this exquisite experience starts at INR 2900 per night onwards.

To know more about the resort, visit their website, or check out the reviews from satisfied guests.

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6. Aum Health Resort – Embrace the Healing Power of Nature

Immerse yourself in the unique and all-encompassing therapeutic experience offered by Aum Health Resort. This exceptional sanctuary welcomes guests seeking various healing therapies and packages. With the guidance of esteemed medical professionals and therapists, you can indulge in reflexotherapy, acupuncture, naturopathy, and aromatherapy. Engage in invigorating meditation and yoga sessions, and enjoy your stay in exquisitely designed suites with access to private pools. Aum Health Resort truly has everything you need for a rejuvenating experience.

An exterior view of Riya Revati Resort in Vadodara ss

An extraordinary feature of this resort is its earth-mud therapy, a holistic healing approach that sets it apart from others. The tariff for this exceptional healing experience starts at INR 2500 per night onwards.

For more information about the resort, visit their website, or read the reviews from delighted guests.

7. Riya Revati Resort – Your Ideal Budget-Friendly Stay

For travelers seeking a decent and affordable stay in Vadodara, Riya Revati Resort is the perfect choice. This resort offers 11 well-furnished rooms, including suites and executive categories. Despite being a budget-friendly option, Riya Revati does not compromise on quality and provides essential amenities such as laundry services, doctor on call, and car rental. Planning a visit to Vadodara? Look no further than Riya Revati Resort.

Nature view from the room of Ajwa Resort in

What makes this resort stand out is its provision of secretarial work upon prior request. This added convenience sets it apart from the rest. The tariff for this comfortable and convenient stay starts at INR 2200 per night onwards.

To learn more about the resort, visit their website, or browse through the reviews shared by satisfied guests.

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8. Ajwa Resort – Breathtaking Views Await

The entrance of The Mango Orchard Resort in Vadodara

Featuring magnificent scenery and an abundance of lush greenery, Ajwa Resort is the perfect destination in Vadodara to relax and celebrate quality time with your loved ones. Offering a variety of luxurious accommodations, a health club, and a wide range of outdoor activities, Ajwa Resort ensures a truly rejuvenating holiday experience.

What sets it apart: Experience the wonders of Ajwa World, an amusement and water park located adjacent to the resort. Prices: Rates start from INR 2000 per night.

Visit their website

9. The Mango Orchard – Embrace Nature’s Beauty


Boasting captivating views of the Pavagarh Hills and Ratanmahal Forest Reserve, The Mango Orchard is a delightful Vadodara resort offering luxurious rooms for vacationers and investment plots for those seeking a profitable venture. Nestled amidst lush green mango plantations, this resort is the ultimate choice for an unforgettable one-day picnic in Vadodara.

Aside from the standard amenities found in a well-equipped resort, The Mango Orchard features a dedicated children’s splash pool, an open-air amphitheater for events, and a dedicated cycling track.

What makes it unique: Unleash your adventurous spirit with thrilling activities such as rope climbing, wooden trails, and tire rings. Prices: Available upon request through their website.

Learn more on their website | Read reviews

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Pamper Yourself at Luxurious Vadodara Resorts

For those willing to indulge in a little extravagance, we present the most opulent resort in Vadodara, along with compelling reasons to make this your ultimate retreat:

10. Casa Paradise Resort – Luxury Redefined

Serving as one of the premier hotels and an ideal choice for couples in Vadodara, Casa Paradise Resort offers an exquisite blend of adventure and camping packages. With impeccably designed rooms, a state-of-the-art gym, a refreshing swimming pool, and a plethora of indoor and outdoor games available, this resort guarantees a memorable stay. Embark on thrilling activities like zip-lining, rope walking, and quad biking for an added rush of excitement. Adventure awaits!

What Sets Us Apart: Uncover the unique features and experiences of our night camping trip, starting at a competitively priced rate of INR 5900 per night.

Visit our official website for more information, or check out what our guests have to say on TripAdvisor.

Discover an Unforgettable Getaway at the Top Resorts in Vadodara: Enjoy quality time with your loved ones by choosing to stay at our exceptional resorts in Vadodara. With a wide range of options, find the perfect Gujarat tour package for your needs and book with Fred and Fuzzys for a stress-free vacation experience.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About the Premier Resorts in Vadodara

Which resort is suitable for senior citizens in Vadodara?

Situated along the banks of the majestic Mahi River, Mahi Valley Hotel & Resorts Ltd. is renowned as one of the finest resorts in Vadodara, specifically catering to the needs of senior citizens. Additionally, you can make special arrangements for elderly members of your family by contacting us directly.

Which resorts in Vadodara are ideal for those on a budget?

Discover remarkable accommodations at pocket-friendly prices by considering Riya Revati Resort, Ajwa Resort, or the Mango Orchard. If you plan to visit during the off-season, keep an eye out for tempting deals on luxurious stays as well!

What are the top luxury resorts in Vadodara?

Indulge in unparalleled opulence at renowned resorts such as Casa Paradise Resort, Banyan Paradise Resort, and Fern.

Which Vadodara resorts feature swimming pools?

Enjoy a refreshing swim at Banyan Paradise Resort, Prakruti Resort, Hayati Resort, or Ajwa Resort, all of which boast exquisite swimming pool facilities.

When is the best time to visit Vadodara?

Vadodara welcomes visitors throughout the year, but the winter season starting from October offers pleasant weather, making it an ideal time to explore the city.

How can one travel from Ahmedabad to Vadodara?

Conveniently reach Vadodara from Ahmedabad by hiring a taxi or taking a bus, which will transport you to your destination within 1 hour and 30 minutes. Vadodara is well-connected through air, rail, and road networks.


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