Tips for a Flawless Tour of Montenegro, the Enchanting Jewel of Europe.

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Montenegro is a diminutive European country on the Adriatic coastline that offers highly intriguing tourist destinations. Situated in the Balkans, the nation boasts stunning tourist spots that comprise of grandiose mountains, awe-inspiring beaches, and larger than life locals. We anticipate that the subsequent Montenegro travel recommendations that you should keep in mind when voyaging through this splendid country. The economy of Montenegro is heavily reliant on tourism. The roadways, train stations, sea ports, and air transportation serve to enhance the tourism industry of the nation. Tourists from around the globe flock to the country to witness its natural magnificence.

10 Superlative Montenegro Travel Pointers

Make certain to anticipate an abundance of cordiality from the indigenous populace here, and while you are still strategizing to journey to this magnificent country, ensure you are acquainted with some of the finest aspects about it prior to visiting!


1. Lodging

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The primary recommendation here would be regarding your travel arrangements. The optimal approach would be to establish a base at any lodging facility with a prime location and then journey sideways, considering that this is a compact country. This approach will help save on travel expenses and also reduce travel time. You can pack a few essentials for your next destination and leave the rest at the main lodging facility.


2. Cetinje

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During your visit, it is imperative to tour Cetinje. It formerly was the capital when Montenegro had a royal family. Explore King Nikola’s palace and ensure that you pay a visit to the embassies to admire the architectural styles. Additionally, while journeying to Cetinje, you can also visit Virpazar, Podgorica, Kolašin, Mojkovac, and Bijelo Polje.

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3. Automobile

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This is the most economical way to traverse Montenegro. The roadways are in excellent condition, so traveling in a car should not pose a problem. The country is abundant in diverse wildlife and encompasses vast forested areas. If you desire to witness the wildlife of Montenegro, it is advisable to explore the country in a rented automobile. Taxis can also be utilized, but they are relatively costly.

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4. Railway

The choice of taking the train is much more convenient and economical than the bus, of course. The only issue is that there aren’t many train services operating in the country. The most famous one is the one running from Bar to Serbia. Traveling by train also enables you to discover the hidden treasures in Montenegro. The trains make local stops along the way. However, one must be attentive at the station and disembark at the correct destination. Obtaining a train ticket is also hassle-free. You can board the train and then purchase a ticket afterwards.

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5. Hydration

The tap water here is safe to consume, so you don’t have to carry bottled water everywhere. There are natural springs in the mountains and around Lake Skadar in Montenegro, Europe. Ensure that you stay hydrated at all times. It is impossible to determine if the winds blowing are becoming hotter or not. Dehydration is a common issue among tourists.


6. Travel Insurance

Montenegro is not a member of the EU, so your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) card will be useless here. Make sure to obtain travel insurance that covers your activities here. In case of emergencies, visit the government-funded hospitals nearby to avail the best facilities provided there.


7. Canoeing And Diving

Another crucial tip for traveling in Montenegro would be to explore new activities. There are numerous distinctive activities to engage in while in Montenegro. Instead of opting for a motor boat, consider kayaking to visit the stunning blue caves in Kotor. Kayaking will offer you ample time to capture your favorite photographs. You can join a half-day kayak tour and enjoy swimming and diving in the caves before heading to another blue cave that cannot be accessed by boats. By doing this, you will have an experience that most tourists miss out on.

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8. Rakija

It is imperative that you taste Rakija before leaving the country. The locals are keen on sharing this drink with tourists, so make sure you experience its flavor. Rakija is essentially a homemade fruit brandy, but it is nothing like the ordinary brandy you typically consume. This drink holds great significance in every occasion here and is a symbol of celebration. We suggest savoring it in moderation to avoid excessive intoxication.


9. Fort Gorazda

Witness the mesmerizing sunset from atop an abandoned fortress. Fort Gorazda is an ideal location for this experience. Situated on a hill above the cities of Kotor and Tivat, this fort holds significant historical value. It served as a strategic point during the First World War and was later utilized in the Yugoslav wars. However, it now stands deserted.

10. Seafood

When you are close to the shoreline try all the seafood you can get your hands on but when you are traveling the magnificent Balkans then you must try their lamb dishes. Even if you are planning to purchase presents then it is preferable to buy food rather than purchasing crafts. All of the crafts are from China but the food is all locally made – particularly the fruit brandy, the cheese and the Njeguski prsut prosciutto. Make sure you are purchasing these from the local market.

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These are some of the crucial Montenegro travel tips that you need to bear in mind while traveling the country. This is a stunning country in the lap of the mountains that makes it naturally very stunning. Every destination here is worth a visit. So, pack your bags and plan your journey to Europe for an extravagant vacation experience with your loved ones!


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