Thrilling Vacation Ahead: Exploring 10 Bangalore Haunted Sites of 2023!

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The potency of specters, fiends, or any ethereal beings must never be underestimated. Although their existence remains a subject of debate, there are certain phenomena that defy human logic and comprehension. Even the garden city of Bangalore is not exempt from such peculiar encounters. Regardless of which side one takes in the debate, it is an undeniable fact that the Silicon Valley possesses a (perceived) dark side. These ten eerie locales in Bangalore may appear ordinary during the day, but venturing into them at night is certainly not for the faint-hearted. If you possess an unwavering eagerness to explore haunted places, then challenge yourself and pay a visit to these haunted destinations in Bangalore.

10 Superlative Haunted Places In Bangalore

Discover the top ten eerie locations in Bangalore that are guaranteed to give you chills. If you are always intrigued by such sites, then feast your eyes upon this list and make sure to include these places in your itinerary when you visit Bangalore.

– Kalpalli Cemetery: The Enigmatic Apparition of a Mysterious Figure

– Terra Vera: Statues Dismembered and More

– Kempegowda International Airport: A Spirit Clad in a White Sari

– Victoria Hospital: The Haunted Morgue

– NH4: Do Not Halt for the Beautiful Maiden

– Naale Baa: The Spine-Chilling Bride

– Call Center: The Restless Wail

– Hoskote Route: The Petrifying Old Lady

1. Kalpalli Cemetery: The Enigmatic Apparition of a Mysterious Figure

The untouched vintage car at Terra Vera building makes it one of the most haunted places in Bangalore

Background: Also known as St John’s Cemetery, the Kalpalli cemetery, located near Old Madras Road, serves as the final resting place for a significant portion of East Bangalore. With an average of ten cremations taking place daily, it is no wonder that this cemetery is renowned as one of the most haunted places in Bangalore.

Spooky Occurrence: Numerous individuals passing by this cemetery have reported witnessing a sinister figure lurking amongst the graves during the early hours. Trust me, it is a macabre sight that is bound to leave one feeling unsettled for days!

Haunting Incidents: People claim to have sensed a malevolent presence and experienced a profound sense of unease within and around the cemetery. Given its limited space, can we confidently assert that such occurrences are entirely impossible?

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2. Terra Vera: Dismembered Statues and Beyond

Background: Erected in 1943 by an Anglo-Indian lawyer named EJ Vaz, this house, now recognized as one of the most haunted places in Bangalore, was a gift for his unmarried daughters, Vera and Dolce Vaz. Vera worked as an English tutor, while Dolce was a piano instructor. The two sisters were the sole inhabitants of the house until a tragic incident occurred in 2002. Dolce, the younger sister at the age of 75, was gruesomely killed by a youth who intruded into the house at midnight, with Vera as the horrified witness. Dolce was interred within the house, and the police urged Vera to relocate to a safer abode. To this day, the case remains unsolved.

The escalator at the Kempegowda International Airport has often seen the shades of a walking women

Spooky Occurrence: Following the dreadful rumors and accounts of decapitated statues, the house was demolished in February 2014. This, perhaps, further agitated the restless spirits residing within.

Haunting Incidents: The house’s prized possessions, including furniture and a vintage car, remain untouched to this day. Astonishingly, individuals who attempted to photograph these objects returned with corrupted images and drained batteries. Stories continue to circulate, recounting instances of echoes of screams, the sight of faces emerging from windows, areas inexplicably becoming chillingly cold, and the sound of a piano resonating through the house. Undoubtedly, this location is one of the most chilling houses in Bangalore that no sane individual would willingly venture into.

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3. Kempegowda International Airport: The Mysterious Woman in a White Sari

Background: The Kempegowda International Airport, an airport of immense hustle and bustle, is regarded as one of the most supernatural aviation hubs in India. Boasting state-of-the-art infrastructure, it serves as a gateway to numerous domestic and international destinations.Phenomenon: A pilot recounts a tale of encountering a woman in a white sari who implored him for assistance. However, when he returned, she had vanished into thin air! Several airlines have also reported sightings of this enigmatic figure with outstretched arms on the runway.Haunted Events: After a few days, the spirit began haunting the cargo bay. Another ghost, lacking a head, was sighted near the escalators and parking bays. Whether true or not, these tales inject a dreadful atmosphere into the airport, solidifying its reputation as one of the most frightening places in Bangalore.

The haunted Victoria Hospital

4. Victoria Hospital: The Apparitional Morgue

Background: One destination in Bangalore that must be included in your itinerary is the Victoria Hospital, noted for its eerie occurrences. Situated near the City Market, the Victoria Hospital is a century-old building with a chequered history.Phenomenon: There appears to be no specific cause for the hospital’s reputation as a haunted place in Bangalore. The only plausible explanation provided is the demise of patients within its walls. However, if this rationale were applied universally, all hospitals should be haunted, which is clearly not the case!Haunted Events: A few years ago, peculiar incidents were reported at the hospital’s morgue. Witnesses claimed to have seen a spectral figure clad in white perched upon one of the trees on the premises. Most of the staff have since begun avoiding night shifts. Ironically, the ghost at this location seems to have a penchant for food. Employees have reported numerous instances of food packets mysteriously vanishing.

The pretty girl at this highway has been seen asking for lift

5. NH4: Beware of the Bewitching Maiden

Nale Baa

Background: The NH4, also known as the Bangalore – Mumbai highway, stretches across Karnataka and traverses the entire length of the city, offering a delightful experience.Phenomenon: A local resident recounts an encounter where he was flagged down for a lift in the dead of night. However, when he stopped, the mysterious figure disappeared. In a panic, he sped away, only to have her reappear abruptly in front of his car.Haunted Events: Highways and terrifying apparitions seem to possess an uncanny rapport, and NH4 appears to be one of their favored haunting grounds in Bangalore. One particular tale involves a lovely maiden who requests a lift around midnight, only to vanish before the driver can respond. The story takes a chilling turn when she reemerges and erupts into hysterical laughter. Think twice before stopping for a hitchhiker on NH4!

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6. Naale Baa: The Eerie Bride

Mg Road

Introduction: If you’re in search of eerie locations in Bangalore, this is a must-read. Naale Baa, meaning “come tomorrow” in the local folklore, has become a common phrase displayed on the doors of rural houses in Karnataka. It is believed to ward off a malevolent spirit known as the bridal ghost. According to the legend, this ghostly bride roams the rural streets of Bangalore at night, desperately searching for her husband and preying on the men of the houses. The ghostly bride mimics the voices of the residents’ loved ones, making it impossible for them to keep their doors closed. The incident that inspired this legend served as the basis for the 2018 Bollywood film “Stree,” starring Shraddha Kapoor and Rajkumar Rao.

7. Call Center: The Terrifying Specter

Hoskote Route

Introduction: Known as one of the busiest and most frequented roads in Bangalore, Mahatama Gandhi Road, also known as MG Road, offers a diverse range of attractions. From shopping for exquisite handicrafts and clothing to vibrant dance clubs, call centers, and offices, this road caters to every need and desire. The streets of MG Road are usually bustling with young, working professionals. With an array of delightful cafes and restaurants serving delectable cuisine, MG Road has become a favorite spot among both locals and tourists.

Chilling Encounters: It is best to avoid the road that intersects the call center at night. Legend has it that a young woman employed at the call center tragically lost her life in a hit-and-run incident involving a drunk driver. Abandoned by the heartless driver, she perished on that very spot, her screams echoing in the night. Office workers have claimed to hear her screams on the anniversary of her death, solidifying this location as one of the most haunted places in Bangalore.

8. Hoskote Route: The Sinister Old Lady


Background: The Hoskote Route is notorious for its haunting reputation, solidifying its position among the most bone-chilling places in Bangalore. Countless individuals who have traversed this route after sunset have reported spine-chilling encounters with the paranormal. These eerie tales have transformed this route into one of the abandoned gems of Bangalore.

Mysterious Incident: Previously, this route held great significance for motorists, but now it instills fear in everyone, even during daylight hours. It is an isolated stretch that passes through graveyards, where motorists and rickshaw drivers have reported encountering an elderly woman who requests a ride. Consequently, the Hoskote Route has become one of the most chilling locations in Bangalore.

Other Eerie Locations

In addition to the aforementioned haunted places in Bangalore, locals believe there are two other haunted spots in the city. Take a glimpse into these lesser-known places with their spine-chilling stories!

  • The Park: The Enigmatic Site
  • The Banyan Tree: Avoid Visiting After Sunset

9. The Park: The Enigmatic Site

banyan tree

According to local lore, there is a park in Bangalore that was transformed into a residential building, and its precise location remains unknown. Rumor has it that the park is haunted by a ghost capable of taking on human form. Once, three children were playing in the park, and one of them returned home. However, the other two children spotted him sitting on a nearby bench. They called out to him, and they all resumed playing. Later, the two children discovered that the third child had actually been at home the whole time, and they had unknowingly played with a ghost. Isn’t it spine-chilling?

10. The Banyan Tree: Avoid Visiting After Sunset

Sagorikats for Wikimedia Commons

Tiptur, a city near Bangalore, is home to a haunted banyan tree that you must visit during your vacation. If you are familiar with Hindu mythology, you may have come across tales of haunted banyan trees. Unnatural occurrences frequently take place near these trees, making it unwise to venture near them at night. In Tiptur, there is a banyan tree that supposedly possesses evil spirits, causing individuals passing by in the evening or at night to become possessed. So, if you are daring enough to encounter the spirit of the Banyan tree, make sure to include this attraction on your list of haunted places near Bangalore.

Feeling Spooked? I’ve had my fair share of goosebumps. For those with an adventurous spirit, I challenge you to explore these haunted places in Bangalore. Even if you’re not one for thrills, the opportunity to witness supernatural phenomena will provide an intriguing story to share with your friends. Plan your eerie journey to Bangalore and prepare for hair-raising adventures that will leave you breathless and on edge. Don’t hold back, for the ghosts are eagerly awaiting their encounters!

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Haunted Locations in Bangalore

Which is the most eerie place in Bangalore?

Some of the eeriest locations in Bangalore include: Kalpalli Cemetery, Terra Vera, Victoria Hospital, and Naale Baa. While it can be an exhilarating experience to visit haunted places, it is important to ensure that you adhere to the designated visiting hours to guarantee your safety.

Is a visit to Kalpalli Cemetery in Bangalore recommended?

Absolutely! Kalpalli Cemetery is a secure destination for visitors in Bangalore.

Is NH4 in Bangalore rumored to be haunted?

There have been accounts of supernatural happenings along the NH4 road in Bangalore, which has contributed to its haunted reputation.

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