Three Exciting Attractions for Families in Raffles Place During Your 2023 Singapore Getaway

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Singapore is one of the most frequented destinations in the world. This island nation is situated in Southeast Asia. The position is quite advantageous and thus tourists from both the eastern and western regions visit the country. Another factor that contributes to favorable tourism is the climate, which is predominantly consistent year-round and is generally mild. Singapore is divided into various zones and subzones, districts, and planning areas. All these areas are highly developed and offer a plethora of activities to indulge in. Here we have compiled a list of some intriguing activities to engage in at Raffles Place with children in Singapore.

One often ponders if Singapore is a suitable place to visit with kids, or not. Indeed, Singapore is an excellent destination that is well-suited for traveling with children. It boasts numerous amusement parks, an aquarium, theme parks, and more that keep the little ones thoroughly entertained. One can even assess the hotels prior to booking and find a wide range of options for family-oriented resorts and hotels. As tourism is a vital component of Singapore’s economy, they prioritize hospitality, and there are plenty of outstanding hotels where families can stay.

Raffles Place is situated to the south of the mouth of the Singapore River. It serves as the central hub of the Financial District and is therefore a bustling area of Singapore. Nestled in the Downtown Core, it stands as the heart of Singapore and boasts some of the most remarkable buildings and landmarks in the country. Continue reading to discover the myriad of activities that can be enjoyed when visiting Raffles Place.

Visit Yueh Hai Ching Temple (The Love Temple) with your love

3 Finest Activities to Participate in at Raffles Place with Children

Raffles Place offers a plethora of landmarks to explore with children. Continue reading to discover what you can do there.

1. Merlion – Capture Fascinating Photographs

Merlion is one of the most renowned structures in Singapore. It represents the official mascot with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. Venture to Merlion Park where this exquisite statue is erected. Explain the significance of this mythical Merlion statue to your children and capture stunning photographs with the statue as your backdrop. Water can be seen gushing out of the statue’s mouth like a fountain, creating a picturesque landmark in Singapore. This structure can also be found on various souvenirs across the city.


2. Yueh Hai Ching Temple – Pay a Visit

Yueh Hai Ching Temple is a temple located in Singapore. Its name translates literally to ‘Temple of the Serene Cantonese Sea’. Situated in Raffles Place, this is yet another destination worth visiting. Back in the 19th century, when Chinese immigrants arrived in Singapore, this temple served as their first stop. Enlighten your children about the history of this place, as it adds excitement to the visit. Explore the temple with your kids and learn more about it from the locals.

Location: 30B Phillip St, Singapore 048696

3. Raffles Hotel Singapore – Opt for Accommodation Here

Raffles, this exquisitely restored colonial edifice is the most renowned hotel in Singapore. No other structure on the island of Singapore narrates the tale of its colonial past more effectively than Raffles. Somerset Maugham, Herman Hesse, and Rudyard Kipling were among the distinguished personalities who spent a night at this establishment.

The hotel boasts its own Victorian-style theater, fashionable eatery, and much more. No words can adequately describe the splendor, luxury, elegance, and hospitality of the hotel.

Standard rate: INR 45,000

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Eager to visit? Singapore is a fantastic destination for a vacation. Include these activities to do in Raffles Place with children in your itinerary and enjoy a wonderful time exploring the locale with your family. Embark on your Singapore trip and have a seamless and trouble-free vacation. Enjoy your time to the fullest!

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