Thirteen Serene Weekend Getaway Picnic Spots Near Nagpur in 2023.

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Nagpur encompasses temples, strongholds, and wildlife sanctuaries – all lying in wait of unleashing their irresistible allure. The center of the country is further popularized by its undulating hills and lively verdant lands. It’s amidst these lands where you’ll discover the flawless retreat you had long been yearning for.

Take a glance at our selection of these 13 well-liked outing spots near Nagpur that will transform the visitor in you into an admirer. The places in Nagpur are absolutely captivating and cherished by almost every tourist. In the following blog, we aim to provide the list of renowned Nagpur outing spots for you to revel in a serene retreat with your beloved companions. The spots showcased are more than exquisite and equally tranquil. Scroll further to learn where and what all picnic spots we have covered here.

13 Finest Outing Spots Near Nagpur

While you’re planning for an exhilarating excursion near the peaceful city of Nagpur, here’s a list of all the outing spots near Nagpur that you can explore around the city next time. All these spots are ideal for an escapade – whether it’s with family or with partners. Take a look!

  • Waki Woods: For An Exciting Getaway
  • Adasa: A Land Of Ancient Shrines
  • Ramtek: Historical Vibes
  • Khekranala: Filled With Natural Wonders
  • Amba Khori: The Enchanting Cascade
  • The Pench Tiger Reserve: Glory Of Nagpur
  • Chikhaldara: The Luxuriant Green Land
  • Ambazari Lake: For A Calm Time
  • Navegaon National Park: Get Closer To Varied Wildlife
  • Futala Lake: For A Serene Getaway
  • Dhapewada: For A Fun Boat Journey
  • Ram Dham: A Cultural Theme Park
  • Lake garden Sakkardara: A Relaxing Getaway

Waki Woods Resort, a popular picnic spot near Nagpur

1. Waki Woods: For An Exciting Getaway

Waki Woods offers a wide range of activities varying from bird watching, boating, horseback riding to archery, making it an ideal one day outing spot near Nagpur within 150 km. It is a highly sought-after destination among trekkers and also provides well-furnished tented accommodation, water, electricity, telephone, and delectable cuisine. This well-connected area is one of the finest places to visit near Nagpur and is made splendid by scenic views of extensive greenery and wildlife that lie along its path. Pay a visit to this place if you are in search of sightseeing spots near Nagpur.

Distance from Nagpur: 30 kilometersMain attractions: The Waki Woods Dhaba offers tasty food at incredibly low prices.Optimal time to visit: Its perpetual beauty makes it a must-see destination all year round.Location: Waki, Maharashtra 441113Operating hours: 9 AM to 5 PMAdmission fee: None

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A scenic view of Adasa Ganesh Temple on a bright day

2. Adasa: A Land Of Ancient Temples

A charming village Adasa encompasses numerous ancient temples, but it is the renowned Ganesh temple from which the village derives its fame. Despite the abundance of places to explore in Nagpur, the central attraction of this one of the eight Ashta-Vinayak temples in Vidarbha—the colossal Ganesh idol—is allegedly self-established, and that is what makes it noteworthy. It is an excellent outing destination near Nagpur within 200 kilometers

Distance from Nagpur: 35 kilometersMain attractions: Approximately 2 kilometers away lies the mesmerizing Vithoba temple, overlooking the Bhima river.Optimal time to visit: Either during the winter season or the monsoon.Location: Adasa, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 441501, IndiaOperating hours: 6 AM to 9 PMAdmission fee: None

Ramtek Rama Temple, one of the most sought after picnic spots near Nagpur

3. Ramtek: Historic Vibes

According to legends, it was at the historic Rama’s temple situated in Ramtek, where Lord Rama resided during his exile. The Temple is renowned not only for its mythological and spiritual significance but also for its architectural importance. When are you scheduling a visit to one of the finest outing destinations near Nagpur, Maharashtra?

Distance from Nagpur: 50 kilometersKey points of interest: The famous Jain temple, the Khindsi Lake, and the Waterfall at Totladoh are situated nearby.Optimal time to visit: Plan a trip in November when the town hosts the two-week-long Kalidasa Festival featuring performances by maestros of music, dance, and drama.Location: SH 249, Ramtek, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 441106, IndiaOpening hours: 6 AM to 9 PMAdmission fee: None

4. Khekranala: Abundant in Natural Wonders

Lake at Khekranala

Nestled amidst the verdant landscapes of the Khapa range, Khekranala beckons a large number of locals and tourists to revel in nature’s wonders. Though it is a highly sought-after trekking destination, it is also renowned for its turquoise lake. Establish a base camp here for trekking or simply immerse yourself in the enchanting combination of blue and green in the reservoir. If you are searching for a picnic spot near Nagpur within a radius of 100 kilometers, this is the ideal place to visit!

Distance from Nagpur: 64 kilometersKey points of interest: It offers various facilities for water sports, and the MTDC guest house is well-known for its refreshments.Optimal time to visit: Visit during the monsoon season to fully enjoy the natural splendor amidst the showers.Location: Chhindwara Road Near Khapa, Nagpur IndiaOpening hours: Not ApplicableAdmission fee: None

5. Amba Khori: The Enchanting Waterfall

Waterfall at Amba Khori — a popular picnic spot near Nagpur

One of the most well-known tourist destinations near Nagpur, Amba Khori enthralls visitors with its captivating beauty. Located near the banks of the Pench River, this waterfall is renowned for its tranquility and serenity. Visit early in the morning to witness the mesmerizing colors of the landscape changing as the day progresses. This is undoubtedly one of the finest day-trip picnic spots near Nagpur!

Distance from Nagpur: 80 kilometersKey points of interest: The Meghdoot Reservoir here resembles the weeping eyes of Shakuntala, the epic heroine of Kalidas.Optimal time to visit: All year round.Location: Situated on the banks of the Pench RiverOpening hours: 7 AM to 11 AM and 2 PM to 6 PMAdmission fee: None

6. The Pench Tiger Reserve: Splendor Of Nagpur

“The Splendor of Nagpur” – The Pench Tiger Reserve has been immortalized as the dwelling place of “Mowgli” and “Bagheera” from Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book. This residence of the Majestic Bengal Tiger, which also happens to be a delight for ornithophiles, supports diverse wildlife. The forested area is an astounding outing location near Nagpur within 200 km that offers its visitors an opportunity to reignite their exhausted spirits with its awe-inspiring beauty adorned with tranquility.

the Royal Bengal Tiger at the The Pench Tiger Reserve

Distance from Nagpur: 84 kmMain attractions: Exclusive wildlife expeditions arranged twice a dayBest time to visit: November to JuneLocation: Sillari Gate, NH44, from Pauni take left, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 441401, IndiaTimings: 6 AM to 11 AM and 3 PM to 6 PMEntrance fee: Various gates have different charges for entry. For complete details click here

7. Chikhaldhara: The Verdant Land


Chikaldhara is one captivating outing location near Nagpur that offers some of the most invigorating and exhilarating experiences to travelers. Whether with your family or your partners, this hill station has abundant to offer. Providing travelers with an opportunity to get closer to mother nature, Chikaldhara is a fantastic place to witness the extraordinary wildlife that encompasses the surroundings of Nagpur.

Distance from Nagpur: 231 KmMain attractions: There are numerous places to visit in this hill station including Bhimkund Waterfall, Melghat Tiger Projects, Narnala Fort, and Gwalior Fort.Best time to visit: The prime time to pay a visit to Chikaldhara is all year round. This destination has a plethora to offer in every season.Location: ChikhaldaraTimings: NAEntrance fee: NA

8. Ambazari Lake: For A Serene Experience

Ambazari Lake

Still searching for the finest picnic areas near Nagpur? With peace and calm emanating from every corner of this lake, Ambazari is one unspoiled picnic spot within 60 km from Nagpur that serves as an excellent destination for those in search of solitude. Ambazari Lake showcases some of the most captivating and stunning landscapes, attracting travelers to this location. The lake is surrounded by the ambazari garden, further enhancing the beauty of this spot.

Distance from Nagpur: 6.8 KmMain attractions: Walking paths, water fountains, amusement rides, and jogging trails make this lake an ideal place to escape.Best time to visit: The winter months from November to February are the most suitable for visiting this lake.Location: Situated approximately 58 kilometers from Nagpur in NawegaonOperating hours: 6 AM to 8 AM & 2:30 PM to 4:30 PMEntrance fee: Starting from INR 250

9. Navegaon National Park: Get Closer To Diverse Wildlife

Navegaon National Park

A superb picnic spot near Nagpur within 150 km for all wildlife enthusiasts, Navegaon National Park is a reserve where one can witness a diverse range of animals living in their natural habitat. From sluggish bears to fishing cat Python, a wide variety of animals can be spotted here. To truly explore the forests, one can opt for a jungle safari and delve deep into the wilderness.

Distance from Nagpur: 144 KmMain attractions: Visitors to this national park can explore the museum, indulge in bird watching, take a boat ride, and simply unwind in the garden.Best time to visit: To witness migratory ducks, visit anytime between October and June. For spotting exotic fauna, April is the best time to visit.Location: Located in the Arjuni Morgaon subdivision of the Gondia district in the state of MaharashtraOperating hours: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PMEntrance fee: Adult (above 18 years) – INR 30 Student (above five years) – INR 15 Adult foreign national (above 18 years) – INR 60 Adult international student (above five years) – INR 30 Free entry for children below the age of 5

10. Futala Lake: For A Calm Retreat

Futala Lake

Futala Lake is the outing destination close to Nagpur that offers travelers the opportunity to simply lounge and spend time with companions or loved ones. It is an excellent place for introspection, and Futala Lake embodies serenity and tranquility. As the sun dips below the horizon, the lake glistens under the moonlight, leaving one speechless and filled with wonder. This lake provides an excellent retreat to recharge and rejuvenate.

Distance from Nagpur: 5.6 KmMain attractions: Visitors can indulge in delectable street food, witness the illuminated fountains, and enjoy a carriage ride.Best time to visit: The ideal time to visit the lake is from October to March.Location: Ram Nagar, 6 Km from Nagpur, Nagpur, IndiaTimings: 6 AM to 11 AM & 3 PM to 6 PMEntry fee: Starting from INR 280

11. Dhapewada: For An Enjoyable Boat Ride


Home to the famous Vithoba Temple, Dhapewada is another excellent outing spot within 60 km of Nagpur. Situated peacefully on the banks of the rejuvenating River Chandrabhaga, Dhapewada is in close proximity to the scenic Ramtek hill. Travelers typically begin by paying their respects at the sacred shrines, and then spend some time by the serene waters.

Distance from Nagpur: 21 KmMain attractions: Water sports are the prominent attractions of Dhapewada.Best time to visit: The optimal time to visit Dhapewada is anytime between October and March.Location: Small district of DhapewadaTimings: Not availableEntry fee: Not available

12. Ram Dham: A Cultural Theme Park

Picture Credit – Simon for Pixabay

Ram Dham is one of the refreshing outing places close to Nagpur. It is a cultural theme park located on Jabalpur Road. Aside from the various activities you can engage in at the park, the main attraction is the Om Statue which draws a large number of tourists from all over the country. There are numerous small temples here that replicate the other famous temples in the country. Additionally, on special occasions Ram Dham organizes competitions, exhibitions, and other events.

Distance from Nagpur: 40 KmMain attractions: Om Statue is the primary draw of Ram DhamBest time to visit: Drop by at any time of the year to enjoy some peaceful momentsLocation: Jabalpur road, MansarTimings: 9 AM to 6 PMEntry fee: None

13. Lake garden Sakkardara: A Relaxing Getaway

Picture Credit – Adith01 for Pixabay

Lake garden Sakkardara is one of the top leisure spots near Nagpur frequented by both locals and tourists. It is a beautiful garden in Sakkardara and a perfect destination to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy the stunning scenery of the fabulous garden and head to the lake for a delightful boating experience.

Distance from Nagpur: 5 KmMain attractions: Boating is the main highlight at Lake garden SakkardaraBest time to visit: Visit any time of the year to enjoy some peaceful momentsLocation: Lane Number 4, Near Sakkardara Lake, Somwarpet, Ayodhya nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440024Timings: 10 AM to 9 PMEntry fee: None

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A unique combination of the antique and the modern, amidst diverse plant and animal life — leisure spots near Nagpur are a true delight for those seeking a day of relaxation. Whether it’s a day out with friends or family, the second capital of Maharashtra caters to everyone with its variety of Lakes, Temples, and Wildlife Sanctuaries. So, which one will you choose when planning a trip to Maharashtra?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Leisure Spots near Nagpur

What is Nagpur famous for?

Nagpur is renowned for being home to the largest hollow Buddhist stupa in the world, Deekshabhoomi. According to some surveys, it is also believed to be the best city in India for its greenery, public transport, and livability. There are many interesting leisure spots near Nagpur that are quite famous and for which the city is well known.

Why is Nagpur called the ‘Orange City’?

Nagpur is known as the ‘Orange City’ because it produces a large quantity of oranges. It is also referred to as the ‘Tiger Capital of India’ because there are many sanctuaries, several of which are tiger reserves, around the city. The city is famous and incredibly beautiful.

What can I purchase in Nagpur?

There are actually many things that you can buy in Nagpur. The city is a paradise for shopaholics, and those who love to shop will never want to leave. Special Nagpur oranges, handicrafts, antique currency, orange products, books, fabric, dry fruits, and jewelry are among the items you can splurge on and purchase in Nagpur. Visit the destination and unleash the shopaholic in you, and you won’t regret it.

How can I reach Nagpur?

Nagpur enjoys excellent connectivity to all major cities in India. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport is the international airport serving Nagpur, where you can arrive if you plan to visit the city by air. The city is connected to major cities in India through a well-developed railway network. Nagpur Junction is the railway station where you can alight, and all important trains from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai stop here. NH 6 & 7 pass through Nagpur, so if you wish to travel to the city by road, you can follow these routes.

Is Nagpur located on the Equator?

Nagpur is situated 1462 miles or 2352 Kilometers north of the Equator, in the northern hemisphere. Therefore, technically, Nagpur is not located on the equator.

How did Nagpur acquire its name?

Nagpur gets its name from the Nag River. This famous city was founded by the king of Devgad and is extremely beautiful. The Nag River flows through the city, which is why it was named Nagpur.

Which are the most popular one-day leisure spots near Nagpur?

Some of the most popular one-day spots near Nagpur are Futala Lake, Ambazari Lake, Waki Woods, and Ramtek.

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