The World’s First Trackless Train Commences Operation in China, Revolutionizing Urban Travel

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First-ever trackless train has arrived and we can’t stop boasting about it. Yes, as the initial trackless train commences operations in Zhuzhou, located in the Hunan Province in China, it is already hailed as a tremendous benefit to sustainable transportation. Constructed by CRRC Corporation, one of the globe’s largest train manufacturers, the Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART) is considered a groundbreaking success in the realm of public transportation. The train, equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, is undeniably the next major innovation.

Front view of world's first trackless train in China

The ART operates solely on sensor technology and follows predetermined pathways that are mapped onto roads. In the initial phase, the train consists of 3 carriages, but it is anticipated to expand to accommodate up to 5 carriages in the future.

Key features of the world’s first trackless train

  • The CRRC Corporation incorporates rubber wheels with a plastic core, a revolutionary design.
  • The trackless train is projected to have a lifespan of nearly 25 years.
  • The train measures 32 meters in length and can transport up to 300 individuals at once.
  • The environmentally friendly train operates on electricity and can travel 25 km after only 10 minutes of charging.

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  • The train can swiftly reach a top speed of 70 kmph.
  • A nonexistent railway track is visually represented by dotted lines painted on the 3.75 m wide road, where the train is expected to run.
  • Moreover, the train is equipped with advanced sensors that detect the pavement and gather essential travel data.
  • With its distinctive design, the train is considered an upgraded version of a public bus and resembles a tram.

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  • It doesn’t require a physical railway track to operate.
  • The train operates on a dual head system, similar to a metro train, which means there is no need for a U-turn.
  • This train is hailed as a significant relief for the Zhuzhou city, which has a population of nearly 4 million.

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Video of the world’s first rail-free train in China

China continues to amaze us with its impressive engineering accomplishments! From constructing one of the most challenging bridges ever to embracing sustainable development, China is truly setting a new level of challenge for people worldwide! Keep up the great work, China!

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