The Vibrant and Dazzling Patpong Night Market: A Comprehensive Guide to Thailand’s Bustling Night Market.

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Reigning powerful for over 15 lengthy years, Patpong market initiated as a small compilation of tourist stalls that flourished around the notorious nightlife area in Thailand. Throughout the years, this market has bloomed into a full-fledged outdoor shopping paradise. While most of the goods that are sold here are imitations of the genuine items, you can still find some genuine bargains on counterfeit designer labels. This is also an excellent place to discover the newest DVD movies available for purchase.

Things To Know About Patpong Night Market

Here is all that you need to realize about the lively Patpong night market:

Where is Patpong night market?

Patpong market is situated on a street nestled in between Surawong and Silom roads at the heart of what is Bangkok’s focal business zone by the day, and transforms into one of the city’s most vibrant nightlife zones by dusk. Many tourists wonder if Patpong night market is secure? Yes, it is! As long as you are aware of where you are going, you are just about as secure as you will be at New York Time’s Square!

Location: Patpong Soi 1 Bangkok, Thailand

Patpong night market map

Patpong Night Market

Why visit Patpong Night Market?

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Patpong Night market is the perfect place to spend time after a satisfying dinner, observing individuals from various walks of life hurrying through the market. There are also a number of bars just a stone’s throw away when you become thirsty. Tourists from all corners of the globe flock to the stalls to inspect merchandise such as binoculars, cameras, ninja-inspired knives, and even weapons. This popular night market not only features apparel and electronics but also many other quirky items for sale.

Since the market is situated in the heart of Bangkok’s infamous red light district, do not be surprised to see a group of ladies promoting X-rated shows, DVDs, Go-Go bars, and even enticing you for a special massage. Patpong night market shopping can be truly entertaining! If you do not desire a massage, head straight to the market area to shop during Patpong night market operating hours. Most merchants set up their stalls around 6 PM and close between 10 PM and midnight.

bargain at patpong market

What can you purchase at Patpong Night Market?

There is more to Patpong marketplace than its numerous provocative bars. This is a sanctuary for the determined shopper searching for some retail therapy. The marketplace is an excellent place to purchase tourist mementos. You can discover a wide variety of t-shirts, first replica of Louis Vuitton purses, Rolex watches, and Lacoste merchandise among many other knockoff brand names. You can also get your hands on fashion accessories, unlawful music compilations, pirated DVDs of some of the newest and greatest Hollywood blockbusters, and even DVD collections of your favorite sitcoms. That is not all!

Explore the marketplace and you will find shops that sell underwear, watches, and sunglasses as well! This night hub also has shops that sell simple handmade items such as carved trinkets that are truly delightful. The marketplace is also home to several eateries, cafés, and bakeries that are open until the early hours of the night. Be sure to try out the tantalizing Patpong night market food sold at the street carts, the dishes are delectable.

Patpong Night Market

Haggle, Haggle, And Haggle Some More At Patpong Night Market

Negotiate with determination when you shop at Patpong night market. No matter what you buy here – you must HAGGLE. The prices vendors quote at the market are notoriously high initially. Many vendors will quote triple the price of what the goods are truly worth. Since many people are unaware of the correct prices, vendors will try to sell something for as much as $50 when it is only worth 10 bucks.

Where to dine at Patpong Night Market

patpong market bars

: Cattalin by Pixabay

Apart from street carts, there are a number of global fast food eateries such as KFC, McDonald’s, Subways, Burger King, and even Starbucks to satisfy late night cravings. You will also find Italian restaurants near Patpong night market that serve delightful pasta and pizzas.

The most fascinating place to explore for some authentic Thai cuisine is Soi Thaniya. There are numerous Japanese restaurants here that serve very good food. A word of caution – Watch out where you head, as you may accidentally walk into a Japanese entertainment outlet or fall prey to the attractive damsels trying to entice you into spending some bahts for a Patpong night market ping pong show.

The Fascinating History of Patpong Night Market

What is currently known as Patpong night market had its modest origins in 1946 when a Chinese family purchased a parcel of land for approximately $3000. However, when the Patpongpanich family acquired the land, it was just an undeveloped piece of property, located miles away from the city center. Aside from a teakwood residence and a small, narrow canal, there was not much in the vicinity. The family constructed a minor thoroughfare that is now referred to as Patpong 1, as well as several commercial buildings along the road, which they eventually rented out.

It was only in the late 70s that Patpong started incorporating entertainment into its repertoire. During the Vietnam War, numerous American soldiers would visit Bangkok for rest and recreation. Selling sexual services and alcoholic beverages proved to be a lucrative business during the war. Capitalizing on this opportunity, Patpong opened its doors to establishments such as bars, massage parlors, nightclubs, and entertainment complexes. Thus, the Patpong market came into existence.

How to reach Patpong Night Market

Take the Patpong night market BTS (Skytrain) and disembark at Sala Daeng. Alternatively, you can take the MRT subway and get off at Silom.

Operating hours of Patpong night market: 6 PM – midnight

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Now that you are familiar with the Patpong night market, when do you plan on visiting? Book your trip to Thailand with Fred and Fuzzys and have a fantastic time exploring the Thai night market!

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