The Unforgettable Journey Through Thailand: An Intriguing and Exciting Experience

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Observe the vibrant and diverse beauty of Thailand through the lens of Reetwika. Alongside her spouse, she witnessed a vast array of colors, landscapes, and impressive human creations during an unforgettable 4-night/5-day romantic sojourn in Thailand.

Thailand has always intrigued me as a destination. The time felt right to cross off this tropical paradise from my bucket-list. My spouse and I were in need of a vacation, and a romantic trip to Thailand seemed like an excellent choice to indulge in a well-deserved rest.

alcazar stage

pattaya beach

alcazar show

A Friends Trip To Thailand For The Best Party Scene In Asia!

Specifics of our romantic journey in Thailand

Travel Cost: INR 37,000Travel Duration: 4 nights 5 daysName: Zulu HolidaysInclusions: Transfers, lodging, sightseeing, breakfast, taxes, and Alcazar presentationExclusions: Airfare, meals, and entrance fees

During my pursuit of a romantic trip to Thailand, I consulted my preferred social media platforms for a reliable travel platform. When I discovered Fred and Fuzzys, I was delighted to find their competitive prices for customizable packages. I promptly booked a package from Zulu Holidays and finalized the details of my trip.

Day 1: The splendor and allure of Alcazar

We boarded our flight from Kolkata and arrived at the Bangkok airport at 4 am. The reception was somewhat sluggish and tiresome, as we had to endure a 4-hour wait to have our visas stamped. However, once our visas were stamped, we were greeted by a patient cab driver who waited for us to transport us to Pattaya. This made us quite content. The car provided a comfortable journey, and we reached our destination at a brisk pace.

hotels in thailand

By 9 am, we arrived at the Golden Beach Hotel in Pattaya and checked into our rooms. It took us some time to explain that we were checking in late (since the room had been reserved for the previous night).

pattaya hotel breakfast

pattaya hotel restaurant

The hotel was situated in the center of Pattaya- within walking distance from the shoreline, local market, Central Mall, and Hilton Hotel. The room provided to us was spacious, tidy, and offered a splendid view from the hotel balcony. Concerning the breakfast buffet, two options were presented- Indian and Global breakfast. We chose the latter as we found the menu more appealing on the international side as compared to the Indian selections.

During the afternoon, we had prearranged tickets for the Alcazar cabaret show. We were instructed to leave the room keys at the hotel when going out as they strictly prohibit carrying keys outside.

Later in the evening, we strolled to the Pattaya market and dined at a local eatery. There were numerous Indian restaurants available, however, we preferred savoring Thai cuisine and relished the Chicken Satay dish as starters. Afterward, we returned to our hotel for an overnight stay.

pattaya marketplace

Beaches in Pattaya

Our Friends Trip To Thailand Will Make You Reschedule Your Holiday Plans!

Day 2: Azure-blue at Coral Island

We embarked on a half-day excursion to Coral Island by speedboat, including lunch. The taxi picked us up from the hotel after breakfast and transported us to Pattaya Beach. Due to rough sea conditions, the speedboat journey was akin to a thrilling roller-coaster ride. We immensely enjoyed the speedboat trip.

During a brief stop at an intermediate station, there was a 45-minute break for paid sea activities. Although we didn’t partake in any of them, we observed others relishing the activities. The prices seemed exorbitant in comparison to the duration provided.


underwater world

underwater world creatures

Unforgettable Moments From Our Family Journey To Thailand

Following that, we were transported to the Coralline island. The powerboat ride was incredibly pleasant and exciting as previously. The ocean waves were incredibly high, thus making the journey even more daring. It was a sunny day with an extremely high temperature. We chose not to go swimming as the allocated time was too short to enjoy a dip. At the island, we only had a 40-minute break and were not allowed to go beyond the designated shoreline.

Once we returned to Pattaya, lunch was provided to us. We were served an Indian buffet of low quality and didn’t eat much.

bangkok golden buddha temple

In the evening, we visited the Undersea World. It was our first experience witnessing an underwater aquarium, so we had a great time. The locations where the sharks and stingrays were being fed were like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Afterward, we returned to our hotel in Pattaya to relax for the night.

Day 3: Journey back to Bangkok

On the next morning of our romantic journey to Bangkok, we checked out from the hotel in Pattaya by 10 am. The road from Pattaya to Bangkok was a well-preserved highway, so the trip was smooth.

Upon reaching Bangkok, we started with a city sightseeing tour. Our first stops were the Golden Buddha temple, Marble Buddha temple, and Gems Gallery. The temples were awe-inspiring and a must-see destination in Thailand. The gold craftsmanship at the temples is worth mentioning. By the time we arrived at the Grand Alpine Hotel, it was already evening. The traffic in Bangkok was really congested, and during peak hours, it took us hours to travel a short distance.

bangkok marble buddha templebangkok golden buddha

bangkok market

bangkok royal palace

sightseeing in Bangkok

Thailand Was An Ideal Romantic Destination For This Couple

The lodging was situated slightly within a narrow lane causing parking a significant challenge. The lodging chamber was spacious, but it had no windows. We simply had 15 minutes at our disposal to freshen up as we needed to proceed for Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise subsequently. I must mention that the pickup times were maintained very punctually by the cab drivers throughout our amorous sojourn to Thailand.

The cab driver dropped us at River City Mall from where the cruise was planned to commence. It rained that evening which caused slight disorder for the onboarding formalities. But overall, the cruise was a fantastic experience. Our ticket was reserved on the non-AC upper deck with Indian Buffet.

The journey duration was approximately 2 hours along the Chao Phraya river during which we encountered the nightlife of Bangkok and some of the architectural marvels like Wat Arun, Royal Palace etcetera along the riverbank. After disembarking, we returned to the lodging by 11.30pm without encountering a traffic jam.

dinner cruise boarding point

dinner cruise menu

chao phraya dinner cruise at bangkok

river city mall bangkok

Day 4: The marvels of Safari World

lion safari

The final day of our romantic journey to Thailand had arrived. We commenced the day with breakfast and hastily prepared for a day excursion to Safari World. We didn’t particularly fancy the performances except for the Orangutan display.

Afterward, we proceeded to the captivating part, which is the jungle expedition (which lasted only 30 minutes). The safari showcased a plethora of creatures such as zebras, giraffes, deer, tigers, lions, bears, birds, and so on. Instead of observing animal performances, we would have preferred a few more hours marveling at these magnificent beings.

We returned to the hotel around 7 pm and a few hours later, we checked out as our flight back was scheduled for 4 am from the Bangkok airport.

macaw safari

safari world orangutan show

tiger safari

Observing The Finest Of Thailand On A 7N8D Honeymoon Excursion

From the initial submarine encounter in Pattaya, the immaculate coastlines of Coral Island, impressive Alcazar to the daring Safari World, Thailand was one adventure my spouse and I will never forget.

We adored the overall encounter with Fred and Fuzzys and Zulu Holidays, notably the internal coordination for our romantic voyage to Thailand. We were not carrying mobiles and hence connectivity could have been a challenge. But we never felt that the inaccessibility of phone/Whatsapp could pose a problem throughout the expedition. It was well managed by all of them.


  • The tour cost provided by Zulu Holidays was extremely affordable compared to other estimates received.
  • Our initial submarine encounter in Pattaya was remarkable.
  • Bangkok presents an extraordinary meal cruise on Chao Phraya River- you have options for Indian and International Buffet. A must not miss for all.


  • Our safari jeep did not halt for photographs during the wildlife safari whereas the other did. We are photography enthusiasts and so the lack of stops meant it was a waste of time and money for us.
  • The breakfast menu wasn’t satisfactory at the hotels assigned to us.
  • Bangkok traffic congestion is extremely poorly managed. It is highly exasperating as a traveler as it took us 4 hours to cover 3km during evening hours after a brief drizzle.

Seize the opportunities and embark on new romantic escapades. Reserve your Thailand romantic package and embark on a vacation unlike any other before!

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