The Ultimate Guide to Experiencing the Vibrant Nightlife of Lisbon: Top 10 Destinations for Unforgettable Nights in Portugal

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10 Top Places To Experience Lisbon Nightlife

Portugal is a country teeming with culture and vitality. Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, boasts a contemporary lifestyle that reflects its vibrant history. Familiarize yourself with the essential destinations that offer an authentic taste of Lisbon’s nightlife. Discover the venues that offer the finest beverages and breweries to elevate your nights.

  • Majong
  • Music Box
  • Lux
  • Kremlin
  • Park
  • Cinco Lounge
  • Sol e Pesca
  • Red Frog
  • Pavilhão Chinês
  • Duplex

1. Majong

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Majong is located in the Bairro Alto neighborhood. This area is a labyrinth of bars and makes for a fantastic starting point for a night of club-hopping. Majong serves refreshing, ice-cold beers that are sure to enhance the atmosphere. From superb cocktails to delectable cuisine, Majong offers everything you need for an incredible night in Lisbon. Visit this bar and enjoy the unique ambiance created by the extraordinary cabbage-shaped lights.

Address: Rua da Atalaia 3, Bairro Alto Price: INR 119/- per drink Opening Hours: 7pm-4am

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2. Music Box

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Music Box is undoubtedly a hotspot in Lisbon. Most nights are jam-packed with DJs, bands, and MCs who fill the air with music. Its interior features exposed brick walls and bohemian arches, giving the place a lively vibe. Music Box also offers an impressive selection of mocktails and cocktails. The food menu boasts a variety of mouthwatering dishes. If you have a passion for music, this is the perfect spot for you.

Location: Street New of Oak [AP6] 24. Cost: INR 170/- per beverage Time: 11pm-6am

3. Lux

Source of ImageLux is one of the grand clubs in Lisbon. This nightclub in Lisbon is renowned for its massive dance floor that allows a large number of guests to enjoy their evening while indulging in vibrant cocktails and dancing until they please. Adorned with shimmering spheres, colossal columns, and oversized armchairs, Lux exhibits an intriguing interior. If dance is your passion, then Lux will undoubtedly become your favorite destination.

night party

Location: Infante Dom Henrique, Santa Apolónia Cost: INR 300/- per beverage Time: 11pm-6am

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4. Kremlin


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This is one of the finest nightclubs in Lisbon that has been operational for a lengthy period. Visitors will encounter individuals from various backgrounds here. This is undeniably one of the most vibrant venues in the city, and we can guarantee that your experience here will be unforgettable.

Location: Street of Escadinhas da Praia 5, Santos. Cost: INR 400/- per beverage Time: 12 midnight-8am

5. Park


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It is a relatively recent bar in Lisbon. Yet it has gained popularity very rapidly. The bar is situated on the top floor of a multistoried car park. The decoration consists of large planters and the bar is renowned for playing various genres of excellent music like jazz and more. The rooftop bar is located near the river, so one can enjoy the breathtaking view while savoring cocktails and delectable food.

Location: Calçada do Combro, 58 Lisbon Price: INR 900/- per beverage Time: 1pm-2am

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6. Cinco Lounge


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It is a bar built in the style of New York. The lounge is quite vibrant and offers fantastic beverages. Although the bar is slightly more expensive, the ambiance and atmosphere it creates make it worth a visit. Make sure to try beverages like Madagascar Bourbon, Madeline Hays, and more when you visit this luxurious bar.

Location: R Ruben A. Leitão, 17A Lisbon Price: INR 600/- per beverage Time: 9pm-2am

7. Sol e Pesca

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This place is very intriguing for Lisbon nightlife as it is a fish shop transformed into a bar. It serves light snacks and excellent beer at a very affordable price and is perfect for an evening drink. Travelers can also purchase canned food from here for later.

Location: R Nova do Carvalho, 44 Price: INR 3400/- per couple Time: Noon – 2am

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8. Red Frog

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It is a United States prohibition-era inspired bar that has perhaps one of the greatest drinks menus in the city. The beverages are crafted with expert knowledge, and if travelers are unsure of what to order, they can certainly receive expert guidance from the bartenders.

Location: Rua do Salitre, 5 A Price INR 1000/- per drink Time: 6pm -4am

9. Pavilhão Chinês

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This is definitely the finest nightclub in Lisbon in terms of decoration. The bar is adorned with captivating artifacts such as scale models of battleships, antiques linked to past wars, and army officers’ caps. The main attraction of this bar is the pool room.

Location: R D Pedro V, 89 Price INR 850/- per drink Time: 6pm -2am

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10. Duplex

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It is a fantastic restaurant cum bar in Lisbon. This place is a great choice for families to enjoy Lisbon nightlife. The place is highly renowned for its food, so whether you consume alcohol or not, it is a must-visit. The restaurant is located on the lower level and the bar is separate on the upper level. So, either head to the bar for a Cosmo or to the restaurant for delicious food.

Location: Rua Nova do Carvalho, 58-60 Price INR 1700/- per person Time: 8pm -1am

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Are you struck with a fear of missing out now? Do you desire to be a part of all this amusement? Then arrange a voyage to Portugal now and relish some of the most vibrant nightlife experiences in Lisbon.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lisbon Nightlife

What is Lisbon celebrated for?

The exquisite city of Lisbon is renowned for its intricate architecture, affluent customs, colonial history, and music. Its agreeable climate all year round makes it a favored vacation destination for tourists from neighboring nations.

When is the optimal time to visit Lisbon?

Despite the fact that Lisbon is a destination open all year, you can explore this splendid city between March and May or September and October, if you desire to revel in the warm and sunny weather, fewer crowds, and better bargains at hotels.

What activities can be pursued in Lisbon?

A handful of thrilling activities that can be experienced in Lisbon are: 1. Pay a visit to the National Coach Museum 2. Enlighten Yourself At Museu Nacional De Arte Antiga 3. Attend The Carnival At Coliseu de Lisboa 4. Taste The Delightful Broas Castelares

5. Admire Aqueduto das Águas Livres

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