The Ultimate Guide to Discovering Nice: 12 Must-Do Activities in 2023

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Of 19th century mansions standing on the boulevards and promenades, and the Italianate old quarter, one shouldn’t miss a chance of exploring the city of Nice, when in France. Nice’s world-renowned shoreline is just a small part of its beauty whereas on exploring, you will discover its many churches, ruins, and museums which tell the story of its rich history. While you indulge in fun and exciting experiences in Nice, make sure you do not miss out on any of these opportunities that let you explore the city like a local.

12 Top Things To Do In Nice

Nice has a plethora of attractions to offer to its tourists. Travelers here can’t get enough of this French city owing to its picturesque landscapes as well as culturally enriched heritage. Listed below are some of the best activities to engage in while in Nice, France, that you must try on your vacation!

Vieille Ville

1. Vieille Ville

Also known as Old Town, Vieille Ville is a corner of one of Nice’s neighborhoods which is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. This part of the city has the usual tourist spots, but offers a whole lot more if you know where to look. You can find authentic French shops and restaurants, and you should not forget to visit the Nice Cathedral, Cours Saleya flower market, and the fruit market. The optimal time to experience Old Town is in the morning, but you can also add this place to your list of nighttime activities in Nice.

Location: Vieux Nice, 06000 Nice, France

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Promenade Des Anglais Nice

2. Promenade Des Anglais

One of the top activities in Nice is spending time at the Promenade des Anglais. This part of the city is more than just a grand walkway located near the Mediterranean. Since this embankment was built in the 1820s, it has always been an integral part of the city life of Nice. There are seaside walks and benches where you can enjoy the awe-inspiring views. If you visit in February, you can witness the parades organized for the Nice Carnival. You can even consider strolling around this place as one of the nighttime activities in Nice.

Location: 06000 Nice, France

3. Musee Marc Chagall


Chagall himself was so deeply involved in the Musee Marc Chagall’s design that he himself made the final decision on where each of his works should be placed, designed the concert hall’s stained-glass windows, and configured the gardens’ layout. It is, in many ways, a cohesive work of art in itself. You can get a close look at Chagall’s 17-painting series with biblical themes. If you are looking for interesting things to do in Nice, do not miss out on visiting this historic museum.

Location: 36 Avenue Dr Ménard, 06000 Nice, France

Hours: Wednesdays to Sundays – 10 AM to 6 PM

Fee: INR 867

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4. Colline Du Chateau


Also known as the Castle Hill, Colline du Chateau is much more than a palace. In fact, it is more of a very impressive hill that gives you picturesque views of Nice and its surroundings. Although most of the original Chateau de Nice structure is in ruins, it is still worth climbing the steps till its peak. At the hill’s summit, you can enjoy a picnic or relax and take in the view from the Baie des Anges, and this should be on your list of top things to do in Nice, especially if you are with family.

Location: Montee du Chateau par ascenseur, 06300 Nice, France

Hours: Wednesdays to Sundays – 8:30 AM to 6 PM

Fee: Free

5. Parc Phoenix

Parc Phoenix

Parc Phoenix is a seven hectares of parkland located on the Promenade des Anglais’ western end. However, there are many attractions you can visit, especially if you are traveling with kids. The park houses 20 themed zones, with 2,500 plant species growing in a number of gardens and ponds. It is one of Europe’s largest modern greenhouses that houses animal enclosures and terrariums, with otters, turtles and tropical spiders which makes it one of the top 10 things to do in Nice France.

Location: 405 Promenade des Anglais, 06200 Nice, France

Hours: All Days – 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM

Admission Fee: 3 Euros per adult; free for children

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6. Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art

If you are seeking activities in Nice, there is nothing like exploring its renowned museums. The Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art, or Musee d’Art Modern et d’Art Contemporain, is one of them. If you find yourself in the city during the summer season, the museum is the ideal spot to escape the heat and indulge in the works of numerous modern artists from Nice, including Yves Klein.

Location: Place Yves Klein, 06000 Nice, France

Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays – 10 AM to 6 PM

Suggestion: Ensure to savor a meal at the museum’s excellent restaurant, and head to the rooftop to treat yourself to the breathtaking views of the city.

7. Cimiez


The primary thing you should be aware of regarding the Cimiez neighborhood is that despite being a residential area, there are numerous outstanding attractions to explore, such as Cimiez Arena Park, the Cimiez arenas, the Cimiez Monastery gardens, Cimiez Archaeological Museum, and its Roman ruins. The ruins offer a mesmerizing glimpse into what the city would have appeared like in ancient times.

Distance From Nice: Approximately 3 kms

Duration: Approximately 25 Minutes

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8. Palais Lascaris

Palais Lascaris

If you are curious about what to do in Nice without spending a lot of money, you should check out the Palais Lascaris. Residence of one of Nice’s initial aristocratic families, the palace offers an intriguing browse. Purchased by the city in 1942, the Palais Lascaris became a museum open to the public in 1970. While exploring the palace, be sure not to overlook a visit to the 1738 pharmacy and the noble floor, which showcases some of the most stunning 18th-century decorations. This can be considered one of the unique things to do in Nice.

Location: 15 Rue Droite, 06300 Nice, France

Hours: Wednesdays to Mondays – 11 AM to 5:30 PM

9. Place Massena

Place Massena

The main square of the city, Place Massena is a location that you will frequently encounter due to its central position. With Avenue Jean Medecin to the north, the seaside to the south, and the beautiful Albert I and Massena gardens surrounding it, you can easily reach Place Massena from any part of this compact city. It possesses seven famous statues, illuminated fountains, and captivating tilework, making it an ideal spot for photography during your visit. This is one of the finest tourist attractions in Nice, France.

Location: Place Massena, 06000 Nice, France

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10. Beaches


One of the most popular things to do in Nice, France is to enjoy the sun and surf of the French Riviera on the city’s splendid beaches. There are approximately 15 private beaches, which tend to be quite expensive for most travelers. As an alternative, opt for the public beaches such as Beau Rivage, where you can still have a wonderful time with friends and family. If you are traveling with your partner, a visit to the beaches is a must and can certainly be considered one of the most romantic activities in Nice.

Top Public Beaches in Nice: Voilier Beach, Beau Rivage Public Beach, Lenval Beach, Carras Beach, Sainte Helene Beach, and more.

11. Cathedrale Orthodoxe Russe St. Nicolas


Seeking complimentary activities in Nice? Your quest is complete, pay a visit to the Cathedrale Orthodoxe Russe St. Nicolas which was unveiled in 1912 and is a well-liked tourist attraction due to its bulbous domes and vibrant hues. Ladies are expected to cover their heads while inside the cathedral, so scarves are provided at the entrance. Make sure to explore the National monument of France to immerse yourself in the customs of Nice.

Whereabouts: Avenue Nicolas II 06000 Nice, France

Working Hours: Wednesdays to Sundays – 9 AM to 6 PM

Admission Fee: Free

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12. Parc Du Mont Boron

Parc Du Mont Boron serves as a splendid location for both a picnic and hiking for budget-conscious travelers searching for affordable things to do in Nice. This park offers hiking trails, lush vegetation, and captivating scenery. Embarking on a hike in the elevated park will inject excitement and amusement into your next trip, so be sure to include a visit to Parc Du Mont Boron on your list of things to do in Nice.

Parc Du Mont Boron

Whereabouts: 4 Boulevard Maurice Maeterlinck 06300 Nice, France

Working Hours: Open 24/7

Admission Fee: Free

While visiting France, it may appear that renowned major cities like Paris are the ideal destinations. However, Nice offers plenty of thrilling activities, making it one of the essential cities to explore on your trip. If you’ve been contemplating this charming city for a while now, then the timing is perfect to book a customized holiday in France without delay!

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