The Ultimate Guide to Discovering Finland’s Unspoiled Paradises: 12 Captivating Destinations for 2023 Exploration

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Finland is a treasure trove of experiences! From the ocean to the snow, for the young and for old alike, Finland is a hidden jewel waiting to be discovered. With an endless list of places to explore in Finland, it is difficult to select just a few. However, your journey through Finland will undoubtedly be fantastic and leave you longing for more!

So, while you’re still in the mood to discover this peaceful land, make sure you acquaint yourself with a few places in advance to have a better understanding of the location!

12 Finest Places To Explore In Finland

Some of the top Finnish tourist attractions are listed here as follows. So, don’t miss out on any of these to make the most of your visit to this European country on your next vacation!

  • Northern Lights
  • Santa Claus Village
  • Aland
  • Suomenlinna
  • Helsinki
  • Levi
  • Savonlinna
  • Sibelius Monument
  • Turku
  • Nuuksio National Park
  • Tampere
  • Porvoo

Northern Lights in Finland

1. Northern Lights

Ideally visible between September and March in the Finnish Lapland, the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is an enchanting spectacle that mesmerizes onlookers. A mystical and otherworldly encounter, these celestial lights are one of the most awe-inspiring Finland attractions. So, has this captivated your interest enough to plan a trip to beautiful Finland in the near future?

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Santa Claus Village finland

2. Santa Claus Village

Image Credit: Sqv7n by Pixabay

This charming amusement park nestled in the snowy mountains of Lapland is Finland’s equivalent of Disneyland. With ice restaurants, husky and reindeer sleigh rides, an igloo hotel, and safaris and excursions, there is sure to be something that piques your interest here. Your journey through Finland would not be complete without a visit to this visual delight. Are you prepared to explore this village now?

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Aland finland

3. Aland

Image Attribution: Ehrenberg Kommunikat by flickr

Mainly recognized as a haven for nature enthusiasts, Aland is an ancient, charming cluster of islands. Immerse yourself in traditional Finnish heritage by exploring the maritime museum and the open-air museum here. Aland, one of the most serene destinations in Finland, will ensure that you relax and savor your Finland vacations.

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Suomenlinna finland

4. Suomenlinna

Image Attribution: marjattacajan by PixabayBuilt as a naval fortress in the 18th century, this is now a UNESCO World Heritage site frequented by locals and tourists alike. Within the fortress lies a museum teeming with Finland’s military history. This is one of the most culturally significant places to explore in Finland.

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Helsinki finland

5. Helsinki

This exquisite city serves as Finland’s capital and is among the most popular tourist destinations in Finland. Contemporary structures, verdant landscapes, and a vibrant city vibe give this city a distinct charm. Embark on a ferry excursion or indulge in traditional Finnish delicacies at Helsinki’s Market Square, which is one of the prominent points of interest in Finland! Do not miss the opportunity to visit one of the most stunning destinations in Finland, Europe!

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Levi finland

6. Levi

Image SourceUntouched snow and endless ski slopes have propelled this ski resort to the top of the list of most sought-after tourist spots in Finland. Situated 170 km north of the Arctic Circle, Levi offers consistently freezing temperatures and a wide array of open trails and lifts. From novices to experts, Levi caters to the preferences of every skier.

Savonlinna Finland Castle Lake Fortress finland

7. Savonlinna

Image Credit: jackmac34 by pixabay

Home to the Olavinlinna Castle and a major spot for Finland sightseeing, Savonlinna is becoming an increasingly visited city. This place plays host to a ballet festival and an opera festival from time to time, and also has open air theaters, museums, underground caves, and galleries. There is a lot to explore in Savonlinna.

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Sibelius Monument finland

8. Sibelius Monument

Image Credit: Rob Hurson by flickrEstablished to pay homage to Jean Sibelius, a nationally recognized music composer, this monument is constructed with over 600 hollow steel pipes, merging together to create an organ. It is a breathtaking sight, conveying a great deal about Finnish culture and heritage. It is the perfect destination for all history buffs and culture enthusiasts who want to learn more about the Finnish people!

Turku finland

9. Turku

Image Source

The main attraction is the Turku castle built in the 16-17th century, which is now the home of the Turku Museum. This ancient town houses a shopping center, a Church, a market, and even a Swedish theater! And let’s not forget its unique riverside restaurants which satisfy all the senses. So, make sure you explore one of these while you’re out and about in this land!

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Nuuksio National Park

10. Nuuksio National Park

Image Source Nuuksio National Park is abundant in wildlife, and is spread across a vast area offering numerous camping and skiing opportunities. With long, uninterrupted trails for biking, hiking, and horseback riding, this park is one of the most well-preserved places to visit in Finland. It is surrounded by Finland’s natural abundance and offers breathtaking views of lush greenery – what more does one need?

11. Tampere

Source of Picture

scenic view of the city in Finland

Tampere proudly showcases its lively artwork and exciting activities during the winter season for all types of tourists, as it sits between the two stunning lakes, Nasijarvi and Pyhajarvi. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Amuri open-air park and Moomin Valley Museum, where you can get a glimpse into the history and various exhibitions of the nation. Are you prepared to visit one of the most stunning places to explore in Finland?

12. Porvoo

Credit for Picture: Kostiolavi by Pixabay

view of the famous city in Finland from above

Known as one of Finland’s few medieval settlements, this city boasts a history of over 600 years. Many are unaware that the cobblestones in the town square were constructed by skilled Swedish masters who once resided here. Visiting Porvoo Cathedral will reveal hidden tales of the Russian and Danish invaders.

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Finland is a unique destination that remains untouched and pristine, unlike more popular travel spots. There is no shortage of places to explore in Finland, catering to adventurers, tourists, shoppers, and culture enthusiasts alike! Book your trip to Europe immediately if you want to experience everything this paradise has to offer!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places to Explore in Finland

What should you not miss in Finland?

Finland is renowned for numerous attractions. While in Finland, you can encounter the authentic Santa Claus, witness the mesmerizing northern lights, and enjoy a sleigh ride with reindeer. You can also venture into the lakes and wilderness of Finland.

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