The Ultimate Guide to 16 Top Indore Street Food Experiences in 2023!

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If the sights and aromas of delectable street food are what captivate you, and if sinking your teeth into a kachori or aloo Tikki sends your taste buds into a frenzy like no other restaurant food can, then Indore is the destination that awaits you.

mouth watering crispy jalebi

This bustling city could easily claim the title of India’s foodie capital. As you step out onto the streets and feast your eyes on piles of tantalizing poha and freshly fried jalebis, you will understand why Indore is unquestionably a haven for vegetarian street food enthusiasts. The Chhappan Dukaan (referring to the 56-odd shops) and Sarrafa Bazaar are sacred sites that must be visited to savor the unique delicacies of Indore. You have to witness the transformation of a jewelers’ market by day into a gastronomic paradise by night to believe it. Allow us to entice you with a selection of the finest street food that Indore has to offer for your next visit to the city!

16 Exceptional Delicacies of Indore Street Food

Presented here is a compilation of the most extraordinary street food delights that one must indulge in during a culinary expedition in Indore. Keep scrolling down and join us on this culinary journey through the food culture of Indore!

tangy delight in mouth

1. Dahi Bade

You might be wondering what sets these simple lentil balls, dipped in yogurt and found all across the country, apart from the rest. However, it is when you try them at Indore’s Sarrafa Bazaar that the unassuming dahi-vadas undergo a magnificent transformation, resulting in a true work of art. At Joshi Dahi Bada Wala, prepare to be awestruck as the vendor effortlessly twirls the bowl in the air, expertly adding four different spices with just a pinch before handing you this mouthwatering tangy delight that melts in your mouth. The dahi vadas are simply heavenly and the experience will linger with you for a long time. The fact that this Indore street food is featured on numerous food channels across the country is a testament to its exceptional quality.

filled with nameekns

Location: Joshi Dahi Bada House, 24 Bada Sarafa, Sarafa Bazaar

2. Sabudana Khichdi

Who would have thought that the plain, pearly white tapioca seeds (sabudana) could earn a spot on the list of the finest street foods in Indore? This is the true essence of Indore’s street food scene – transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary through innovation and a sprinkle of spice. Watch in delight as the boiled sabudana is mixed with a variety of savory snacks and crunchy chips, topped with spices, and garnished with lemon and coriander to create one of the most delightful versions of this dish you have ever tasted.

crispy and tangy aloo chat

Location: Sanwariya Seth is a renowned name in the world of sabudana khichdi and has multiple outlets throughout the city, including one at Sarafa Bazaar.

3. Garadu

Indore has its own variation of the famous crispy and tangy Aloo ki chaat from Delhi called Garadu. In this dish, a special type of yam is diced, fried until golden brown, and then generously sprinkled with a unique blend of spices (yes, Indore has a distinct spice mix for every dish!) and drizzled with lots of lemon juice. This combination creates a platter full of deliciousness.

mouth watering crispy jalebi

Location: Numerous shops at Sarafa Bazaar serve fresh Garadu.

4. Poha Jalebi

No matter where you are in Indore, you’ll find a kiosk or shop within walking distance that serves piping hot poha from the early morning hours until late afternoon. This delightful and nutritious street food is the perfect way to start your day in Indore. The poha is steamed to perfection and topped with the famous Indori sev, a sprinkle of fresh coriander, and a squeeze of lemon. It’s impossible to resist stopping at just one serving. For a whole new experience, you can pair it with spicy kachori. When enjoying Indore food, it’s essential to conclude your breakfast with the mouth-watering crispy jalebis.

one of the variant of corns

Location: Every sweet shop in Indore serves poha jalebi. The poha at Young Tarang in Chhapan Dukaan is particularly popular.

5. Bhutte ki Kees

yummy deligh to eat

We guarantee that you won’t find this variant of corn anywhere else in the country. Bhutte ki Kees is another specialty of Indore and it features boiled and grated corn tempered with heeng, cumin, green chillies, and fennel seeds. It is then garnished with a combination of spices, a touch of lemon, and a sprinkling of grated coconut.

Location: Joshi Dahi Bada House, Bada Sarafa, Sarafa Bazaar

6. Coconut Patties

Considering the abundance of exclusive street food options in Indore and the innovative mindset of its food vendors, it easily surpasses competitors in terms of diverse street food choices. These coconut patties, fried to perfection and filled with a luscious coconut mixture complemented by tangy chutney, are the epitome of deliciousness. Vijay Chaat House, a renowned dining establishment in Indore, offers these delectable treats at both their Sarrafa and Chappan Dukan outlets.

Location: Vijay Chaat House, Shops 6-8, Chhapan Dukan, New Palasia

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7. Refreshing Lemonade

shikanji in a form of milky variant TTmain-logo.png

Don’t be fooled by the name; this is not a refreshing lemon drink to cleanse your palate after devouring chaat at Chappan dukan or Sarafa Bazar. This creamy and substantial variation is a meal in itself. With a rich texture and a taste that falls somewhere between rabdi and lassi, the Shikanji glass is adorned with a generous amount of dried fruits.

Location: Madhuram Sweets at Chhapan Dukaan, New palasia

8. Egg Benjos

spicy omelette sandwich

You absolutely must try the egg benjos at Johnny’s Hot Dogs when exploring Indore’s culinary landscape. In a city known for its vegetarian food, these egg and mutton benjos at Johnny’s attract a devoted following of non-vegetarian food enthusiasts. A spicy masala omelette nestled between soft round buns and served with chutney and ketchup is a popular choice. The mutton and vegetarian versions are delicious as well.

Location: Johnny’s Hot Dogs, Shop no.2, Chappan Dukan, New Palasia, Indore

9. Lal Balti ki Kachori

yummy tangy flavour

Indore boasts a fantastic selection of kachori places for those who crave these delectable and spicy fried dough balls filled with various stuffings. Among the contenders vying for the title of the most famous kachori is the intriguingly named ‘Lal balti ki kachori’. Their kachoris are filled with a potato mixture and served with their distinctive green chili chutney (which is incredibly spicy, not for the faint-hearted!). You must visit the place to uncover the story behind this fascinating name.

Location: Near Gas Agency, Nagar Nigam Chiman Bagh, Jail Road, Indore

golden malpua the perfect dessert

10. Malpua And Mawa Bati

While exploring the vibrant Sarafa Bazaar, there’s one temptation you simply cannot resist: the golden brown and succulent malpuas sizzling on large griddles at various food stalls. Pair them with some creamy rabri for the perfect dessert to conclude your culinary adventure at Sarafa. The Mawa baatis, which are larger and richer versions of gulab jamuns, will also tantalize your taste buds.

Location: Bada Saraf, Sarafa bazaar

11. Dal Batti

Niranjan.gohane for Wikimedia Commons

Dal Batti

Disclaimer: The picture is only for representation.

Dal Batti is a delectable dish that is well-known in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. Crafted with lentils, wheat flour, and a generous amount of clarified butter, Dal Batti will tantalize your taste buds and win over your heart. It is typically served with a tangy coriander dip and salad. If you’re on an Indore street food expedition, you can’t miss out on this culinary delight. Arihant Dal Bati is the most renowned spot in Indore to savor Dal Batti, and it’s definitely worth carving out some time to relish the flavors of this dish.

Location: Arihant Dal Bati

12. Sandwich

Memm for Wikimedia Commons

Disclaimer: The picture is only for representation.


Sandwiches come in various types in Indore, offering a wide range of options for food enthusiasts. From grilled vegetable sandwiches to tandoori sandwiches, you can explore a plethora of flavors during your Indore street food escapade. The locals adore the cheese and sev sandwich, a popular choice available throughout the city. Shyam Sandwich and Ajanta Sandwich Centre are reputable establishments serving some of the most scrumptious sandwiches in town, with an extensive variety to choose from. Don’t miss out on trying a grilled sandwich filled with vegetables, cheese, butter, sev, and coriander chutney during your vacation.

Location: Shyam Sandwich, Ajanta Sandwich Centre

13. Sarafa Ke Parathe

kspoddar for Wikimedia Commons

Sarafa Ke Parathe

Disclaimer: The picture is only for representation.

Parathas are a widely consumed dish in India, and street-side parathas are simply irresistible. Indore, like any other city in India, boasts a special street where you can indulge in heavenly parathas. Sarafa is a renowned market in Indore, known for a famous spot called Aadesh Shahi Paratha, where you can satisfy your cravings with a diverse range of parathas. Whether you desire a paneer paratha or a potato sev paratha, your wishes will be fulfilled.

Johny Hot Dog

Location: Aadesh Shahi Paratha

14. Johny Hot Dog

jeffreyw for Wikimedia Commons

Disclaimer: The picture is only for representation.

Vijay Singh’s Johny Hot Dog is an extraordinary place to experience the most popular Indore street food. Vijay Singh, the owner, received an award from Uber Eats for his hot dog, which became one of the most frequently ordered dishes in Indore. The locals adore his hot dog so much that given a choice between McDonald’s and Johny Hot Dog, they will choose Vijay Singh’s creation. Your visit to Indore will be incomplete without indulging in this delectable vegetarian hot dog.

Moong bhajia

Location: Shop no 51, 52, 56 Dukan St, Near 56 Dukan, Chappan Dukan, New Palasia, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

15. Moong Bhajia

Damien Ramon Naidoo for Wikimedia Commons

Please note: The image is for illustrative purposes only.

Fritters or Bhajia is a popular snack enjoyed throughout India and is a staple in many Indian households. No evening tea is complete without Bhajia. This dish can be made using gram flour or various lentils. In Indore, the locals’ favorite variety is Moong dal bhajia. Served with a coriander dip and an onion and radish salad, Moong Bhajiya is a must-try dish in the realm of Indore Street Food.

Location: Mahalaxmi Moong Ke Bhajiye

16. Bina Tala Samosa

kspoddar for Wikimedia Commons

Bina Tala Samosa

Please note: The image is for illustrative purposes only. Bina Tala Samosa, a healthier version of the traditional Samosa, is another delectable dish available in Indore that you shouldn’t miss. Baked Samosa or Bina Tala Samosa is made with flour and stuffed with boiled potato filling. This flavorful dish is served with tomato ketchup and sev. It is also known as veg puff or patties and is a crispy delight that will surely satisfy your taste buds. Indulge in the delightful flavors of this dish at Indore’s Sanchi Point.

Location: Indore’s Sanchi Point

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If these options aren’t enough to satisfy the street food lover within you, we also recommend trying the delightful faluda kulfi at Nema Sweets and the 6-flavored pani puri available at various outlets across the city. Before leaving this foodie paradise, don’t forget to take home some savory Indori namkeens from Akash Namkeen to savor the flavors of Indore back at home! So, pack your bags and embark on your exciting vacation in Indore to satisfy your inner foodie!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Indore Street Food

What is the most famous dish in Indore?

The renowned delicacies of Indore include Khopra Pattice, Garadu, Bhutte ki kees, Batla Kachori, Poha, and Chappan. You can enjoy these options at luxurious restaurants in Indore or at street food stalls.

Why is Indore a popular city?

Indore is highly developed and is the fourth-largest hub of cotton textiles in India. The city is also known for its beautiful bangles, jewelry, and mouth-watering food.

What are some of the top destinations to explore in Indore?

Indore offers a plethora of fascinating attractions to explore. The must-see spots include the impressive Lalbagh palace, the revered Khajrana Ganesh Temple, the stunning Kanch Mandir, the historic Rajwada, the majestic Patalpani Waterfall, the enchanting Annapurna Temple, the vibrant Sarafa Market, the bustling Treasure Island Mall, the exquisite Krishnapura Chhatris, the serene ISKCON Temple, and the breathtaking Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary.

Which restaurant in Indore is renowned for its cuisine?

Indore is renowned for its delectable culinary delights and boasts an array of exceptional restaurants that offer tantalizing recipes. Some of the finest dining establishments in the city include Shree Chotiwala Restaurant, Mediterra, Mr. Beans, The Sultan’s Restaurant, and The InDorii Cafe.

Which sweet is Indore famous for?

Indore is known for its delectable array of desserts that are beloved by food enthusiasts. One of the most tantalizing and renowned sweets in the city is Makhan Vade, also known as Balushahi.

Is street food popular in Madhya Pradesh?

Absolutely! Madhya Pradesh is famously known for its delectable street food. The streets are lined with numerous food stalls that perfectly reflect the rich culture and traditions of this vast Indian state.

Does Indore host any food festivals?

Indore hosts a multitude of food festivals throughout the year, offering a paradise for food lovers. One of the standout gastronomic events in the city is the Oktober Fest, scheduled to take place from September 22nd to October 7th.


What are the recommended souvenirs to purchase in Indore?

Indore offers a variety of delightful souvenirs to take back home. From intricately designed bangles and accessories to flavorful namkeen and chivda (flattened rice), as well as delectable sweets, trendy cotton suits, and exquisite dressing materials, there’s something for every visitor to indulge in and cherish as a memorable keepsake.


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