The Ultimate Goa Monsoon Experience: 14 Must-Try Activities for an Unforgettable 2023 Trip

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Let’s debunk another popular belief! Today, we’ll explore the wonders of Goa beyond its sunny reputation. While it’s true that Goa is one of the trendiest beach destinations in the world, and basking in the sun at Baga and Candolim is pure bliss, have you ever considered visiting Goa during the monsoon season? No? Well, you definitely should. Allow me to paint a vivid picture in your imagination. Picture deserted beaches, drenched in rain; lush greenery; cascading waterfalls; and the added financial benefits of visiting during the off-season. Plus, there are plenty of exciting things to do in Goa during the monsoon. Now you understand the essence of what we’re discussing.

14 Exciting Activities to Enjoy in Monsoon Goa

So, we have compiled a list of compelling reasons and exciting activities to do in Goa during the monsoon that are sure to make you fall in love with its rain-soaked beauty:

  • Experience Affordable Travel
  • Avail Discounted Accommodation
  • Avoid the Crowds
  • Visit Dudhsagar Falls
  • Take a Scooter Ride
  • Indulge in Feasting
  • Sample Goan Cuisine
  • Explore Chapora Fort
  • Discover Wildlife Sanctuaries
  • Visit Spice Plantations
  • Enjoy Romantic Vibes
  • Embark on a River Cruise
  • Experience Safari Tours
  • Immerse in Nightlife

Dabolim International Airport in Goa

1. Affordable Travel

A significant portion of your travel expenses to Goa is usually allocated to airfare for a round-trip ticket. To illustrate, if you book a flight for August right now, you can get tickets for around INR 8,000 (round trip). That’s roughly half of what you would pay during the peak season! And for those lucky individuals in the southern regions, experiencing Goa’s rainy season is just a bus or road trip away!


2. Discounted Accommodation

The best part is that you don’t have to worry too much about finding accommodation during monsoon season in Goa. Not only can you travel affordably, but you can also enjoy discounted rates on accommodations. Additionally, activities such as water sports, which are typically expensive, are also more affordable during July in Goa. The tariffs are slashed by 50% compared to peak season rates. Therefore, finding a quality hotel room right by the beach for just INR 500 is not a big deal at all!

Pro Tip: Instead of choosing the popular Baga and Calangute beaches for your accommodation, we recommend opting for a stay at Candolim Beach. This beach not only remains less crowded throughout the night but also offers the perfect opportunity for a fantastic bonfire experience with friends and some beer, if the weather permits! (Don’t worry, it’s safe – just make sure to go in a group and stay away from the sea at night).

A boy doing a cartwheel at the beach

3. Serene and Peaceful

The typical issue faced by visitors in Goa is now resolved! During the monsoon season in Goa, you can immerse yourself in a variety of activities without having to deal with overcrowded beaches. The minimal number of people provides a serene and picturesque experience. Make the most of it by letting loose and having some fun!

Dudhsagar falls, one of the best places to see in goa in monsoon

4. Majestic Dudhsagar Falls

Witness the magnificent Dudhsagar Falls in all its glory during the rainy season, an extraordinary monsoon activity to experience in Goa in September. The powerful rush of water is awe-inspiring, almost dizzying! Be careful though, standing too close might result in being completely drenched. You can reach the falls either by train or by road through Panaji or Madgaon. If you’re up for more adventure, you can even trek up the falls. This is undoubtedly one of the finest places to stay in Goa during the monsoon.

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5. Explore on a Scooter

If you delight in the sensation of raindrops caressing your face as you speed through the breeze, this activity is highly recommended for you. Embarking on a bicycle adventure is among the top-notch endeavors to partake in during the rainy season in South Goa. Furthermore, due to it being the off-season, bike rentals are available at affordable rates. The price ranges from roughly INR 175 to INR 250 (depending on your negotiating skills) while you’re in Goa during the monsoon season.

Girls enjoying a scooty ride in Goa in MonsoonTTmain-logo.png

6. Celebratory Feasts

During the monsoon season in Goa, a myriad of festivities bring about immense joy and merriment. These include the Sao Joao fertility feast or the feast of St. John the Baptist, which is celebrated on the 24th of June. Additionally, there is the festival of St. Peter in July, where floating stages are erected in the rivers and various cultural events are organized.

People dressed up for the Bonderam Festival in Divar island

Furthermore, in August, Divar island gears up for the renowned Bonderam Festival. The festivities commence with an enchanting parade flaunting multicolored flags, and the entire island comes alive with performances by acclaimed local bands. Did you think the carnival was the only attraction in Goa?

7. Goan Gastronomy

Food enthusiasts need not fret about what to indulge in during the monsoon season in Goa, for this is the time when you can savor the delicious Goan fish curry. Of course, you can find it throughout the year, but the monsoon season in Goa boasts the freshest catch of fish, rendering the dish absolutely divine!

Delicious serving of the Goan Fish Curry

8. Chapora Fort

Remember that iconic fort in Goa showcased in the movie ‘Dil Chahta Hai’? It is the breathtaking Chapora Fort, a visit to which ranks among the finest activities during the monsoon season in Goa. The mesmerizing allure of the Chapora Fort and Vagator Beach make them some of the most remarkable destinations to explore in Goa during the monsoon. While there are other forts worth visiting, Chapora undoubtedly reigns supreme when the skies are filled with clouds and the atmosphere is enchanting.

View of the , best beach in Goa during monsoon, Vagator from the Chapora fort

9. Wildlife Reserves

Image Reference

The wildlife reserves are definitely the top destinations to explore in Goa during the rainy season. Unlike other places, these reserves are open throughout the year, and witnessing the fresh, green, and pristine surroundings drenched in rain is an experience that should not be missed. Some of the popular wildlife reserves in Goa include Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, The Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, Mollem National Park, and Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. This is one of the most recommended activities to indulge in during the monsoon season in Goa. 

Mollem National Park, an awesome place to visit in goa during monsoon

10. Spice Plantations

Image Reference

If you are seeking unique and refreshing activities to do in Goa during the monsoon, visiting the spice plantations is a must. These plantations are immersed in the Goan downpours, presenting a serene and untouched environment. The Savoi spice plantation is one of the most picturesque places to visit in Goa during the monsoon. You can reach here by enjoying a tranquil drive through the lush valley and tropical forests. This offbeat destination is perfect for those who have already explored the popular tourist spots and are wondering how to make the most of the monsoon season in Goa.

More and more washed up foliage at the Spice plantations

11. Romantic Ambiance

Image Reference

Lovers of rain must visit Goa during the monsoon to witness how the droplets illuminate the place and create an unbelievably peaceful and romantic atmosphere. The region comes alive with lush green tropical vibes, and everything feels fresh, moist, and pristine.

goa attractions in monsoon

12. River Cruise

Image Reference

Embarking on a luxurious river cruise tour on the Mandovi River is one of the most enjoyable activities in Goa during the monsoon. This two-hour cruise provides stunning views of this paradise from an unusual perspective. The best time to go for a cruise is in the evening, as you can relish the beautiful sunset before the cruise is adorned with dazzling lights. Indulge in music, dance, snacks, and games on board for a fantastic experience.

Boat Cruise

13. Safari Adventures

During the monsoon season, nature in Goa rejuvenates, creating a fresh and vibrant atmosphere. It is the opportune time to explore the wildlife of this region. Embark on a safari through the dense tropical forests of Goa’s nature reserves, such as Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. Discover rare and indigenous species like the Indian Bison (Gaur), Malabar Giant Squirrel, and Nilgiri wood-pigeon.

Safari Tours Goa

14. Night Life

Although a few renowned night clubs and shacks may be closed during Goa’s off-season, many others remain open even during this time. For example, popular venues like Mambo’s and Tito’s continue to be a hotspot during the monsoon season. The advantage of visiting during this time is that there will be fewer crowds, allowing you to relax, dine, and dance at your leisure. The bars at Calangute or Baga Beach are a must-visit and one of the top things to do in North Goa during the monsoon.

DJ in a club

So, now that you have discovered the remarkable things to do in Goa during the monsoon, you can fulfill your desire for rainy day wanderlust even if you have a tight budget. Sounds enticing, right? Then why wait? Start planning your trip to Goa right away with your family, friends, or even on a solo adventure. Explore this beach paradise during this enchanting season!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Goa During The Monsoon

Are the beaches in Goa closed during the monsoon?

No, the beaches in Goa are not closed during the monsoon season, and the shacks remain operational. However, caution should be exercised when near the beach during this time.

Which month is the best to visit Goa?

The ideal time to visit Goa is between November and March. However, if you seek unique experiences, visiting during the monsoon season is recommended.

What should I pack for a monsoon trip to Goa?

For a monsoon trip to Goa, it is advisable to pack the following items: 1. Cover-up dresses 2. Swimsuit 3. Sarongs 4. Cotton shorts 5. Loose-fitting trousers 6. Long skirts.

Is it worth visiting Goa during the monsoon season?

Yes, visiting Goa during the monsoon season offers the opportunity to witness the lush greenery and enhanced beauty of the region. It is definitely worth considering for a visit.

Where should I stay in Goa during the monsoon?

For a perfect experience during the monsoon season, it is recommended to book a stay near Anjuna, Vagator, or Arambol.

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