The Ultimate Exploration of Indonesia’s Land of Dragons: Komodo Island

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The realm of fire-breathing creatures, uncharted marine existence, and exotic coastlines, Komodo island is the finest concealed gem of Indonesia. Concealed within Flores, this island is a sanctuary for the thrill-seekers in search of an uninterrupted getaway amidst the tropical surroundings. Together with Rinca and Padar as neighboring islands, this Indonesian paradise is the sole location in the world to house the dinosaur-like Komodo Dragons on land.

est Time To Visit Komodo Island

Besides that, the island possesses numerous other distinct attractions which render this place a must-see destination. From delving into the depths of the underwater kingdom to conquering great heights, Komodo island has something to offer for every variety of voyager.

Komodo Island Map

Optimal Time To Visit Komodo Island

How To Get To Komodo Island

The marine sanctuary of Komodo island can be enjoyed all year round, but the area primarily experiences two seasons namely, arid season (April-December) and wet season (January-March). However, the prime period to explore the Komodo National Park is between April and December when the climate remains agreeable and it is the dry season. During this timeframe, there are higher chances of encountering the legendary Komodo dragons.

How To Reach Komodo Island

Komodo Island National Park

By Air: Komodo island is situated in close proximity to the town of Labuan Bajo on the island of Flores. Given its proximity, this location is the most favored among travelers. For those traveling by air, the nearest airport is Labuan Bajo Airport (also known as the Komodo Island airport), which has connections from both Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport and Jakarta. After disembarking the flight, one must take a 3-4 hour boat ride westward to reach the Komodo islands.

By Sea: To truly relish the joy of island hopping, one must undoubtedly plan to explore Komodo Island by embarking on a liveaboard cruise that covers two islands east of Bali.

Liveaboards – For travelers who desire a sea voyage to Komodo island, these liveaboards provide several-day diving cruises originating from Bali. They come in the form of yachts and emulate traditional wooden Phinisi sailing vessels, equipped with comfortable cabins, advanced navigation systems, and quality amenities on board.

Komodo Island Tour Cost: $500 (approximately INR 35,000) per individual per night or $1000 (approximately INR 70,000) per cabin per night.

Public ferries also operate from Lombok’s Lembar harbor from the Padangbai seaport in East Bali. However, this is a time-consuming and monotonous journey for travelers. Therefore, those planning to travel by sea can opt for Liveaboards.

Activities To Engage In On Komodo Island

1. Spend a Day at the Komodo Island National Park

Komodo National Park is not solely an UNESCO world heritage site, but it is also the recent addition to the list of 7 wonders of nature across the globe. It serves as the habitat for the eerie Komodo dragons, making it the only location in the world where one can observe them roaming freely in their natural surroundings.

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2. Embark on an Exciting Trek to Padar Island

If the spirit of adventure courses through your veins, then this island offers the perfect addition to your list of must-visit destinations. While the Komodo island boasts the most breathtaking vistas to capture, embarking on a hike in Padar island is an experience that simply cannot be overlooked. Located a two-hour boat ride away from Labuan Bajo island, this secluded gem can be explored after a demanding hike lasting roughly one hour and thirty minutes, rewarding you with an awe-inspiring panoramic view of the island.

Pink BeachAdventurous Excursion To Trek Padar

3. Behold the Thrilling Sight of the Pink Beach

Aside from the isolated islands and the imposing Komodo dragons, Komodo island is also home to the famed pink sand beach. As astonishing as it may sound, this beach offers a captivating sight to behold with the naked eye. The transparent turquoise waters and the rose-colored sand of this petite beach combine to form a stunning vista. Apart from its incredible natural beauty, this beach serves as a haven for adventure enthusiasts who flock here for an otherworldly snorkeling experience.

Hiking At Gili Lawa

4. Embark on a Hiking Adventure at Gili Lawa

Another hiking destination within Komodo island is Gili Lawa, an island nestled northeast of Komodo island. Renowned among adventure enthusiasts, this area is characterized by its stunning coral reefs and rugged terrains. The journey to witness the panoramic view of the island may be demanding, but the sight that awaits you after a challenging hiking expedition is undoubtedly worth it!

Plataran Komodo Beach Resort

Available Accommodation Choices in Komodo Island

1. Plataran Komodo Beach Resort

Nestled in a secluded area of Waecicu beach on the island of Flores, the Plataran Komodo Beach Resort serves as an idyllic tropical retreat. This luxurious stay guarantees a tranquil experience amidst sun-kissed beaches and an adventurous haven within this unspoiled region.

Rating: 4.6/5Cost: INR 23,250 onwards (On Double Sharing Basis)Location: Pantai Waecicu, Labuan Bajo, Kecamatan Komodo, Labuan Bajo, Komodo, Kabupaten Manggarai Barat, Nusa Tenggara Tim. 86757, IndonesiaOfficial Website | Guest Reviews

Puri Sari Beach Resort

2. Puri Sari Beach Hotel

For a serene beach vacation, Puri Sari Beach Hotel is an excellent place to stay near Komodo island. One of the finest resorts in Labuan Bajo, this is a calm and isolated beach retreat situated at the western tip of the island of Flores. Equipped with all the fundamental amenities, this beach hotel guarantees opulence and convenience under one roof.

Angel Island Resort

Rating: 4.5/5Cost:INR 5,250 onwards (On Double Sharing Basis)Location: Jalan Pantai Pede Kecamatan Komodo, Labuan Bajo, Flores, Kabupaten Manggarai Barat, Nusa Tenggara Tim., IndonesiaOfficial Website|Guest Reviews

3. Angel Island Eco Resort

Enjoy a stay amidst the otherworldly environment of nature, at this eco-friendly resort near Komodo island. Equipped with utmost opulence and exotic interiors, the resort is the ultimate sanctuary for the enthusiastic divers and snorkelers.

Reward: 4.5/5Price: INR 17,200 onwards (On Double Sharing Basis)Site: Palau Bidadari, Labuan Bajo, Komodo, Flores, Nusa Tenggara Tim., IndonesiaWebsite | Review

Tricks To Recall Before Visiting Komodo Island

  • Design and select the most convenient route to visit Komodo island to save time and money.
  • For the ladies, it is advised to avoid visiting the island during their menstrual cycle as the Komodo dragons can detect blood from quite a distance which triggers their aggression and this can be dangerous.
  • To explore Komodo island, the travelers should carry clothes which are comfortable and perspiration absorbing as it entails a lot of trekking. Also one should carry a bathing suit as the island has the most breathtaking beaches.
  • As the island has a tropical climate and the heat might be scorching thus it is important to carry a sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn.
  • Bring your group along as traveling to Komodo island is much more economical than traveling alone as the boat tours and other expenses can be shared.
  • Carry enough cash in your wallet as the Komodo island and its nearby islands do not have ATM machines, thus it will not be an easy task to withdraw money when traveling beyond Labuan Bajo.
  • There are many places to explore in Komodo island, hence it is important to follow a planned itinerary to witness the concealed treasures of this mysterious island.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Komodo Island

Is Komodo island perilous?

The incidents reported on the island are extremely uncommon, but the Komodo dragons have been accountable for various human fatalities. According to the data from the Komodo National Park, there were 24 reported attacks during a 38-year period between 1974 and 2012.

Is it possible to stay at Komodo Island?

No. The chances of staying on Komodo island are minimal. Although traveling around Komodo Island is relatively easy, reaching the island itself is very challenging. First, you need to travel to Bali and then to Labuan Bajo via plane or boat. Finally, you can reach Komodo Island by boat.

How can one reach Komodo island?

There are three ways to commute to Komodo Island, which include: 1. Fly directly from Bali to Labuan Bajo 2. Take a ferry from Bali to Komodo Island 3. Take a ferry to Lombok and then fly to Labuan Bajo

What is the cost of going to Komodo Island?

The Komodo tours starting from Labuan Bajo cost approximately 750 USD on a private speedboat, or it will be 100 USD for group tours (including meals and snacks). Apart from that, one also needs to purchase a ticket for Komodo National Park (11 USD on weekdays and 17 USD on weekends).

How many Komodo dragons are there on Komodo island?

The World Animal Foundation estimates that there are around 6,000 Komodo dragons in the wild. This population is divided into different zones, with 1,700 on Komodo, 1,300 on Rinca, 100 on Gili Motang, and approximately 2,000 on Flores.

Can a Komodo dragon cause human fatalities?

The incidents of Komodo dragons attacking humans have increased in recent years. These dragons possess teeth similar to a shark and venom that is poisonous enough to kill a person within an hour.

Is Komodo island closed?

According to reports from local media, the government has decided to close the island to tourists for a year, starting in January 2020.

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