The Top 7 Los Angeles Food Festivals: Indulge in Delectable Delights!

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They don’t refer to Los Angeles as one of the finest culinary cities in the world for no reason! This city is an epicurean’s haven, with a novel eatery emerging almost daily. That’s not all, the range of options available is mind-boggling as well. Aside from the restaurants, Los Angeles is renowned for its renowned food festivals. Your stomachs are bound to growl with anticipation as you peruse this compilation!

7 Finest Food Festivals in Los Angeles

You name it and Los Angeles has it! Here’s a compilation of some of the top-notch food festivals the city has in store:


1. The Japanese Food Festival

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The Japanese Food Festival is held annually to exhibit the significance of cuisine in Japanese culture. Shattering the stereotype that Japanese delicacies solely revolve around “sushi,” this event showcases other local delights and treats. Moreover, the festival also highlights the health benefits of Japanese cuisine! Alongside indulging in delectable food, visitors can also partake in sake and beer tastings or enjoy cultural performances in the evening. Undoubtedly, one of the finest festivals in Los Angeles!

Location: 900 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CADates: March every year

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LA Smorgasburg

2. DineLA

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This event has been enticing food enthusiasts for a decade now! The city’s finest restaurants offer prix-fixe lunches and dinners at discounted prices for attendees. Furthermore, this event spans over two weeks, with over 400 restaurants showcasing their best dishes. In 2017, a record-breaking number of restaurants participated, and an impressive three out of four diners tried a new eatery; the statistics speak for themselves! Relish dishes crafted from the freshest seasonal ingredients – there is an abundance of options, so save some room for your appetite!

Location: Los Angeles, CADates: January every year

Uncorked, LA Wine Festival

3. Los Angeles Smorgasburg

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If you are a true food connoisseur, you must have certainly heard of this one! The Smorgasburg Los Angeles is organized every Sunday in Downtown Las Vegas and boy, it’s always a packed venue. There are lines of exciting food vendors here to sample different cuisines; you can also explore deeply into the realms of art and craft as well as wellness. Every week, there’s a new pop up to enhance the excitement levels, so you know you are always in for a surprise! Don’t forget to try food from favorites such as Asia Bowls, Wanderlust Creamery, Shrimp Daddy, and Cheezus, among others.

Location: 746 Market Ct, Los Angeles, CADates: Every Sunday

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South Bay Beer And Wine Festival

4. Uncorked, LA Wine Festival

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This one is such a delight for wine enthusiasts! Uncorked began approximately three years ago and has consistently been popular among wine aficionados or even the novices. The sheer assortment will astound you – after all, there are over 200 variations of wine to sample from around the globe. Now, that’s a massive number! There’s also live music, a custom photo booth, and much more! When it comes to food, there are numerous gourmet food trucks parked here, so you are spoiled for preference!

Location: 800 N Alameda St, Los Angeles, CADates: January every year

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Treat Yourself LA

5. South Bay Beer And Wine Festival

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If you are in the mood to sway to live music, while enjoying some well-made wine and beer, then you are definitely at the correct place! There are over 80 exhibitors here, so the event is always filled with visitors. It is also for a noble purpose, since all the proceeds from the event go to Rotary Clubs within the South Bay and Harbor Cities of LA!

Location: 25851 Hawthorne Blvd (Between Palos Verdes Drive N and Rolling Hills Rd) Rolling Hills Estates, CADates: May each year

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Vegan Street Fair

6. Treat Yourself LA

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This one is definitely a treat for your taste buds as well as your Instagram feeds! There’s so much to drool over that you just wouldn’t want to stop. Each year, the theme of the festival is determined, and the visitors are encouraged to devour the finest food that’s on offer! There are always the local favorites, including Sprinkles, Gus’s World-Famous Fried Chicken, and Ridge’s Churros. Don’t forget to experiment and try some of the new establishments!

Location: The Barker Hangar, 3021 Airport Ave, Santa Monica, CADates: March every year

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7. Vegan Street Fair

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This celebration is what vegan eaters in town vouch for! It offers the finest selection of local vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and vendors, so you can indulge without any remorse. You can sample small portions and continue feasting on the delectable cuisine to your heart’s content. If you enjoy the food, you can choose larger servings!

Location: Chandler Blvd between Tujunga & Vineland, North Hollywood, CADates: March every year

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