The Top 6 Incredible Castles in Houston That Will Leave You Speechless

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Chateau Cocomar

Known to be amidst the most varied region in terms of ethnicity, Houston in Texas is one city you cannot afford to miss simply for its good food and multiple attractions on board. Be it the world’s first domed sports stadium or Houston Zoo which is a home to around 6,000 animals, this place is a first to many things. Similarly, fortresses in Houston are nothing less than a sight to witness. With some remarkable pieces being installed in a few of these to the traditional ones carrying their essence all through these years, they’re definitely a must visit for your trip here.

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Finest Moment To Visit Houston

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To enjoy a temperate climate and get the best of this renowned city in Texas, you can visit around February till April or choose the period of autumn months from September to November. You can also relish the festivals around this time and even though the city experiences warm weather year round, this is the ideal moment to explore the city.

Top 6 Fortresses In Houston

With so many fortresses straight out of fairy tales around the world, some of the finest ones in Houston are sure to give you wedding and event-goals for sure!

1. The Bishop’s Palace Galveston

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A distinctive aspect about The Bishop’s Palace Galveston is the remarkable elaborate style from the Victorian era that it portrays in its architecture. Usually this fortress is not available to the public but once every month, there are basement to attic tours organized to take you down the historical essence of its creation. Moon tours and some daily tours are also introduced for the public. This fortress was initially built for Colonel Gresham and his family and you can surely witness some of the most stunning works from Sienna Marble columns to Romanesque style decor and carvings.

Location: 1402 Broadway Avenue J, Galveston

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2. Chateau Cocomar

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Trube Castle Galveston

If you’re seeking a ‘Fortress in Houston for nuptials‘, well, this palace is certainly the ultimate conclusion to your quest. Decorated with enormous chandeliers, immense wooden entrances, luxurious gardens with a sophisticated European touch, tranquil fountains, and more, this is the ideal location to tie the knot or simply admire the exceptional architectural work with your loved ones. Don’t miss out on the vast ballroom while exploring the property for hosting an occasion.

Location: 14525 Champions Drive, Houston

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3. Trube Castle Galveston

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Newman’s Castle Bellville

Another one of the impressive Houston Fortresses that you must not overlook, particularly when planning a wedding, is Trube Castle. Originally built in 1890, this stunning castle draws inspiration from Castles in Denmark and was constructed in memory of its true proprietor, John Trube. This castle has been in the owner’s family for 95 years and can accommodate up to 150 individuals for various events such as cocktail functions.

Location: 1627 Sealy St, Galveston

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4. Newman’s Fortress Bellville

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One of the most enjoyable activities in Houston is to tour one of the greatest ‘hand-made’ fortresses in Houston. That’s correct! Mike Newman, the owner of Newman’s Bakery, had a brilliant notion of constructing his own fortress that many of us can only dream about. Although it took a considerable amount of time to complete this fortress, it now stands firmly with a striking drawbridge, an immense dining hall, a chapel, and a beautiful courtyard that embodies the very essence of an authentic fortress. Moreover, you can even arrange a guided tour of this palace, which is not very far from Houston.

Location: Newman’s Fortress and Bakery, 504 E Main St, Bellville

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