The Top 10 Captivating Homestays in Japan Showcasing Exquisite Japanese Hospitality.

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Top 10 Homestays In Japan

Experience warm and gracious hospitality at the homestays of Japan. Here is a compilation of the finest homestays in Japan to explore during your vacation in Japan:

1. Toshiro and Tanya’s

This Tokyo haven, located in Setagaya Ku near Shibuya, is an oasis of serenity in the bustling surroundings of the largest urban complex worldwide. The hosts possess expertise in welcoming visitors from all corners of the globe, and are fluent in English, Japanese, and Russian. Typically, there are two rooms available here, constructed in the distinctive style of homestays in Japan, offering ample space and privacy to guests. Personalized guided tours are available, and it is advisable to communicate with the hosts in advance. The homestay is approximately 20 kilometers away from Haneda airport and a mere 15 minutes from Shibuya city center.

Location: Setagaya KuStarting price: INR 3000

2. Kumi’s downtown apartment

Conveniently situated in the heart of downtown Tokyo, this splendid abode is hosted by experienced individuals who have gained a reputation for their extensive knowledge of unique locations within the city, often personally guiding their guests on tours. The hosts are fluent in English and some Greek, in addition to Japanese. The apartment is also renowned among travelers for its incredibly adorable feline companion owned by the hosts. If you are seeking an excellent accommodation option near the city center, this is one of the finest homestays in Japan, particularly suitable for students.

Location: Iriya, TokyoInitial cost: INR 2000

3. Mai’s Residence

While it is something to encounter, the never-ending glamour of the Tokyo skyline can become a little exhausting after a while. In that instance, you might desire to travel to the north where the mountains and the untouched countryside offer an entirely distinct perspective on the nation. Situated in Kobuchizawa in the Yamanashi Prefecture, Mai’s Residence is beautifully enhanced by the mountains that constitute the picturesque landscape here. The host and her three children make for delightful hosts in this exquisite illustration of homestays in Japan for travelers that comes with an extensive garden space where you can unwind and relish the tranquil serenity of the place. There is also a barbecue grill in the garden, should you ever feel famished. The homestay has ample parking space and complimentary Wi-Fi access is also available.

Location: KobuchizawaInitial cost: INR 3000

4. Sassa’s Homestay

If you are a devout traveler or simply intrigued by the heritage of the nation, Kyoto is one place that you have to visit. The ancient capital of the kingdom, Kyoto is brimming with monasteries, palaces, and other Buddhist and Taoist shrines, as well as homestays in Japan for travelers. Sassa’s homestay is possibly the best way to explore this facet of Japan. Positioned on the road to the renowned Kinkakuji Temple, the place offers convenient access to most of the stunning city. The homestay features four individual rooms, a lovely garden with a patio, and internet connectivity. Sassa is a well-liked host who offers demonstrations of Japanese customs such as the tea ceremony, Japanese calligraphy, as well as sushi making.

Location: Kinkakuji Temple, KyotoInitial cost: INR 3000

5. Matt’s Residence

Situated in the heart of Kyoto close to Nijo Castle, this is a convenient place to reside if you are staying in the city for an extended period. With four subway stations in the vicinity and numerous shops and restaurants nearby, Matt’s Residence offers an exceptional experience of staying in a Japanese home. The host, Matt, is a sociable and joyful individual who is proficient in both English and Japanese, and the accommodation is highly regarded for providing ample privacy to guests. Additionally, the host offers two bicycles for rent, and there are discounted rates available for monthly room rentals.

Location: Nakagyo-Ku, KyotoStarting price: INR 1500

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