The Top 10 Breathtaking Montreal Winter Experiences That Guarantee the Ultimate 2023 Vacation!

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Montreal, the splendid metropolis of Quebec, Canada is the economic and cultural capital of Quebec. This second-largest city in Canada is called ‘The Paris’ of North America. This immense city is home to enlightening museums, historic churches, stunning gardens, and much more that entices travelers from around the world to admire its breathtaking beauty, especially during winters. Montreal in winter offers panoramic views of the city covered with snow for approximately 6 months.

Montreal experiences winter from November to the early weeks of April and this is considered to be the optimal time to explore the astonishing beauty of this city. Its snowy season is renowned for numerous exhilarating experiences that one must not miss out on while vacationing in Canada. Continue reading to discover the details about the best attractions in Montreal in winter.

Weather Of Montreal In Winter

Winter Festival Fete Des Neiges

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Since the city has a semi-continental climate, winter is extremely cold here. Winter begins in the month of November when the temperature drops to -2 degrees Celsius. It further decreases to -10 & -15 degrees Celsius in the following months. In comparison to other places in Canada, Montreal has a snow depth that is 1 cm greater. The amount of rainfall during Montreal winters can range from 11 days to 5 days per month. Plan a Montreal winter vacation and have a wonderful time!

Best Things To Do In Montreal In Winter

Montreal during winter presents a multitude of experiences to embrace the winter alongside its locals and visitors. Explore the enjoyable activities to do in Montreal in winter:

  • Thrilling Winter Festival Fete Des Neiges
  • Cool IglooFest
  • Exciting Ice Skating Around The Old Port
  • Vibrant HighLights Festival
  • Delectable Old Montreal Food Tour
  • Fascinating Montreal Craft Beer Tour

1. Winter Festival Fete Des Neiges


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One of the finest things to do here in winter is attending the electrifying Montreal festivals. One of these remarkable festivals is the Fete Des Neiges, popularly known as the Montreal Snow Festival. This festival takes place on weekends in January and February, starting from 10 AM to 8 PM on Saturdays and from 5 PM onwards on Sundays.

This is one location where you can enjoy a plethora of Montreal winter activities with your family, particularly with children. It offers numerous thrilling activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, ice-skating, and hockey. The vibrant atmosphere of Fete Des Neiges, will ensure that you do not get bored.

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2. IglooFest

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Ice Skate Around The Old Port

Igloofest of Montreal is one of the most fascinating electronic festivals held in Old Port and one of the top Montreal attractions in winter. It is organized on three weekends, typically in the final two weeks of January and the initial week of February. This festival hosts some of the most renowned artists of the Electronic Dance Music industry like Diplo and Gramatik. Despite taking place in winter, it is the most happening event of the year that attracts music lovers from around the world with its energetic atmosphere.

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3. Ice Skate Around The Old Port

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HighLights Festival

Every winter, Montreal’s Old Port attracts numerous adventure enthusiasts due to its Natrel skating rink. You will be captivated as soon as you step onto the ice, as this rink offers various enjoyable events such as cardio training sessions, Skate & Mingle for Singles, Karaoke on Ice, and more. These ice skating sessions take place on four consecutive Saturdays of December and January. Whether you are experienced in ice skating or not, this lively spot is truly worth visiting.

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4. HighLights Festival

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Montreal HighLights Festival also known as Montreal en Lumiere

Montreal HighLights Festival, locally recognized as Montreal en Lumiere, is an eleven-day event that illuminates the city with its vibrant energy. This festival has been specifically designed to enhance the enchantment of this stunning urban center during winter. With over 200 cultural activities, including mesmerizing light shows, live band performances, and more, it truly adds a touch of magic to the metropolis. The Quartier des Spectacles serves as the epicenter of this remarkable festival. For an adventurous experience, visitors can even try a thrilling zipline ride across the festival grounds to enjoy breathtaking aerial views.

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