The Staggering Turkish Mountains: 10 Breathtaking Peaks to Astonish You!

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It is observed that every year a substantial number of individuals visit different mountains and hill stations. This indicates their strong affection for mountains. Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is also renowned for its exceptional natural wonders. In reality, there are numerous locations worldwide that are famous for mountains. Specifically, Turkey is the country that boasts abundant mountains and hills. Many of these mountains are highly acclaimed and contribute significantly to the beauty of their respective regions.

Now let’s take a glimpse at some renowned mountains in Turkey, each with its own distinctive characteristics. It would surely be intriguing to learn about their elevations and other attributes. Turkey is known to have cultural ties with nations like Greece and Persia, and the influence of these cultures is still prominent in Turkey. It is predominantly frequented by people from all corners of the globe, captivated by the snow-capped mountains and stunning vistas.

Top 10 Mountains In Turkey

Now let’s explore the various types of mountains in Turkey, most of which have ancient origins.

Taurus Mountain

1. Mount Ararat

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This mountain is recognized as the highest peak in the Armenian Highlands and is located in present-day Turkey. The mountain lies approximately 16 km west of Iran. Its peaks are perpetually blanketed in snow, and there is also a dormant volcano within its expanse. Formerly, Armenians inhabited this area. The average altitude of the mountain is approximately 5,137 meters. This mountain holds great fame within the country and its surroundings.

Location: Iğdır and Ağrı provinces, Turkey

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Mount Erciyes

2. Taurus Mountain

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Located in the southern part of Turkey, this mountain is divided into three chains: Western Taurus, Central Taurus, and Southeastern Taurus. It holds great historical significance, as during World War I, the Turkish and German railway system connecting the Taurus Mountains in Turkey played a significant role in the conflict. At an average altitude of approximately 3,756 meters, Taurus Mountain is a widely celebrated peak with its three chains.

3. Mount Erciyes

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Mount Suphan

The alternative name for Mount Erciyes is Argaeus. It is a volcano located in Turkey. It is also an active volcano that frequently experiences eruptions. Whenever the volcano erupts, it becomes a matter of significant concern. This volcano has also given rise to volcanic domes, which pose a serious threat to human lives. The approximate height of the mountain is around 3,917 meters. The people living in close proximity to the mountain always live in constant fear and danger.

Location: Kayseri Province, Turkey

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4. Mount Suphan

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Mount Nemrut

This mountain is reputed to have the second highest volcano in the entire world. The volcano last erupted in 8050 BC. The mountain is situated in the eastern part of Turkey. The average elevation of the mountain is approximately 4,058 meters. People typically avoid visiting this mountain. It holds significant prominence within Turkey.

Location: Bitlis Province, Turkey

5. Mount Nemrut

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Mount Sipylus

It is an immensely renowned mountain in Turkey. A German engineer named Karl Sester discovered this site in 1881. There are several tombs found on this mountain. This mountain carries historical significance. In 1987, Mount Nemrut was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Adiyaman is a highly popular place in close proximity to this mountain. The average elevation of this mountain is approximately 7,001 feet. Most tourists who visit Turkey plan to visit this mountain. It is diligently maintained and conserved by the members of UNESCO.

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6. Mount Sipylus

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Mount Hasan

The ancient denomination of Mount Sipylus was Mount Spil. It is a peak that possesses some renowned historical narratives. There exists a sculpture on this summit. It is commonly recognized as Cybele. Numerous ancient sayings revolve around this hill. It is recounted that individuals who journey to Turkey pay a visit to the Weeping Rock. A dense forest inhabits this mount, and an expansive domain of untamed Tulips can be found. Its appearance is truly awe-inspiring. The hill is assumed to be a favored spot for camping or trekking. Its elevation measures approximately 4,964 feet.

7. Mount Hasan

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Mount Sis

This peak features an inactive volcano. In ancient eras, an obsidian settlement could be found here. However, with the passage of time, all remnants of this settlement have been eradicated. Ascending this mount typically requires around 6 hours. It is asserted that even today, traces of obsidian mirrors and flakes can be found. The average altitude of this hill reaches approximately 3,268 meters. It also entices a substantial number of tourists on an annual basis. Presently, this mountain has been devoid of volcanic eruptions, having entered a dormant state.

Location: Aksaray Province, Turkey

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Mount Ida

8. Mount Sis

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This hill is situated in the Giresun Province. There exists a celebration named Mount Sis festival. Every year, a considerable number of individuals are drawn to this festival. During this event, visitors are required to don traditional apparel. The inaugural festival took place in 1830. The average elevation of the summit measures 2,182 meters. Additionally, there is a plateau of Mount Sis referred to as “Sis Dagi Yaylasi”.


9. Mount Ida

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This hill is located in the northwestern part of Turkey. It is believed to be an exceedingly ancient mountain. The peak is primarily situated between the Balikesir province and the Canakkale Province. It existed even during the Bronze Age, and evidence confirming this fact has been unearthed. The mountain lies approximately 2 miles away from the remnants of Troy. The average elevation of this hill reaches roughly 5,820 meters.

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10. Babadag

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It is also a peak that is situated near Fethiye and in the southwest part of Turkey. There are two peaks of this mountain that face each other and are mainly separated by a flooded valley. The mountain is quite abundant in vegetation and forests. There are many uncommon species of vegetation that are found here. This mountain is quite renowned for paragliding. The ancient names of this mountain such as Mount Cragos are quite challenging to pronounce. The present name is quite convenient and easy to pronounce. The elevation of the mountain is 1,969 meters.

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There are many tourists who specifically come to Turkey to have a glimpse of these peaks. Even after many fluctuations, the peaks of Turkey have great significance and importance. It is hoped that this piece of information about different peaks and summits would really prove to be beneficial for those who are planning journey to Turkey.

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