The Prominence of Bhandardara in Maharashtra: 7 Must-Visit Places

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The state of Maharashtra offers a harmonious blend of natural wonders and urban energy, with its abundance of resort towns and bustling cities. These resort towns and villages are considered perfect getaways, and one such gem is Bhandardara. Situated near Igatpuri on the banks of the Pravara River, Bhandardara boasts magnificent attractions that are truly awe-inspiring. Its array of remarkable destinations make it a truly worthwhile destination for any traveler seeking a special experience.

7 Astonishing Attractions in Bhandardara

Prepare to embark on a truly unforgettable journey as we present to you a list of the most breathtaking places to visit in Bhandardara.

1. Wilson Dam

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Wilson Dam

Since its establishment in 1910, Wilson Dam has captivated visitors with its enchanting presence. This majestic dam, nestled amidst lush greenery, offers a sight that is simply mesmerizing. If you’re looking for a serene spot to enjoy a picnic with your loved ones, Wilson Dam is the ideal destination.

Activities: Picnicking, nature walks, sightseeing

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2. Umbrella Falls

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Umbrella Falls

During the monsoon season, the captivating Umbrella Falls comes to life right beneath Wilson Dam. This waterfall derives its name from its unique shape, resembling an umbrella. With its powerful flow and remarkable size, it is undoubtedly one of Bhandardara’s finest attractions. For the best view and a refreshing sprinkle, stand on the exquisite footbridge.

Activities: Sightseeing, nature walks

3. Randha Fall

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Hidden amidst lush foliage, Randha Fall is another captivating waterfall that lures visitors to the village of Bhandardara. Plummeting from a height of 170 feet, this waterfall is a magnificent sight to behold. To truly witness its beauty, visit during the monsoon season. Although underrated, it is undoubtedly one of the best destinations to explore in Maharashtra during the summer.

Randha Fall

Activities: Sightseeing, nature walks, kayaking, camping

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4. Arthur Lake

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Indulge in serenity by visiting Arthur Lake, a destination sure to quench your thirst for tranquility. This cherished lake stands as a popular tourist attraction in the village, where visitors can enjoy boating or simply wander during the pleasant evening hours. Sourced from the Pravara River, this lake is surrounded by misty mountains and vast grasslands, creating an enchanting ambience that beckons leisurely strolls. Exploring this picturesque location is among the top activities to experience in Bhandardara.

Arthur Lake

Exciting Things to Do: Engage in boating, marvel at scenic sights, take nature walks

5. Mount Kalsubai

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Behold the grandeur of Mount Kalsubai, the majestic crown of the Sahyadri Range. This awe-inspiring peak captivates the eyes from the village, granting an unforgettable sight. Adventurous trekkers can even embark on an exhilarating journey to conquer this magnificent summit. For those seeking a more gentle ascent, stairs are available as an alternative. The presence of Mount Kalsubai provides an extraordinary backdrop, ensuring an unforgettable Bhandardara experience.

Mount Kalsubai

Exciting Things to Do: Enjoy breathtaking sights, partake in thrilling treks

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6. Agastya Rishi Ashram

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Enhance your Bhandardara adventure by venturing beyond the village to the renowned Agastya Rishi Ashram. This revered ashram finds mention in the extraordinary epic, Ramayana, where both Lord Ram and Lakshman sought the blessings of Agatsya Rishi. Immerse yourself in the spirituality and history of this revered site, offering a glimpse into ancient traditions.

Agastya Rishi Ashram

Exciting Things to Do: Embark on a spiritual journey through sightseeing

7. Ratanwadi Village

Nestled near Bhandardara, Ratanwadi Village presents a hidden gem for explorers seeking offbeat destinations in Maharashtra. Famous for its Ratangad fort and the striking Shiva temple named Amruteshwar, this village invites you to embark on a trek through picturesque countryside regions while discovering the rich history and architectural wonders it holds.

Activities to Explore: Discover the sights and enjoy trekking adventures

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The state of Maharashtra holds countless surprises, offering a range of experiences that exceed expectations. Bhandardara is one such gem in Maharashtra that will continuously amaze you. This compilation of attractions to explore in Bhandardara will prove useful during your vacation in Maharashtra. So, prepare your luggage and make the most of it!

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Common Queries About Tourist Spots in Bhandardara

What is the distance between Bhandardara and Mumbai?

The village of Bhandardara is approximately 190 kilometers away from the bustling city of Mumbai. You can effortlessly reach the village by road or rail.

What is the recommended mode of transportation to reach Bhandardara?

The most convenient way to arrive at Bhandardara is by train. The village is situated near Igatpuri, which houses the nearest railway station. From there, you can easily find a bus or taxi service.

When is the ideal time to visit Bhandardara?

Bhandardara is a year-round destination, but to maximize your travel experience, plan your visit between June and September when the monsoon season adds an extra charm.

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