The Most Enigmatic Species: Maharashtra’s Top 6 Wildlife Sanctuaries to Get Closer!

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Maharashtra, located in the western peninsular region of India, is a highly popular state known for its significant presence on the vast Deccan Plateau. It embraces the Marathi language as its official spoken language, while also embracing the use of Hindi and English among its diverse population. The state’s immense popularity is attributed to its array of captivating cities and breathtaking attractions. Additionally, Maharashtra boasts a number of exceptional wildlife sanctuaries that attract visitors from all corners of the country. Here, we present a list of the finest wildlife sanctuaries in Maharashtra:

Top 6 Wildlife Sanctuaries In Maharashtra

For those seeking to experience the astounding flora and fauna of Maharashtra, these top wildlife sanctuaries offer an unparalleled opportunity.

1. Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

2. Melghat Wildlife Sanctuary

3. BhimaShankar Wildlife Sanctuary

4. Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

5. Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

6. Bor Wildlife Sanctuary

1. Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Nestled between the districts of Bhandara and Gondia in Maharashtra, Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is a serene and captivating reserve. It serves as a habitat for diverse species of wild animals, reptiles, and birds. With its picturesque landscapes and enchanting ambience, the sanctuary attracts a large number of visitors. It is an ideal destination for an unforgettable excursion with friends and family.

Suitable for: Friends, family Ideal duration: 3 to 4 hours Location: Gondia, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 441601, India Accommodation options: Nearby holiday homes

2. Melghat Wildlife Sanctuary

Melghat Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated in the Amravati district, atop the illustrious Satpura Hill Range, Melghat Wildlife Sanctuary is a highly renowned reserve. It is formed by the harmonious amalgamation of Gugamal National Park and Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary, making it a captivating destination for wildlife enthusiasts. The reserve is particularly recognized for its impressive Tiger Reserve, which serves as a natural habitat for various wildlife species, including the Ussuri Dhole, Indian Leopard, and Sloth Bear.

Suitable for: Friends, family Ideal duration: 3 to 4 hours Location: Camp, Amravati, Maharashtra 444602 Accommodation options: Satpura resort

3. BhimaShankar Wildlife Sanctuary

BhimaShankar Wildlife Sanctuary

The BhimaShankar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Ambegaon and Khed talukas of Pune, and is considered one of the most well-protected habitats of the Indian Giant Squirrel, which serves as the state animal of Maharashtra. This particular wildlife sanctuary stands as the ultimate biodiversity hotspot in India, boasting a wide range of species that can be observed and experienced within its surroundings.

Perfect for: Companions, relativesOptimal duration for the trip: 1 dayLocation: Ganpati Ghats Walkway, Tungi, Maharashtra 410201Lodging options: MTDC resort

4. Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

The Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is a renowned wildlife sanctuary located within the Satara District, nestled amidst the majestic Western Ghats. It attracts numerous tourists and locals alike, offering an abundance of wildlife species that can be observed within its vicinity. A visit to this sanctuary is sure to be a worthwhile experience, and it comes highly recommended for an enjoyable outing with friends and family in its enchanting atmosphere and delightful surroundings.

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

Perfect for: Companions, relativesOptimal duration for the trip: Half dayLocation: Koyananagar, Maharashtra 416212Lodging options: Nearby hotels

5. Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is a highly recognized and celebrated tourist destination situated in the Sangli District of Maharashtra. It is an idyllic place to visit with your loved ones, where you can witness a diverse array of wildlife animals such as deer, wild boar, striped hyenas, and porcupines flourishing in their natural habitat. This sanctuary has immense potential to captivate its visitors with its irresistible charm and breathtaking diversity, leaving them in awe of its mesmerizing beauty.

Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

Perfect for: Companions, relativesOptimal duration for the trip: 1 dayLocation: Sangli, IndiaLodging options: Sagareshwar forest rest house

6. Bor Wildlife Sanctuary

Bor Wildlife Sanctuary stands out as an exceptional wildlife sanctuary nestled near Hingani in the heart of Wardha District. It comes highly recommended as a splendid destination to explore with friends and family due to its diverse range of wildlife species and the joyous presence of various bird species in their natural habitat. In its pursuit to enhance the allure of wildlife tourism in Maharashtra, the sanctuary was designated as a tiger reserve and eventually merged with the renowned Pench tiger reserve.

a tiger reserve

Ideal for: Friends, familyIdeal duration: Half dayLocation: S H 255, Hingni – to, Manoli, Maharashtra 442106Accommodation options: Forest guest house (FDCM)

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Maharashtra, the third-largest state in terms of area, has garnered a reputation as a immensely popular destination within the country. With numerous cities and a myriad of captivating attractions, the state has secured a special place in the hearts of visitors. Among these attractions, the magnificent wildlife sanctuaries in Maharashtra hold a prominent position, earning immense love and respect. Make sure to include these remarkable sanctuaries in your itinerary when embarking on a journey to Maharashtra.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wildlife Sanctuaries In Maharashtra

What is Maharashtra renowned for?

Maharashtra is widely recognized for its temples and caves. Notably, the captivating rock-cut architecture of Ajanta Ellora Caves has earned it the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Which are the most prominent wildlife sanctuaries in Maharashtra?

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, Bor Wildlife Sanctuary, and Sanjay Gandhi National Park have gained prominence among the wildlife sanctuaries in Maharashtra due to their enchanting ambiance, remarkable surroundings, and diverse range of wildlife species thriving in their natural habitats.

What is the specialty of Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary?

Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is renowned as a premier sanctuary that is home to a variety of majestic wildlife species, including deer, wild boar, striped hyena, and porcupines.

When is the best time to visit Maharashtra?

While Maharashtra can be visited all year round, it is highly recommended to explore this beautiful state, adorned with scenic beauty and panoramic vistas, between the months of October and March. For those who revel in rainfall, the mesmerizing getaway spot of Lonavala welcomes visitors in July and August.

What are the main attractions at Tadoba National Park – TATR?

The primary allure of Tadoba National Park lies in its majestic tigers. Known for housing the largest population of Bengal Tigers, this expansive sanctuary covers an impressive area of 625.4 km2 and is renowned for the diverse range of tiger species that can be observed and encountered here.

Ultimately, it is undeniable that the tigers are the ultimate highlight of Tadoba National Park – TATR, captivating visitors with their awe-inspiring presence and providing a unique opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

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