The Mediterranean Gem: Montenegro’s Top 10 Beaches for 2023!

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There surely couldn’t have been a more fitting destination to earn the title of ‘Gem of the Mediterranean’ than Montenegro, a small country that packs a powerful punch of travel experiences. Prepare to be amazed by a mix of stunningly beautiful sights and allow the magic of Montenegro to fill your senses with awe and admiration. Steeped in European history and home to nature’s best-kept secrets, Montenegro is equally a dream destination for culture enthusiasts as well as adventure enthusiasts.

Enchanting medieval fort towns & lovely coastal churches attract history buffs and culture lovers for a truly immersive experience, while the striking coastline and pristine beaches in Montenegro hold the promise of turquoise waters and uninterrupted tranquility. It’s astonishing how Montenegro’s 295 Km-long coastline is adorned with some of the most picturesque beaches in the world. Let’s stroll along the soft sandy stretches to explore some of the best Montenegro beaches along the way.

10 Top Beaches In Montenegro

These 10 beaches to visit in Montenegro are the perfect places to sunbathe, engage in an adventure, take a walk with your loved one, and capture memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Mogren Beach
  • Jaz Beach
  • Sveti Stefan Beach
  • Becici Beach
  • Dobrec Beach
  • Velika Plaza
  • Lucice Beach
  • Drobni Pijesak
  • Murici
  • Plavi Horizonti

Jaz Beach

1. Mogren Beach

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This beautiful cliff-sheltered sandy beach near the old town of Budva is a huge favorite with locals and a top contender for best beaches in Montenegro. Easily accessible by a coastal road, the picturesque beach is divided into two sections by charmingly rugged mountains. The beautiful yet busy Mogren beach in Montenegro offers perfect seascape photo opportunities as well as pretty sheltered coves to relax and stretch out near the sparkling clean ocean. The two sandy stretches are connected by a tunnel, while adventure enthusiasts can choose to hike up the cliffs for some exhilarating jumps and a taste of adrenaline rush. The restaurant at the top is nice for a quick meal, while numerous bars and restaurants are just a short distance away in Budva.

Location: Cape Mogren to Vidikovac Hotel, Budva, Budva Municipality, Montenegro

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Sveti Stefan Beach

2. Jaz Beach

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Just a few kilometers away from Mogren towards the Bay of Kotor is one of Montenegro’s longest and most appealing shores that provides something for all age groups and interests. Surrounded by abundant Mediterranean vegetation, this vibrant shore has been chosen among the top beaches of Europe. The yearly Sea Dance Festival every summer also brings crowds of music enthusiasts from around the world and has greatly contributed to making Jaz one of the most adored coastal areas in Montenegro. The immaculate pebbly beach is also one of the best locations for participating in entertaining water activities such as surfing, kayaking, and waterskiing. The plentiful eateries along the shore make it the perfect destination for unwinding, relaxing, and rejuvenating with friends and family.

Becici Beach

Location: Budva, Budva Municipality, Montenegro

3. Sveti Stefan Shore

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While Marilyn Monroe had played a massive role in establishing this breathtaking shore as an internationally acclaimed leisure spot, the picturesque backdrop and exceptional amenities have kept it at the top spot among Montenegro beach destinations. The tiny peninsula attached to the coast is a peaceful haven and a luxurious sanctuary with one of the finest beachside resorts in the country. While resort guests can enjoy the entire stretch of this gorgeous shore, others can engage in swimming and sunbathing at the southern region with pretty reddish sand and ideal conditions for a refreshing dip in the azure waters. The stunning Queens beach in Montenegro (also part of Aman resorts) is nearby too, but reachable only by paying 70 euros.

Location: Sveti Stefan Shore, Montenegro

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Dobrec Beach

4. Becici Shore

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Connected to the town of Budva through a tunnel, and easily accessible by a cab or bus from the old town, Becici Shore offers an endless expanse of sand surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters. The wide and pristine shore not only provides a variety of water sports like surfing and kayaking but also a range of restaurants and bars for delectable meals and drinks by the sea. Beach lovers can simply relax and unwind on a rented sun bed to the sound of the ocean and take in the scenic setting. The multi-colored sand and perfectly formed pebbles add to the magnificence of stunning Becici shore in Montenegro. Do not miss trying the mouth-watering ice creams at the many parlors along the promenade!

Velika Plaza

Place: Becici, Budva Municipality, Montenegro

5. Dobrec Shore

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This hidden beach provides the ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of the busy walkway in Herceg Novi. Accessible solely through a shuttle boat ride, Dobrec beach guarantees a day in paradise with transparent waters, fantastic seafood, and fewer crowds. The protected bay with a charming pebbly beach has an oceanfront restaurant serving freshly caught fish and other traditional Montenegron meals. You can plan for a refreshing day off here by renting comfortable beach beds or hammocks where you can enjoy your wine and indulge in the beauty of the wooded hills surrounding you and the endlessly extending sparkling blue ocean in front of you. This private slice of heaven at the entrance of Bay of Kotor is definitely one of the best places for your Montenegro beach holidays.

Place: Herceg-Novi, Herceg-Novi Municipality, Montenegro

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Lucice Beach

6. Velika Strand

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Literally translated as ‘Large Beach,’ this ranks as the longest beaches in Montenegro with an impressive 12 Km-long stretch of fine sand. Located to the southeast of Ulcinj, the shallow and clear waters provide excellent opportunities for splashing around with young children as well. Due to favorable wind conditions, the beach is also renowned as an optimal destination for water sports with a variety of options to choose from. There are exceptional bars and seafood restaurants along the length of the beach, making it a wonderful choice for a day out by the sea. With a kitesurfing school and perfect weather for the sport, kite-surfers are certain to have an exhilarating time at this stunning beach. Ada Bojana nearby also ranks among the popular beaches in Montenegro for its pristine surroundings and sections for nudists.

Drobni Pijesak

Place: Ulcinj, Montenegro

7. Lucice Shore

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Tucked away on a small inlet away from the bustling main beach of Petrovac, lies this delightful stretch of sand amidst a perfectly picturesque Mediterranean setting. Cypress trees on one side and beautifully colored water on the other make Lucice one of the most blissful coastlines in Montenegro. The perfect harmony of green and blue can be admired at leisure on a rented beach bed or you can simply relax on your beach towel along the free area. It’s a great idea to bring along your snorkeling mask for a glimpse into the marine world in the crystal clear waters along the coast. You can enjoy a satisfying meal and a refreshing beverage or take the children for some splashing and amusement at the water slide on the far end.

Location: Petrovac, Budva Municipality, Montenegro

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8. Drobni Pijesak

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This cozy inlet nestled between Sveti Stefan and Rezevici has a picture perfect small coast endowed with fine yellow-white sand and clear blue waters. Considered amongst the prettiest coastlines of Montenegro, this secluded oasis offers the perfect peaceful escape with just the right elements for an ideal day in the lap of pristine nature. The stone pontoon is a great spot for peaceful reflection and fish observation, while the clear sparkling water offers good snorkeling opportunities. The sole restaurant and bar offer decent food and the comfortable sun loungers are perfect for sunbathing. Head down the steep and winding trail from the main road to spend some unforgettable moments by this 250-meter stretch of paradise.

Plavi Horizonti

Location: Budva, Montenegro

9. Murici

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Some of the inland finest coastlines in Montenegro are just as pristine and strikingly beautiful as those along the Adriatic coastline, and Murici tops that list with flair. Located along the UNESCO world heritage listed Lake Skadar, the peaceful coast offers the perfect countryside getaway amidst abundant nature and dramatic mountain ranges. You can relax by the tranquil lake, take a boat ride or enjoy a satisfying meal of fish specialties and famous Montenegro wines. The lovely 500-meter coast is one of the best choices for a quiet day in the company of scuttling fish and unadulterated nature.

Location: Skadarsko Jezero, Montenegro

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10. Plavi Horizonti

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Nestled on a natural cove on the Lustica peninsula, the immaculate crescent shaped Plavi Horizonti is one of the finest sandy coastlines in Montenegro. The serene appealing beach bordered by pine trees offers shallow lucid waters, making it a fantastic spot for an encounter with the vibrant marine life along the rocky coves. The tranquil waters are extremely safe for children, who can joyfully swim or glide around in their floats. This blue flag family beach is a favorite amongst locals for its serene ambiance and heavenly natural surroundings. You can rent a pedalo for drifting away on the sea and relish a delectable meal at the charming restaurant with tables amidst the trees.

Location: Radovici, Tivat Municipality, Montenegro

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With many more captivating beaches in Montenegro vying for your attention with their picturesque locations and world-class facilities, the country makes for a perfect retreat by the gleaming ocean. So, don’t hesitate and plan your global trip with TravelTriangle right away!

Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches In Montenegro

What is the most isolated beach in Montenegro?

The most secluded beach in Montenegro is Jaz Beach. Tucked away between Budva and Tivat, this hidden gem offers a peaceful getaway with its immaculate shoreline and crystal-clear waters.

What is the most extravagant beach in Montenegro?

Sveti Stefan Beach is considered the most lavish beach in Montenegro. Located on the exclusive Sveti Stefan island, it boasts an opulent setting with its upscale resorts, stunning views, and impeccable service, making it a favorite destination for luxury travelers.

Does Montenegro have sandy coastlines?

Yes, there are sandy coastlines in Montenegro.


Is Montenegro less expensive than Croatia?

Yes, Montenegro is more budget-friendly than Croatia.

What sea is Montenegro on?

Montenegro is situated on the Adriatic sea.

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