The Magnificent Islamic Architecture of Spain: Ten Impressive Spanish Mosques

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10 Breathtaking Mosques Of Spain That One Should Visit

After watching Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, let’s confess that we have all planned a trip to Spain with buddies at some point. And we should, because Spain is a stunning country with a wealthy culture and some truly intriguing history. What most individuals don’t realize is that during the medieval era, the Muslim Moors governed Spain for a substantial period and have left behind some truly exquisite Spanish mosques. Although many of those mosques were destroyed and transformed into churches, a few of them managed to survive the Spanish endeavor to erase the Muslim rule in Spain from the annals of history.

1. The grand mosque of Cordoba

The Cordoba mosque is one of the most popular Spanish mosques to visit and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is absolutely worth witnessing. You can take a guided tour inside the magnificent structure for one hour, but there is so much to explore. Inside, you will encounter a forest filled with columns and dual arches, the Maqsura, the Mihrab, and the impressive chorus located near the Mayor Chapel. The architecture is breathtaking, and the local knowledge shared by the tour guide takes you back to the medieval times.

The great mosque of Cordoba

The original minaret’s location now houses the bell tower. You can climb the stairs to the top for splendid views of Cordoba. Stand in awe of an astounding mosque, now transformed into a cathedral, which beautifully encompasses a blend of various religious architectural styles and creates a remarkably stunning landmark.

Where: Calle Cardenal Herrero, 1, 14003 Córdoba, Spain

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2. Mosque of Cristo de la Luz

It is one of the few mosques that has remained unaltered since the Moorish era. It is a small square structure, just as it was back then, and it narrates the city’s tale through its architectural design. Though the space is limited, it transports visitors back a thousand years in time, from the small square interior with Moorish horseshoe arches to the outside gardens with vistas of the city, making it a truly special stop.

Mosque of Cristo de la Luz

A fragment of a Roman road is also preserved, visible through the glass floor, and a variety of Roman and subsequent architectural remnants can be found in the charming garden. This leads to a viewing balcony with magnificent views of the northern outskirts of the city. It is a definite must-see and part of the discount bracelet scheme, which offers reduced entry prices at six religious sites in Toledo.

Where: Calle Cristo de La Luz 22, 45003 Toledo, Spain

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3. Almonaster Mosque

Castle Almonaster la Real’s fortified walls enclose the mosque which may not appear as the most aesthetically pleasing structure, but it provides significant insights into the Moorish era as it stands as one of the surviving architectural marvels in the region. It is truly a hidden historical treasure nestled in a secluded corner of Spain. The entire city exudes beauty and tranquility, as it is not a popular tourist destination. Taking a leisurely walk around the mosque, with breathtaking valley views and the delightful sound of birds, is an absolute must-do.

Almonaster Mosque

4. Alcazar of Jerez de la Frontera

An exquisite and grand monument that holds a prominent position in Spain’s history, the Alcazar Jerez de la Frontera was initially built by Moorish rulers of Andalusia in the 11th century. Within the monumental ensemble of the Alcazar of Jerez, you can witness the rich tapestry of centuries-old history, impeccably well-preserved. The colossal towers and extensive 4000-meter walls offer a commanding vantage point, allowing you to admire the entire city from above.

Alcazar of Jerez de la Frontera

From the Camera Obscura, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city. Take a leisurely stroll around the Palace to admire its majestic walls and towers, or explore the rear of the Cathedral.

Where: Alameda Vieja, Jerez De La Frontera, Spain

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5. Madrid Central Mosque

This establishment is, in reality, the Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid, combined with a mosque. The Madrid Central Mosque, or Abu-Bakr Mosque, is situated in the Tetuán district. Due to its close proximity to the Estrecho (Strait) metro station during its construction, it earned the popular name of the Strait Mosque. Spanning across four floors, the building houses not only the mosque and administrative offices but also a nursery, a school, a library, an auditorium, and a shop.

Madrid Central Mosque

It serves various purposes, including religious worship, charitable activities, education, cultural events, and social gatherings. Positioned right in the heart of the city, it is definitely a place to include in your itinerary for your next trip to Spain.

Where: Calle Anastasio Herrero, 5, 28020 Madrid, Spain

6. Seville Cathedral

Join the line to visit Seville’s renowned Cathedral once the location of a mosque and still maintaining some attributes from that Moorish period of Spain’s history. Inside, the magnitude of the place is awe-inspiring and that long line of seemingly hundreds of individuals simply vanishes into its roomy footprint. There’s plenty to observe including elaborate altars, what claims to be the resting place of Christopher Columbus, some significant religious bling, and last but not least The Giralda Tower, a segment of the mosque that once stood here.

Seville Cathedral

It is beautifully illuminated at night and there are live musicians performing on the terrace which creates a truly pleasant atmosphere and makes it a prime destination to visit.

Where: Avenida de la Constitucion s/n, 41004 Seville, Spain (Casco Antiguo)

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7. Bashrat Mosque

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The Bashrat mosque is located in Pedro Abad in the Spanish comarca of Alto Guadalquivir, province of Cordoba which is one of the famous mosque in Spain. Center of the Ahmadiyya Movement which stirred Spain, the mosque has been of high historical significance. It has two minarets surrounding it and it was constructed in 1982. Though it is not widely recognized, it holds tremendous historical value. It is the first purpose-built mosque since the conclusion of Muslim rule at the end of the 15th century.

Bashrat Mosque

Where: 14630 Pedro Abad, Córdoba, Spain

8. King Abdul Aziz Mosque

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It is an Islamic place of worship situated in Marbella, Spain. It carries immense significance as it is one of the initial mosques constructed in modern times in Spain. It is financially supported by Saudi Arabia. It can accommodate over 800 people and comprises of lodging for the imam, library, and exquisite gardens. With palm trees scattered across a natural backdrop, it accentuates the splendid Andalusian features. It has separate sections for males and females and five times a day, the azan is melodiously echoed through the loudspeakers.

King Abdul Aziz Mosque

Where: Las Lomas de Marbella | Urb. Marbella Montana, 29602, Marbella, Spain

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9. Mosque of las Tornerías

Image Source

It is a former Moorish mosque in Toledo and one of the ancient mosques in Spain. It was approximately during the mid-11th century that this mosque was constructed, on the foundations of Roman architecture, situated in the old Muslim neighborhood Arrabal de Francos. In order to distribute drinking water throughout the city, the mosque was built on the walls of Roman water tanks. It is quite unfortunate that this hidden jewel has neither been opened to the public nor undergone restoration, despite being one of the only two surviving Mosques in the City of Three Cultures.

Where: Plaza Solarejo 7, 45001 Toledo, Spain

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10. Giralda

Image Source

Giralda is the bell tower of the Cathedral Seville. With Renaissance style, it was constructed as a minaret during the period of Moorish rule. UNESCO, in the year 1987, enlisted it as a World Heritage Site. With a height of 104.1 meters, the minaret functions as a significant symbol of the city of Seville. If permitted, you can ascent to the top of the tower on a horseback ride.

Spain Giralda Monuments Seville Cathedral

Where: Av. de la Constitución, s/n, 41004 Sevilla, Spain

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This concludes the exploration of the rich Spanish Islamic culture. Spain is a gorgeous country and these mosques amplify the same. So, arrange a trip to Spain, pack your luggage and go! Immerse yourself in the seas and get a glimpse of the splendid architecture and history that the world has to offer. Have a joyous Spanish vacation!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Spanish mosques

How many mosques are there in Spain?

According to the latest estimate, there are approximately 13 large mosque and nearly 1000 small mosques in Spain.

What is the Great Mosque at Cordoba famous for?

The Great Mosque at Cordoba is renowned for being one of the oldest structures still standing. It is well-known for its distinctive horseshoe shaped arches and the impressive dome structure.

What can you see in Cordoba, Spain?

Some places worth visiting in Cordoba, Spain are: 1. Roman Bridge 2. Jewish Quarter 3. Mezquita Cathedral de Cordoba

4. Patios de Cordoba

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