The Limitless Sky: China’s Revolutionary Horizontal Skyscraper

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Being a dwelling to the world’s second highest skyscraper, China surely takes pride in creating flawless structures that undeniably stand out in the world. However, it appears that China grew tired of the typical vertical ones and desired to impress its tourists in a completely different way. Consequently, the highly skilled engineers in the nation have now fabricated an astonishing horizontal skyscraper.

Inspired by the construction of the prominent Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, this distinctive skyscraper is a component of the Raffles City Chongqing project. This 250 meters long horizontal skyscraper in China is devised by Moshe Safdie, a distinguished figure in the realm of architecture. Functioning as the planet’s highest sky bridge, it carries an apt moniker – ‘The Crystal’ – which undoubtedly conveys the magnitude of this extraordinary creation.

The Raffles City Chongqing project is nearing completion, having already bestowed The Crystal with the title of the tallest sky bridge connecting the 8 vertical towers. The entirety of the structure was erected with a vision of Chinese sailing vessels, thus showcasing China as a center of commerce. It is estimated that the constructions have incurred a cost of approximately $3.8 billion and are all prepared to bewilder the world in the second quarter of 2019.

Not only does the horizontal skyscraper in China serve as a bridge linking the other towers, but it also possesses the ability to transform into an awe-inspiring beam of light that illuminates the sky. This exceptional megastructure will encompass a shopping mall, a luxurious hotel, residential apartments, and office space. The astonishing sky bridge will present extravagant restaurants, sky gardens, and an infinity pool for tourists to unwind and relish delectable cuisine.

As captivating as it may sound, this remarkable horizontal skyscraper in China will undoubtedly captivate numerous tourists due to its abundant offerings. So, pack your bags, plan your getaway to China and ensure not to miss the opportunity to witness one of the most intriguing forthcoming marvels of architectural engineering!

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