The Hearts of Thailand Are Captivated by 8 Amazing Restaurants in Udon Thani.

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Udon Thani is one of the most crucial parts of northeast Thailand as it connects the northeastern region of Thailand with the rest of the nation and other nearby areas too. Udon Thani has a significant military history while being the residence to ancient bronze civilization. At an approximate distance of 560km from Bangkok, this place is a paradise on earth for food enthusiasts. We have compiled a list of the top Udon Thani eateries for you to bring your loved ones to.

8 Udon Thani Eateries To Dine At

Udon Thani eateries are primarily open-air establishments, situated under the shade of trees, serving authentic Thai dishes like Jim Jhoom (spicy pots), Rabeang Pochana, and various other delectable items. Here are a few of them:

The Bookhouse Coffee Shop and Restaurant

1. The Irish Clock

The northeastern part of Thailand does not really have an abundance of bars. There are some, but these bars do not meet the expected standards. The Irish Clock is one of the premier Udon Thani eateries for tourists to enjoy their meals and unwind. This bar has been in operation for many years; subsequently, Trevor Garrard and his wife Ann (the proprietors of Irish Clock) took over a well-established business in the year 2010. This restaurant has a legacy of serving tantalizing traditional Thai cuisine.

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Los Amigos Tex Mex Bar Gril

2. The Bookhouse Coffee Shop and Restaurant

The Bookhouse Coffee Shop and Restaurant is also one of the renowned Udon Thani eateries. This establishment initially opened its doors to the public in the year 2009. They offer a wide array of dishes such as Jalapeno Crème Cheese Bagel with Crispy Bacon, Burritos, Fajitas, Enchiladas, Tacos and Nachos, Monster Bookhouse Pie, and various beef, pork, lamb, and turkey specialties that are among the restaurant’s finest highlights.

Khaosoi Tai

3. Los Amigos Tex Mex Bar & Grill

Los Compañeros Tex Mex Bar and Grill is not simple to locate in Udon Thani, but the efforts worth the tally when you indulge in its delicacies. They offer a wide array of dishes, snacks, and chilled beers. Their essence is to serve top-notch and ample food at an affordable price. It has its own share of visitors and word of mouth popularity is making the rounds. Pizza, pasta, burgers, kebabs, chili with meat, enchiladas along with a list of finest beers are some of the prime highlights of this restaurant.

The Sea Side 2 Restaurant

4. Khaosoi Tai

Khaosoi Tai is not a well-known name among the Udon Thani restaurants circuit, but it is gradually gaining popularity among local and foreign tourists. Recently the restaurant has relocated and can now be found in Chiang Phin. They offer a diverse range of dishes like Burmese and Lao, egg noodle curry soup, Chicken khao soi, battered taro corn and Chinese potato are some of the delicacies of this restaurant. The food served is piping hot and swift service pleases you.

5. The Sea Side 2 Restaurant

A rapidly emerging name in Udon Thani, Sea Side 2 Restaurant is gaining swift popularity. It is not burdensome on the wallets of the visitors and the array of dishes is endless. They offer light delectable snacks to full course substantial meals. This restaurant is not at a considerable distance from the bustling streets of Soi Sampantamit. They provide meals of diverse variety like English and Thai etc. beef stew, bangers and mash, cottage pie, liver bacon, fish and chips, chicken curry, spaghetti Bolognese and desserts are some of the finest offerings of this restaurant.

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