The European Honeymoon Journey: A Breathtaking Dream!

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Ankush Sethi embarked on a honeymoon journey of 10 days with his spouse Rashi to the captivating and richly cultured continent of Europe. Their royal-like adventure took them to Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, and Budapest. This luxurious and romantic escapade, including flights, accommodations, transportation, and sightseeing, amounted to a total of INR 220,000!

Enjoying the luxurious life in Prague by traveling in a Mercedes

I weighed numerous possibilities for our honeymoon trip, as I yearned to make it extraordinarily special for my wife, Rashi. Given our hectic lives as professionals, this getaway had to be both romantic and eternally memorable. Ultimately, my search concluded with Europe, an ideal choice that reassured me with its chilly weather.

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Our splendid 11-day Europe itinerary allowed us to indulge in unforgettable experiences. Take a glimpse into our remarkable journey.

Enjoying the sunset next to the river in Prague

Day 1 – A Warm Welcome to Prague!

Departing from Delhi’s comfortable 20-degree weather, we embarked on our journey to Prague. During our layover in Moscow, the temperature dropped to a chilly 1 degree, perfectly setting the tone for the excitement that awaited us throughout the trip. After a lengthy 15-hour journey, we finally arrived in Prague, where the first-class treatment commenced right at the airport, with a Mercedes waiting to transport us to our hotel.

Delicious french toast with some honey in Prague

Upon settling into our hotel, we enjoyed a quick lunch in the comfort of our room and spent the remainder of the afternoon rejuvenating. Around 6 PM, equipped with a city map provided by the hotel, we set out to explore the city on foot. The evening was devoted to discovering the city’s hidden gems, immersing ourselves in the local culture, and indulging in some shopping for cozy winter clothing.

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A cloudy day beside the river of perfect Prague

Day 2 – Uncovering the Wonders of Prague

The day began with an extravagant buffet breakfast at the hotel. We consumed everything that was available, savoring every final morsel. In place of our breakfast, we ended up missing the scheduled city tour, but it didn’t really bother us.

Enjoying a drink on top of the tower in Prague

After our meal, we embarked on a journey to explore the city of Prague once again. As a traveler, I’m exceptionally interested in navigating the area using the local forms of public transportation. The day was spent visiting various locations utilizing the tram and the bus.

Top View of the picture perfect city of Prague

We visited many renowned spots such as the Prague Astronomical Clock, Wenceslas Square. The latter is a bustling area of the city filled with eateries, bars, hotels, and shopping venues, making it highly enjoyable.

Throughout the day, we also had the chance to sample various types of European cuisine. We had a decent assortment of dishes since my wife was a vegetarian while I preferred non-vegetarian options. We also tried the local variety of wine.

Excited at the stunning railway station for the EuroRail

Day 3 – Shopping and the Opera

In the morning, we desired to spend some time shopping and immersing ourselves in the local atmosphere. So we found ourselves back at Wenceslas Square. We spent the entire day enjoying the same.

Rashi was very enthusiastic about watching the Opera. Thus, we went to witness the performance at 6 PM that evening. The entire ambiance of the venue was distinctive. Everyone was formally dressed to attend the show, in tuxedos and dresses. Although in a different language, it was marvelous to watch the artists perform. It was exquisite and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Cutting the delicious cake in the upgraded hotel room in Vienna

Day 4 – Bollywood Entry into Vienna!

At 9.30 am our initial class experience continued, as we were picked up in a Mercedes to be taken to the railway station. We boarded the Eurorail to Vienna. The train journey was a completely distinct experience. It felt like we were in a film, like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

Selfie moment in the local streets of Vienna

Our hotel from the Vienna Railway Station was within walking distance. On our arrival in the afternoon, we came to realize that our room had been upgraded. It was Rashi’s birthday, so with the assistance of the hotel staff, I arranged a cake for her. We spent the afternoon cutting the cake and celebrating that special moment.

Biking around the stunning city of Vienna

In the evening, we explored Vienna by foot and had dinner at a delightful Turkish restaurant.

The beautiful Schonbrunn Palace on a cloudy day

Day 5 – Romantic Bicycle Rides and Palace Tours

We were both eager to travel around the city on a bicycle. So, we rented cycles and discovered the city.

Homely Langar on the Vienna Railway Station

During the day, we had a City and Schonbrunn Palace Tour. This was enlightening and very well executed. The palace was stunning in its true essence. Our day was planned very thoughtfully, so we could enjoy each and every aspect to the fullest.

Driving on the beautiful clear highway to Salzburg

We were surprised to meet a Sikh man serving Vienna Station. He told us how he served Langar there every evening at 7. Meeting him made us feel at home in a completely foreign land!

Day 6 – Farewell, Salzburg!

Beautiful hotel in the outskirt village of Vienna

We departed for Salzburg in our self-drive vehicle. The 370 km lengthy journey was pleasant due to the SUV and the open roads. This was an entirely new experience, given the fact that we had to drive on the left side and had no knowledge of the roadways.

Despite having a GPS, we ended up getting lost. What was supposed to be a 3-4 hour trip to Salzburg ended up taking us the entire day. However, this setback did not dampen our spirits. We embraced this adventure even more with the snowfall.

Ankush chilling in Europe

We arrived at our lodging around 8 PM. Our accommodation was situated in a village on the outskirts of the city. This afforded us an opportunity to fully immerse ourselves in the local culture.

Love Locksbridge in the beautiful city of Salzburg

Day 7 – Exploring Salzburg and the Salt Mines

The day commenced with a comical incident. We boarded the bus to visit the old town. The bus provided a cozy and warm environment unlike the chilly weather outside. However, due to the comfort of the bus, we unintentionally fell asleep, missed our stop, and ended up at the final one.

The scenic beauty of Salzburg on a cloudy day beside the river

The entire day was not overly filled with activities, which was pleasant.

Outsides of one of the oldest Salt Mines

We had the opportunity to leisurely observe the city and its attractions.

In the afternoon, we embarked on the Salt Mine Tour. This was yet another exceptional encounter. We had to journey a bit beyond the German border to reach our destination. We were provided with hefty outfits to wear inside. The tour was highly enlightening and the tour guide who also doubled as the bus driver was very well equipped. We were astounded by the remarkable preservation of the salt mine.

Special moments in the beautiful city of Budapest

The day concluded with a delightful dinner relishing the local cuisine.

Day 8- Greetings to Budapest

It had a slightly monotonous start as we had to drive back to Vienna to return our car. Once again, we managed to lose our way despite continuous driving. The three-hour journey ended up taking us approximately six hours. Nonetheless, we made it just in time for our 2 pm train to Budapest, with a very narrow margin. The train journey was tranquil compared to the relatively demanding morning.

Beautiful evening and tall pillars in Budapest

We arrived in Budapest at 7 pm. Our taxi was patiently waiting to transport us to the Hilton Hotel. The hotel was remarkably opulent, situated next to the WestEnd City Center, one of Hungary’s largest shopping malls.

Enjoying some champagne and food in the Hilton Hotel

Our room at the hotel was yet another upgraded one. The hotel exuded a sense of luxury and grandeur. Our room provided utmost comfort, and, in actuality, had a bottle of champagne and a cake awaiting our arrival. The day concluded with a brief stroll outside to get a sense of the city.

The beautiful view of monuments in Budapest at sunset

Day 9- Cruising in Budapest

The following morning, we boarded the Hop On-Off Bus, which occupied our entire day. We spent approximately the first two hours simply traversing through the city, observing from the bus. Later on, we visited the King’s Palace and a few other locations.

Beautiful view of the lit of King's Palace

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Around 4 pm, we had a scheduled boat cruise. Rashi was thrilled to partake in this experience. It was a splendid adventure, riding on a boat in the Danube River. The water was surrounded by stunning palaces, creating a visually breathtaking sight. We also indulged in a refreshing beverage whilst onboard the cruise.

Relaxing in the local thermal bath of Budapest

Day 10- Experiencing the thermal bath

The final day of the journey was definitely one of the most unforgettable as well. We had the opportunity to visit the Szechenyi Thermal Bath. However, we were delayed and missed our appointed time.

Enjoying a local indian meal in Budapest

This was just a minor setback in our day, as I purchased new tickets for the same time slot. The entire experience there was worth the extra money. It consisted of three pools. The bath was incredibly enjoyable and relaxing. Definitely something not to be missed if one is there!

In the early evening, we spontaneously visited a few pubs. The day ended with a delightful dinner of some traditional Dal Makhani and Naan at a nearby Indian restaurant.

Sad to leave the beautiful city of Hungary

Day 11- Farewell to Europe

Our small dream of our Europe honeymoon in 11 days came to an end. We were saddened to pack our bags to return home but were certainly leaving with some memories that we will treasure for years to come.

After one last sumptuous breakfast at the hotel, we boarded our flight back to New Delhi.

Enjoying a lavish meal in Budapest

Our hotel made our stay even more enjoyable.

Our honeymoon trip to Europe was worth all the time, money, and effort. Rashi and I had the opportunity to explore new places, at the beginning of our new life together. Thanks to Fred and Fuzzys, everything was well organized. Upon comparing with other friends, we realized that our package turned out to be much more cost-effective as well.

Posing with the Hilton Hotel in BudapestEnjoying a romantic moment amidst the natural green beauty of ViennaBeautifully lit up buildings on a dark evening in Europe

Wow Moments: The self-drive experience was a major highlight of my trip. The hotels were extremely luxurious, ensuring that we had the best of everything. Everything was pre-planned and well executed by our travel agent, which made our lives much easier.

Low Moment: Besides wishing that the trip was a bit longer, we were slightly unprepared for the cold weather. We had to purchase more warm clothing upon arrival.

Tips: Be well prepared for the weather conditions! The cold in Europe is quite different from what we experience in India. Apart from that, try exploring the city using the local transportation yourself! The experience is unbeatable.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Honeymoon Trip to Europe

How much does a Europe trip cost?

The cost varies depending on the number of days and the countries. Packages start at INR 89,000 for trips to Europe.

Which is the best country to visit in Europe?

Every country is distinct from the others and each offers its own unique experiences, but France and Italy are two incredible countries to visit in Europe.

Which country in Europe has the highest number of tourists?

France attracts the highest number of tourists in Europe.

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