The Enchanting Duo Maximized Their 6-Day Singapore Adventure

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Having heard and read extensively about Singapore, I was eagerly anticipating the opportunity to experience it firsthand. So when my partner and I were deciding on our honeymoon destination, Singapore was the obvious choice. We were both excited to explore the breathtaking attractions that we had heard so much about, including Gardens By the Bay, Singapore Flyer, and Sentosa Island. The vibrant nightlife that this Garden City offers also made it an ideal destination for couples. Additionally, we were keen on going on a cruise, and Singapore’s Genting Dream Cruise offered the added bonus of a visit to Malaysia and the chance to explore the ancient city of Malacca. And we wanted to do all of this during our 6-day itinerary in Singapore.

Details of Our 6-Day Honeymoon in Singapore

Trip Cost: INR 30,000 (Per Person)

Number of People: 2

Trip Duration: 6 Days

Inclusions: Transportation, Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch, Airport Transfers, Airfare, 2 Night Cruise, Accommodation

Exclusions: Lunch, Dinner, Taxes, Travel Insurance, Sightseeing

Our 6-Day Singapore Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Singapore | Exploring ChinaTown | Visit to Gardens By The Bay

Day 2: Marina Bay – Merlion | Sentosa Island – S.E.A. Aquarium & Skyline Luge

Day 3: Singapore Flyer

Day 4: Genting Dream Cruise

Day 5: Visit to Malacca

Day 6: Jewel Changi Airport | Departure from Singapore

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exploring street of china town in singapore

8 Unforgettable Experiences From Our 6-Day Singapore Itinerary

We are thrilled to share some of the most remarkable moments from our 6-day Singapore itinerary, specially designed for our honeymoon:

enjoyed the sight from the room’s balcony

1. Exploring ChinaTown

We had heard countless tales about Singapore’s vibrant ChinaTown, so we were eager to discover it for ourselves. We embarked on a leisurely stroll to the nearest MRT station, which took us to this bustling food street. The interconnected lanes were brimming with food stalls, restaurants, and cafes. It was a delight to indulge in delectable street food and immerse ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere.

exploring the local streets of Singapore

2. Gardens By The Bay

In the evening, we made our way to one of Singapore’s most breathtaking attractions, Gardens By The Bay. As we walked along the Skyway, a mesmerizing elevated pathway surrounded by dazzling Supertrees, we were already enchanted. Little did we know that the Garden Rhapsody, the signature light show, would leave us speechless. Luckily, we found the perfect restaurant within the Gardens to savor a delightful vegetarian dinner.

3. Marina Bay

We couldn’t miss the iconic Marina Bay, which houses the majestic Merlion. After marveling at this masterpiece, we ventured to Sentosa Island, where we explored the fascinating S.E.A. Aquarium and enjoyed the thrilling Skyline Luge.

spectacular building of Marina bay

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great nightlife

We had the good fortune of witnessing yet another breathtaking spectacle known as Spectra at Marina Bay, a stunning Light and Water Show. This location is equally remarkable whether visited during the day or at night. We explored the most emblematic landmark that embodies the essence of Singapore, the Merlion statue. Filled with curiosity, we stood beside this colossal statue, taking in the mesmerizing views of the waterfront. The Merlion is a mythical creature of unparalleled uniqueness, featuring the head of a lion and the body of a fish.

symbolic attraction Merlion Statue

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4. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island in Singapore is a haven of endless wonders to explore. From vibrant nightlife to delectable cuisine, from thrilling adventures to relaxing beach visits, it offers a rich array of experiences. During our visit, we immersed ourselves in the marvels of the S.E.A. Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa, where we were granted more than just a glimpse into the vibrant marine world. Additionally, we enjoyed the exhilarating Skyline Luge and were captivated by the Wings of Time show.

fun at universal studiovisited the S.E.A. Aquarium

5. Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer presents an enchanting and romantic experience that is simply unmissable, especially for honeymooners. This majestic ferris wheel bestows breathtaking vistas of the Singapore skyline. Another splendid nightlife indulgence is embarking on a leisurely river cruise and savoring the vibrant ambiance of Clarke Quay. This waterfront promenade is adorned with charming shophouse cafes, restaurants, and boutiques. We also relished the thrill of street shopping at the bustling Bugis Street.

splendid views of the Singapore skylineIn Singapore Flyer

6. Marina Bay Cruise Centre

We eagerly anticipated our adventure aboard the Genting Dream Cruise at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre. Excitement filled the air as we stepped aboard, with goosebumps and wide smiles adorning our faces. The balcony stateroom took our breath away with its sheer beauty. Every aspect of the cruise, from the captivating musical band show to the grand theater, from the enticing casino to the expansive open deck, from the delectable culinary offerings to the open amphitheater, surpassed our expectations. With so many activities to enjoy on board, time seemed to slip away amidst the vastness of the cruise.

roaming around the local street

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excited to experience the Genting Dream Cruise

7. Port Dickson

The following day commenced with the awe-inspiring sight of the sun rising and the cruise gracefully sailing through the ocean waves. We delightedly observed this spectacle from the balcony of our room, while savoring a cup of coffee. For those who adore aquatic adventures, this is the perfect opportunity. The cruise offers amenities such as a jacuzzi, a water park, and an open-air swimming pool. The experience is further enhanced by the presence of a DJ. Eventually, we arrived at Port Dickson, where we shared a taxi with another recently married couple to reach Malacca. This Malaysian World Heritage Site is a city of extraordinary beauty.

had a great and fun experience on cruise

8. Jewel Changi Airport

Although bidding farewell to Singapore was challenging, it was finally time to return home. We made our way to the Jewel Changi Airport to catch our flight. Rest assured, Singapore leaves you with a memorable and jubilant ending, all thanks to this marvelous airport, which is a testament to modern innovation. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to explore Jewel Changi Airport, particularly the enchanting Rain Vortex.

having a good time in hotel

Tips For Future Travelers: Singapore Honeymoon

  • It is advisable to carry a Forex Card and some Singapore Dollars in cash for your convenience.
  • Purchasing a Singtel sim with a basic traveler pack for the duration of your trip (5 days, for example) is sufficient and cost-effective.
  • The Singapore government places great emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene, so it would be beneficial to familiarize yourself with some basic city rules before your trip.
  • Safely keep the slip given to you after immigration in Singapore until you leave the country.
  • Download the “Grab” app for easily booking cabs and finding restaurants.

fun at Jewel Changi Airport

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Weather in Singapore in June

We had the privilege of visiting Singapore in June. Although the weather was consistently hot throughout the day, our excitement overshadowed any discomfort.

Our Hotels in Singapore

We had the pleasure of staying at the Fragrance Imperial Hotel for a few days. The hotel property was impressive and boasted a great location. Our favorite accommodation in Singapore, however, was the Balcony Stateroom on the Genting Dream Cruise.

Frequently Asked Questions about a 6-Day Singapore Itinerary

Which are the best places for shopping in Singapore?

For girls who adore shopping, Bugis Street is a fantastic destination. We had a delightful shopping experience in Singapore. Other notable shopping areas in Singapore include Orchard Road, Chinatown, Marina Bay, VivoCity, Little India, Clarke Quay, Holland Village, IMM, and Haji Lane.

What type of clothing should be packed for a trip to Singapore in June?

Given the hot weather in Singapore during June, it is advisable to pack lightweight clothes made from breathable fabrics. Wearing vibrant clothing is also recommended to enhance the holiday mood. Additionally, comfortable shoes are a must to ensure you have an unrestricted exploration of this remarkable city.

How many days are sufficient for a trip to Singapore?

Is a 2 to 4-day duration sufficient for exploring the notable attractions in Singapore? What is the estimated cost of a trip to Singapore? Are there any must-see attractions in Singapore that you should not overlook? Here is a list of enchanting experiences that you cannot afford to miss during your time in Singapore:

1. Embark on a romantic voyage aboard the captivating Genting Dream Cruise.

2. Immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of the Jewel Changi Rain Vortex fountain.

3. Marvel at the breathtaking panoramic view from the Singapore Flyer.

4. Take a leisurely stroll along the Skyway encircling the captivating Supertree Grove.

5. Witness the mesmerizing light show at the enchanting Gardens By The Bay.

6. Seek thrills and excitement with the exhilarating Skyride and Luge in Sentosa.

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