The Disturbing Histories of America’s Top 15 Haunted Locations

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The world is a equilibrium of good and evil, and there is no denying of this fact. Whichever corner of the planet you may be at right now, the fact remains that what you’re seeking, be it positive or negative, is probably seeking you too. However, as much as a country like that of USA has been a pioneer in many of the world’s leading facets, there indeed is an unsettling side to the country and these 15 most chilling places in America, demonstrate just that.

15. Masonic Temple, Detroit

A Creation That Drowned Its Own Master

Masonic Temple, Detroit

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There may be many haunted cities in America but Detroit is one of a kind. Renowned for being home to the world’s largest Masonic Temple, little do the travelers know until they arrive here that the site is haunted by the ghost of its architect, George D. Mason. As mysterious as it appears, the temple houses concealed passages, secret staircases, and just about 1000 rooms with a facade so Gothic, that the construction of this enormous temple rendered George Mason completely bankrupt. And as a consequence of this, it is believed that he jumped off from the roof of this 16-story temple leaving his soul behind.

14. St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida

The Dark Side Of A Lighthouse

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St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida

Paradoxical as it gets, St. Augustine’s Lighthouse is a epitome of irony in the heart of Florida. Built to illuminate the city and guide the lost souls, this lighthouse turns out be one of the most spooky places in America. While the lighthouse keeper happens to be the first one whose life was claimed while painting the tower, it is believed that three young girls also passed away while playing in a cart which broke and drowned in the ocean. And ever since, the site has been haunted by the apparitions of children who cry the night away.

13. San Fernando Cathedral, Texas

The Burial Ground Of Three Alamo Soldiers

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Man-made idols are susceptible to possession which is why most of the Cathedrals are haunted and the famous San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio is no exception. Considered to be one of the most terrifying places in America, no one who visits this church in the daytime can ever imagine that they’re standing on a ground that turns into a nightmare as the dusk approaches. History has it, that the remains of three Alamo soldiers were unearthed in the form of nails, bones, and torn uniform while the church was being renovated in the year of 1936. So next time you visit this church, you might want to say your prayers sincerely, and seriously!

12. Poinsett Bridge, South Carolina

A Bridge With The Corpse Of Its Mason

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Poinsett Bridge, South Carolina

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An accident is the most unnatural way of demise wherein individuals pass away before their designated time, leaving a significant portion of them behind. And similar is the case with Poinsett Bridge in Greenville. Regarded to be one of the oldest bridges in the state of South Carolina, Poinsett Bridge also happens to be the most spine-chilling locations in America. While the bridge is bound by the ghosts of two individuals who died in a car accident, what unsettles individuals the most is that the remains of a mason who died during its construction, is trapped within the bridge. Wanna go for ride now?

11. Dock Street Theatre, South Carolina

A Theatre Where Lightning Struck A Drama Queen

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Dock Street Theatre, South Carolina

Being one of the oldest theatres in Charleston, the Dock Street Theatre can proudly boast the fact that it has literally been tested in fire. Originally constructed as a theatre that caught fire, it was later converted into a hotel, and then again transformed back into a theatre during the late 1930s. With a lot of history attached to it, Dock Street Theatre is one among the many haunted places in America wherein a call girl who is recognized as Nettie Dickerson died after getting struck by a lightning on the balcony of the hotel’s second floor. So before you could book a stay for yourself, check with the locals once who claim that she is often spotted in the same spot wearing a crimson gown.

10. The Moon River Brewery, Georgia

A Brewery Where Blood Is The Preferred Beverage

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Regarded to be one of the oldest structures in Savannah, the building of Moon River Brewery was once a hotel that welcomed a lot of guests from Yankee North. And being referred to as one of the most haunted cities in USA by the American Institute of Paranormal Psychology, it is needless to say that the brewery also suffered a fate of horrific incidents by the guests who refused to leave. Many lost their lives in the violence that the guests caused in the hotel. Eventually, when the hotel was converted into a brewery, many customers witnessed beer bottles flying across the bar, individuals being slapped and tripping without getting intoxicated, and so on. This brewery especially caught attention as one of the most haunted places in America after the incident wherein a woman was pushed by an unidentified entity from the third floor of the building’s staircase. Spooky much?

The Moon River Brewery, Georgia

9. Mizpah Hotel, Nevada

Accommodation For You, And Residence Of The Red Lady

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Mizpah Hotel, Nevada

If you’ve watched the movie Raaz, then you will understand the sensation when somebody whispers in your ear and that soft sound quickly startles you. Well, such occurrences are frequent at the renowned Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah, which largely owes its reputation as one of the most haunted locations in America to the Red Lady. Many years ago, a female guest passed away on the fifth level of the hotel, surprising the hotel staff with her ghostly presence in return. Several years later, numerous individuals have attested to hearing her murmurs, particularly men who have discovered pearls from a shattered necklace on their pillows. Are you considering booking a stay there soon?

8. Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana

A Plantation Where Retribution Was Served Chilled

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What you sow is exactly what you reap, and when you sow animosity, that is precisely what you receive in return. While this tidy and verdant plantation in St. Francisville may appear very lush and revitalizing to some, most of you who’ve seen Conjuring would certainly sense the creepiness in the atmosphere upon seeing the tree in front of the house, immediately connecting it to the moment where Lorraine Warren visualizes the deceased body hanging in the movie. Delving into the past, the history reveals that the plantation is inhabited by the apparitions of 12 individuals who fell victim to revenge. Allegedly, a former master mutilated one of the slaves called Chloe, cutting off her ears for eavesdropping. In retaliation, Chloe poisoned the master’s two daughters on their birthday. Following the incident, she was hanged within that very house, and years later, Myrtles Plantation continues to frighten people as one of the most haunted residences in America.

Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana

7. Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

An Abandoned Prison Of The Tormented Prisoners

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Ever pondered about the most extreme form of punishments that the inmates could receive? Well, regardless of whatever you may have envisioned, the events that transpired at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia will completely shatter your imagination with their unprecedented level of extremity. Undeniably one of the most ghost-infested locations in America, the prisoners learned to confront their inner turmoil alone within the confines of solitary confinement. With agonizing penalties such as securing one’s tongue to their wrists with chains, this place has borne witness to unadulterated cruelty, which is now being reciprocated by the spirits of those who lost their lives within these cells.

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

6. Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania

The Most Blood-Drenched Battlefield In The History Of USA

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While soldiers may embrace death like a shield, dying on a battlefield is not as glorious as returning from one. Although numerous soldiers have perished in different battlegrounds, none of them have been as gruesome as the infamous Gettysburg Battlefield, where the lives of over fifty thousand young soldiers were claimed within a mere span of three days. Securing a position on the list of the top ten haunted places in America, it is believed that the phantoms of the soldiers who were denied a proper burial have been sighted wandering the fields, day and night.

Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania

5. Calcasieu Courthouse, Louisiana

A Judicial Institution That Gave Rise To An Electrocuted Troublemaker

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This particular case seems like people were asking for a horrifying tale, and that is precisely what they received through the ghostly presence of the convicted prostitute. Infamy reached new heights and plunged into extreme territory when a sex worker, known as Toni Jo Henry, committed a cold-hearted murder in the late 1940s. After undergoing three harrowing trials, it was within the walls of the Calcasieu Courthouse in Lake Charles where Toni Jo was ultimately sentenced to death. And the most chilling aspect is that her execution method involved the use of an electric chair. It is believed that her spirit lingers within the courthouse, as many employees have sensed her presence in the form of a pungent burning odor. She was literally burned during her electrocution, and it is this horrifying tale that has bestowed upon this courthouse the reputation of being one of the most haunted places in America.

Calcasieu Courthouse, Louisiana

4. RMS Queen Mary, California

A Vessel That Serves As The Epicenter Of The Departed

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RMS Queen Mary, California

Wrecking the lives of numerous individuals, this ship has most certainly not sailed for an extended period of time. From a war vessel in the Second World War to an extravagant ocean liner, this ship has served various purposes other than causing the demise of a sailor who was literally crushed to death by the engine room’s door. Moored on the Long Beach of California and being one of the most haunted places in America, the ship has also claimed the lives of many children in the pool of death. While the presence of the ghosts is strongly felt by most of the guests, the engine room in particular is considered to be the center of paranormal activity.

3. Hotel Monte Vista, Arizona

A Hotel Of Uninvited Supernatural Visitors

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Hotel Monte Vista, Arizona

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A renowned hotel situated in the heart of Flagstaff also happens to be one of the foremost haunted residences in America. From a man hanging uncooked meat on the chandeliers to the specters of two women smothering men during their slumber, this hotel has witnessed all the horrors that one could possibly envision. Moreover, there is also the ghost of an infant who continually keeps the hotel staff on edge with unsettling cries throughout the night, and thus far, no one (unless you plan to attempt it) has been able to cease the baby from weeping. Consequently, the terror persists, tormenting the guests of this hotel.

2. Villisca Axe Murder House, Iowa

A Location Of Eight Ruthless Killings, All at Once

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Villisca Axe Murder House, Iowa

The strength and potency of the unidentified entities and paranormal phenomenon is so intense that a visitor was reported to have self-inflicted stab wounds during a ghost tour at the chilling Villisca Axe Murder House in Iowa. Enveloped by the haunting presence of the eight individuals who were brutally murdered on the premises, this is regarded as one of the most malevolently haunted residences in the United States. During an incident that took place in June 1912, all six members of the Moore family along with two guests who were visiting them that night were discovered drenched in their own blood by the authorities. Two adults, four children, and two young visitors had sustained grievous injuries from an axe, and what exacerbates the situation is that the case remains unsolved to this day. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

1. Trans-Allegheny Asylum, West Virginia

A Sanctuary Of The Insane Within The Constricted Walls

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Trans-Allegheny Asylum, West Virginia

Are you one of those who keep whining that you lack your own personal area? Well, you won’t be complaining anymore after discovering how a facility for psychopaths in Weston, housed 2400 patients in a building that could only accommodate 250 patients. Needless to say, the overcrowding not only resulted in a shortage of space, but also led to brutal conditions that forced the most extreme patients to be confined in one of the most spooky locations in America. While the patients lost control of their violent actions, which ranged from assaulting the staff to setting the premises ablaze, this institution claimed the lives of many before its closure in the early 90s.

Being one of its kind and each one having an unsettling past, you are more than welcome to test your bravery (if you dare) at these most haunted locations in America. And when you return, feel free to share your experiences with us!

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How can travelers explore the Gettysburg battlefield?

Some of the top activities for travelers to enjoy at the Gettysburg battlefield include: 1. Familiarize yourself with the Museum 2. Take a guided tour of the battlefield 3. Visit the historic buildings 4. Take a leisurely walk in downtown 5. Delight in exquisite culinary offerings.

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