The Definitive Manual for Exploring Thailand’s Khao Phenom Bencha National Park

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Situated near the renowned island resort town of Krabi in Thailand, Khao Phenom Bencha National Park is one of the prominent national parks in the country. The park area also encompasses the highest summit in the region, on which the park derives its name. This park is a favored destination among tourists because of its waterfalls, caverns, and the hiking narratives through the mountains. Although positioned just north of Krabi Town, the entry point and the visitor center are situated 27 km away from the Town.

About Khao Phenom Bencha National Park

About Khao Phenom Bencha National Park

Khao Phenom Bencha National Park

Spanning across an expanse of 50 sq km, this is one of the major biodiversity parks in the region. Situated on the northern edge of the renowned resort Island of Krabi, the national park is a significant tourist attraction. Despite the park’s location just north of the town, the entrance is positioned approximately 27 km away from the town. Celebrated for its natural marvels, this park has it all – whether it be waterfalls, caverns, hiking trails.

Acclaimed for its copious biodiversity, the national park boasts a flourishing presence of flora and fauna.

Best Time To Visit Khao Phenom Bencha National Park

How to Get To Khao Phenom Bencha National Park

The optimal period to explore the National Park is during the months from October to March. Despite the region experiencing precipitation throughout the year, the climate during this time of the year is less muggy and damp due to the coolness of the winters. The park is accessible every day from 8 am to 4 pm. It is recommended to allocate 2-3 hours for a gratifying visit to the park.

How to Reach Khao Phenom Bencha National Park

Places to Stay Near Khao Phenom Bencha National Park

You can access Khao Phenom Bencha National Park by air, water, and road.

By Air: The nearest airport is Krabi International Airport, where you can disembark and rent a car. Please note that there is no transportation service to the park, so you must make your own arrangements.

By Water: The closest harbor is in Krabi, and you can reach the national park using available means of transportation.

By Road: Take the I-4 road from Krabi town and turn right onto Uttarakit Road, which runs alongside the river in Krabi Town. Continue past Krabi Airport until you reach a town called Nuea Klong. Make a left turn and continue on the main road until you see the tourism board sign for the National Park.

Doghouse Trail

Places to Stay Near Khao Phenom Bencha National Park

To enhance your experience at the park, it is recommended that you spend at least one night inside or near the park. As one of the popular destinations in the region and Southern Thailand, the park offers various accommodation options. Here are a few of them:

1. Khao Phenom Bencha Mountain Resort

Location: 42/2 Krabi noi Moo.7, Krabi, Thailand

2. Passook Resort

3. Krabi Pitta House

Activities to Engage In at Khao Phenom Bencha National Park

Khau Pheung Cave

There numerous captivating pursuits that you can undertake at Khao Phenom Bencha National Park, Krabi, Thailand. These endeavors will only heighten your overall experience of visiting the location. Some of the activities include:

1. Doghouse Trail: Embark on a Trek

Two primary trails traverse through the national park. Although both follow a circular route and commence from the same point, one presents a more challenging terrain while the other is easier. The simpler and shorter trail is referred to as the Doghouse trail. It is recommended exclusively for individuals who are prepared with all the fundamental necessities.

2. Khau Pheung Cave: Embark on a Tour

A remarkably spacious cavern, Khau Pheung Cave is inhabited by numerous stalagmites and stalactites and situated merely 2km from the park vicinity. Bats, frogs, and geckos freely roam within the confines of this cave, but they pose no threat. This cavern is conveniently accessible, and it is advisable to enlist the services of a guide if you intend to venture inside.

National Parks are among the most exquisite locations to visit across the globe and should be conserved at all expenses. Remember to make a mental note to include Khao Phenom Bencha National Park in your itinerary the next time you travel to Thailand.

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