The Deadliest Hike on Mount Huashan

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Mount Huashan – the most perilous trek challenges even the boldest thrill-seekers to embark on a death-defying and exhilarating escapade.

It comprises sections of treacherous steps, steep peaks, unstable planks, and clumsy iron steps that do their utmost to diminish the spirit. No matter how robust, fit, and audacious, be prepared to feel slightly (and we are seriously downplaying) lightheaded as you gaze downwards from an elevation of 7080 feet, with nothing reassuring to clutch onto.

Mount Huashan Blends Beauty With Fear

Mount Huashan is one of the five Majestic Mountains in China. Besides being perilous, it is home to some exquisite villages and individuals. Unfortunately, you won’t dare to glimpse at them while gripping onto a chain for dear life.

The dangerous blend of beauty with fear – Mount Huashan

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Though steep, the commencement of the expedition is quite exhilarating. The steps are daunting, but paradoxically they are considered to be the simplest segment of the journey. Simultaneously, the intimidating steps are scattered with thatched residences and villages that have emerged on the slope of the mountain.

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The stunning sunrise at Mount Huashan

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What makes Mt Huashan the most treacherous hike?

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Embark on the steep steps valiantly because this is the simplest Mount Huashan hike gets. Numerous monks and pilgrims have carved the trail of steps and planks for effortless accessibility to the sacred shrine. The trails were fortified after it gained popularity among adventure-seekers and tourists.

The heavenly dangerous stairs to the top of Mount Huashan

While trekking, you rely solely on your hands and concentration to stay safe. And on a pathway that has only toe-hole cutouts to ascend in certain places, it is a two-way passage.

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Toe holes and iron chains on Mount Huashan

Therefore, do only those with courage embark on the frightening Mount Huashan expedition?

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Well, several people undertake it for excitement and risk, but reliance may also serve as one motivation. The Taoist Temple at the summit has been sacred since the second century BCE and provides an extensive view of the valley and its magnificent heritage. However, this perilous hike remains just as challenging!

The dizzying display of height of Mount Huashan

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So what are the precautions?

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Preventive measures are accessible and are advised for everyone. Rent a safety harness for just 5 USD per person. Additionally, it is advisable to wear caps and a helmet, along with a pair of hiking gloves, which safeguard your hands from slipping.

Focus and harness are required to hike Mount Huashan

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The Itinerary and The Price

Mount Huashan is located 138 km away from Xian Xianyang Airport. Catch a bus or a train from there to reach Mount Huashan. The total duration of the hike is 3-5 hours. If you commence your journey in the morning, you can conveniently return by sunset.

The cost of the Mt Huashan hike is approximately 30 USD, depending on the month of the year. The ideal time to undertake this expedition is from April to October, when the weather is fairly pleasant.

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