The Clever Method a Lone Adventurer Used to Inform His Mother of His Safety left us in Stitches!

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To what extent will you go to notify your mother that you’re alright? Around the world far? Well, that is precisely what Jonathan Quiñonez accomplished.

Funny pics of solo traveler

Experiencing the full force of a tiring occupation as a consultant, Jonathan, who is without a spouse and essentially “Single”, made the decision to embark on a global journey using the savings he had amassed over the past years.

However, there was an issue. He was concerned that while traveling, his Mexican mother would excessively worry about his well-being and whereabouts, but little did he know, fate had better plans!

Jonathan found himself in Cuba and desired to communicate to his mother that he was okay. Unfortunately, the network was poor and he couldn’t reach her. So, he resolved to capture a photograph of himself holding a sign that read “Mom, I’m fine” and send it to her whenever he had a good network connection! It worked like magic!

Jonathan Quiñonez with a pizza saying i am fine

“Pizza is satisfactory, toppings are satisfactory, and I am as well, mom!”

After this successful attempt, Jonathan couldn’t be stopped and he commenced taking “Mom, I’m fine” photos at every destination he visited.

His mother was over the moon with her caring son, and the son himself was extremely gratified since his “Mom, I’m fine” photo series garnered him over 175,000 Instagram followers!

Jonathan Quiñonez at Tomorrowland with mom i am fine card

So, how has his journey been thus far? Well, let’s take a glimpse through the perspective of a loving son!

1. Belgium (Tomorrowland): Music is vitality, but so are you, Mom!

Jonathan Quiñonez ziplining in Peru upsidedown

2. Peru: If you are able to comprehend this, I solely want you to be aware that I am fine, Mom.

Jonathan Quiñonez and a crocodile in Mexico

3. Mexico: Time to sprint, but before that, I just wanna say, I ain’t afraid, Mother!

Jonathan Quiñonez at the Mexico beach

4. Mexico: Excellent from every angle, mom!

Jonathan Quiñonez at Machu Pichu in bolivia

5. Peru: Making humans hold hands to inform you I am extremely…remarkable, Mom!

Jonathan Quiñonez underwater with a Posiedon statue in Columbia

6. Columbia: Standing submerged with a Deity, but otherwise, feeling just splendid, Mom!

Jonathan Quiñonez taking a selfie with Camel

7. Capturing an amazing self-portrait with a camel because, why not? Mom!

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