The Best 12 Locations in New Jersey to Experience Thrilling Paragliding and Parasailing for an Exciting Vacation!

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If there is one solitary thing that has been the heart of human extravagance since ages, it is unquestionably flying. After experiencing the heights in the aircraft invented by Wright brothers, many desired to take it to an extraordinary level and experience something more akin to a flying bird. To implement this idea in our everyday lives, some genius devised the concepts of paragliding and parasailing. New Jersey is a fascinating and beautiful destination to explore. Despite the fact that the State has the most congested highways and railroads in the U.S, there is a plethora of open landscape and bodies of water to engage in paragliding and parasailing in New Jersey respectively. The Jersey coastline offers some breathtaking places to soar and discover from above.

If we go back like ten or twenty years from now, paragliding was not a very popular choice but now, a vast number of individuals are interested in it, and hence, the desire to undergo paragliding or parasailing training in New Jersey.

Top 12 Spots For Paragliding And Parasailing In New Jersey 

If you have a dream to conquer the skies, here is a list of top paragliding and parasailing locations in New Jersey to challenge the adventure enthusiast in you.

Blue Mountain

1. South Jersey 

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South Jersey is one of the premier destinations to indulge in paragliding. The south Jersey Paragliding school is renowned for not only tandem paragliding but also imparting safety and precautionary measures. The center here offers exceptional training for individuals to become pilots. For those who wish to experience free flights once they are thoroughly trained can definitely consider South Jersey Paragliding. 

Location: 231 Landing Street, Southampton Township, NJ 08088, USACost: Prices on requestService Provider: South Jersey Paragliding

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Rocky Point, New York 

2. Blue Mountain 

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Blue Mountain is a gem that encompasses the landscapes of New Jersey. The initiative to offer paragliding flights to Blue Mountain were taken by the Pennsylvania Paragliding in collaboration with the Little Gap club. Pennsylvania Paragliding is another one of the renowned training centers that can be found in New Jersey. Just envision gliding up high in the sky with deep valley, verdant greens, and clear azure skies as your vista. This panoramic view can only be witnessed around the Blue Mountain. Apart from paragliding, one can also partake in hang gliding when in New Jersey.

Place: 30 Tones of Death Rd, Great Meadows, NJ, 18038 United StatesExpense: Prices upon inquiryProvider: Pennsylvania Paragliding

Wildwood Crest

3.  Rocky Point, NY 

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Positioned just a few kilometers away from New Jersey is the most exquisite village located in Long Island. The spot was previously an operational location for an American radio corporation but now stands as one of the finest locations to experience paragliding around that vicinity. The vistas of transparent deep blue waters and the pale sandy shores accompanied by swaying trees is something that one tends to retain. 

Place: Long Island Expense: Not applicable Provider: GMI Paragliding School


4. Wildwood Crest

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Located in Cape May County, New Jersey, Wildwood Crest is truly a heavenly place. This place is simply remarkable for parasailing in New Jersey with pale sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Unspoiled nature and remarkable sights are the primary allure of Wildwood Crest. As a matter of fact, here, you can discover various parasailing sites and beaches. There, you can relish an offshore powerboat ride, parachuting, and ballooning.

Place: 502 W Rio Grande Ave, Wildwood, NJ 08260-1560Expense: $ 70Provider: Hang Loose Parasail

Sea Isle City

5. Ocean City

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The most widely recognized family resort of the state of New Jersey is the Ocean City. Many tourists are captivated by the famous boardwalk and the beaches in Ocean City. This appealing city can be visited in any season of the year. A variety of water activities are enjoyed by the visitors here, including jet skiing, parasailing, and more. Ocean City is renowned for its top-notch parasailing in New Jersey.

Location: 232 Bay Avenue, Ocean City, NJ 08226Cost: $ 45Service Provider: FlyOCNJ Parasail

6. Sea Isle City


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Sea Isle City is a renowned beach resort, where you can have a great time with your family. Sea Isle City seamlessly combines small-town allure with modern attractions. Now, just envision soaring high above the Atlantic, in a parachute while being pulled behind a speedboat. Additionally, each ride is supervised by the providers for a seamless, exhilarating ocean adventure.

Location: 86th Street, Sea Isle City, NJ 08243, USACost: $ 75Service Provider: Sea Isle Parasail Inc

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Cape May City Beach

7. Belmar

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Belmar is the natural origin of pristine beaches for travelers. In fact, this is an ideally situated destination in New Jersey. The Borough of Belmar ocean sides, as well as the boardwalk, are accessible year-round. The main highlight in Belmar is parasailing. Belmar attracts tourists throughout the year. This is a magnificent place to take a leap and soar.

Location: 608 River Road, Belmar, NJ 07719, USACost: $ 40Service Provider: Belmar Parasail

8. Cape May City Beach

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Outstanding restaurants offering exquisite wines, delightful classic jazz festivals, and a variety of special events throughout the year – these are the top characteristics of Cape May. Cape May, also known as the ‘Historic Victorian seaside gem,’ is the oldest resort and one of the most splendid locations in the world. The entire city is comprised of almost 600 well-preserved Victorian structures. Here, you can receive instruction from parasailing schools and enjoy an unforgettable aerial adventure.

Location: Beach Avenue, Cape May, NJ 08204

Cost: $ 70

Service Provider: East Coast Parasail

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