Thailand Honeymoon: 5 Enigmatic Activities Unveiled by Rohit

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If you’re planning a retreat to commence your wedded life on the correct note, there can be no better place than Thailand. The island possesses all the elements of a flawless tropical honeymoon. If you don’t believe us, let Rohit Sehrawat guide you through the top activities to engage in on a Thailand honeymoon based on his personal experience.

My spouse and I have a preference for sun-soaked beaches, azure-toned seas, fine-grained sand, and coastal resorts that are situated far away from the commotion of the metropolis. Which is why, Thailand appeared to be a logical choice. The concept of unwinding and relaxing in the Thai jungles was too enchanting to pass up. Once we were certain of our desired destination, we reached out to Fred and Fuzzys. Our travel representative ensured that we spent quality time together rather than excessively managing every aspect of our trip. We definitely couldn’t have planned our 6-day honeymoon in Thailand any better.

Particulars Of Our 6 Days Honeymoon In Thailand

Expense of Trip: INR 71,000Number of Individuals: 2Duration of Trip: 6 days and 5 nightsInclusions: English speaking chauffeur, sightseeing, tour of four islands, Phi Phi island tour, airfare, private taxi, breakfast, airport transfersExclusions: Visa charges, additional fees for honeymoon, national park charges, travel insurance, lunch, dinner, fees for video or camera permit, gratuities, laundry

Thailand 6 Days Honeymoon Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Krabi and free dayDay 2: Tour of Four IslandsDay 3: Free DayDay 4: Arrival in Phuket and sightseeingDay 5: Tour to Phi Phi IslandDay 6: Departure

relaxing on the white sandy beach

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spent some romantic time on the beachenjoying the walk on the beach

Climatic Conditions in Thailand

The climatic conditions in Thailand throughout May are ideal for a honeymoon. We were caught off-guard by occasional light drizzles, but the rain enhanced the atmosphere of love and celebration. There was a gentle breeze blowing all through the day and the nights were pleasantly cool as well. The sunlight was never excessively intense.

visited to Thailand for honeymoonmaking the loving memories

5 Romantic Activities To Engage In On A Thailand Honeymoon

After careful consideration, I have arrived at 5 activities to engage in on a Thailand honeymoon that will make your experience unforgettable. You can read them here:

1. Tour of Four Islands

One of the highlights of our journey was unwinding on the white sandy connection between Tap Island and Chicken Island during low tide. After a while, we left Chicken Island behind and arrived at Poda Island, where we indulged in sunbathing and romantic strolls on the shore. It is undoubtedly one of the finest activities to enjoy on a Thailand honeymoon.

amazing sunset view at the backfantastic city tourexplore the city at its bestleisurely meal

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exquisite experience

2. Phi Phi Island Tour

witness the nightlife of the city

We visited the ‘Three Beaches’ lookout point where we admired the stunning views of KataNoi, Kata, Karon, and Kho Pu Island. This lookout point is renowned as one of the most picturesque spots in Thailand. This tour provided us with an understanding of the highlights of the ‘Pearl of the Andaman’. It also included a leisurely drive from Phuket’s western coastline to Patong beach.

Patong Beach in Thailand

3. Safari World Tour

During our expedition, we assure you, we completely forgot that we are in a zoo in Bangkok. Safari Park is a paradise of wilderness and excitement. We encountered crocodiles, giraffes, and Koalas, as we ventured through the untamed pathways. It was an experience that we will treasure for the entirety of our existence.

unwinding the placewas a fun experienceon a safari tour

4. Discovering Phra Nang Cave

We made a stop at Phra Nang Cave to acquaint ourselves with the history of this sacred structure. We also came across awe-inspiring stalagmite and stalactite formations. It was an awe-inspiring spectacle to witness and we had to pinch ourselves to believe that what stood before us was real.

amusing experiencememories cherish throughout our liveshaving a meal

5. Exhilarating Water Activities

We tried various exhilarating water activities in Thailand. The experience was immensely invigorating and one-of-a-kind. Underwater, we completely let go of all our apprehensions and worries. The pleasant temperature of the sea water only enhanced our experience. Our guide provided us with valuable insights into Thailand’s marine life.

had a fun time on the beachenjoying the sun bath

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memories to cherish for foreverstalactite rocks on the beach

Our Accommodations In Thailand

We resided at Marina Express in Krabi. Their deluxe room resembled an artwork from the Renaissance era. The atmosphere of the hotel was delightful and the staff was welcoming. Later in Phuket, we settled at Casa Del M. The head chef prepared delectable Indian meals for us. We still yearn for them!

had an amazing time partner

Local Cuisine Of Thailand

During our stay at Krabi, we visited Temple Flower restaurant where we savored delectable Indian cuisine. From there, we took a leisurely walk to the Seven Eleven store where we indulged in local crisps. You might need assistance from the locals to comprehend the composition of a dish as the ingredients on packaged food are inscribed in the Thai language. We also relished mouth-watering South Indian fare at Madras Cafe in the local lanes of Krabi. Their dosas were extraordinary. We also sampled extraordinary Thai street food at Bangla street in Thailand, which is one of the most captivating activities to undertake on a honeymoon in Thailand.

sea water only enhanced our experiencehad an amazing experience under waterexciting water sports in Thailand

Local Markets In Thailand

Shopping in Thailand is one of the primary reasons why tourists flock to the island. The local markets in Thailand are inundated with beauty products and beach apparel. There are numerous items to purchase in Krabi and Phuket such as fragrant soaps and customized t-shirts, among other things. You will find a diverse range of products at these local markets.

This Couple’s Thailand Honeymoon Itinerary Demonstrates Why It’s The Ideal Paradise For Romance

Thailand Travel Suggestions For Couples

Here is a list of recommendations for traveling in Thailand as a couple, which I believe will assist you in avoiding mishaps and enjoying your vacation like experts while experiencing the aforementioned activities on your Thailand honeymoon:

1. If you are traveling with a travel agency, ensure that you wake up on time, otherwise you may end up missing breakfast or, even worse, your pickup could be canceled.

2. Always have sunscreen with you.

3. Keep a scarf or wrap readily available in case you plan to visit temples, as it is mandatory to cover your head within the premises.

4. Carry sufficient cash as not all places in Thailand accept online transactions.

5. Have a physical copy of your travel documents within reach.

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