Thailand: A Perfect Romantic Getaway for This Pair

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Travel is an essential part of our lives. My spouse and I, both employed in the IT Sector experience a great deal of busy schedules, but even so, we ensure that we embark on trips – as it is not only comforting for our spirits but also for our minds and bodies (we take at least 2 significant trips annually along with various weekend getaways).

Our intimate journey to Thailand also had a similar purpose, and let me inform you right from the start, it exceeded our expectations.

Thailand was an arbitrary selection for us. We hadn’t extensively researched about it, but when we got in touch with Fred and (recommended by my brother-in-law), we received a thorough overview of the destination that not only heightened our anticipation for our vacation but also allowed us to plan our trip as per our preferences.

Particulars of our romantic Thailand package:

alcazar show in pattaya

Duration: 4 Nights & 5 DaysPrice: INR 73,300Inclusions: Flights, Accommodation, Transfers, Breakfast, & SightseeingExclusions: Anything not mentioned in the itinerary and other personal expenses

pattaya watersports

Day 1: Pattaya – Love at first sight!

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Upon arrival at Bangkok Airport, we were warmly greeted by representatives from “Travelbulz” (our travel agency connected via Fred and Fuzzys) who provided us with a complimentary SIM card and assisted us with our transfer to Pattaya. Our accommodation in Pattaya was the “Golden Beach Hotel” where we received welcome drinks and were shown to our room. After freshening up, my spouse and I took a leisurely stroll along the beach. In the evening, our guide arrived to take us to the Alcazar show as planned. The show was extremely enjoyable, and after it ended, we went for another walk along the vibrant streets of the area. Overall, it was a well-spent day.

coral island tour in pattayacoral island beach tour

Day 2: Pattaya – Hand in hand with adventure and relaxation

This day was dedicated to adventure. Our guide took us on the renowned Coral Island tour via a speedboat. Our exhilarating experiences commenced with paragliding (which was utterly remarkable) and were followed by a Deep sea walk. As we descended beneath the sea, our excitement knew no bounds, but it was when we completely immersed ourselves that we truly comprehended the beauty that lay beneath. Apart from this, we also fed the fishes before proceeding to the Coral Island Beach. It was a pleasant beach, albeit slightly overcrowded. Capturing pictures here posed some difficulties due to the crowds, but we managed in the end. As promised, we were then taken back to the city for a complimentary Indian lunch.

bangkok sightseeingcoral island tour

Our final segment of the journey concluded at the Noong Noch park/village where we witnessed the traditional Thai spectacle. The performance was exquisite and replete with vibrant hues and luminosity. We even had the pleasure of encountering some majestic elephants and reveling in their company.

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Golden Buddha Temple viewGolden Buddha Temple visit

Subsequently, following a swift return to the hotel, we embarked on another excursion and treated ourselves to a delightful Thai Massage. Our preference was a foot massage, and it proved to be incredibly soothing.

bangkok safari world tripTemples of Bangkok

Day 3: Bangkok – The city with a generous spirit!

After partaking in a delectable breakfast, we checked out of our accommodation and made our way towards Bangkok. Upon reaching the city, we paid a visit to the renowned Golden Buddha Temple, an opulent palace, and a gallery of precious gemstones. Our sightseeing endeavors in Bangkok were pleasurable, after which we were transported to our new lodging, “Manhattan Hotel,” where we spent the remainder of our time.

safari world in bangkok

Day 4: Bangkok – Safari World & Chao Phraya River Cruise

safari world bangkok

Following a satisfying breakfast in the morning, our guide arrived and accompanied us on the Safari World expedition. Overall, this proved to be an extraordinary encounter and encompassed four highly memorable shows.

  • The Snow Lion Show
  • The Orangutan Show
  • The Dolphin Show
  • Stunt show

river cruise view in bangkok

In the evening, we were taken for one of the most unforgettable experiences of life, the Cruise on the Chao Phraya River. This cruise ride was a very pleasant and well-organized. From the deck, we could see the stunning Bangkok city, the palace, exquisite bridges, and many other points of interest. The buffet spread on the cruise was also extremely tasty and on top of that, there was Bollywood music and dancing. Needless to say, we had the time of our lives dancing and enjoying ourselves!

couple on a romantic trip to bangkokbangkok river cruise at nightsightseeing on the river cruise in bangkok

Day 5: We shall meet again, Bangkok!

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This was our final day and all that was left now was shopping and we went for it. We did a lot of shopping from the malls in the city after which we returned to our hotel, checked out, and were then, dropped off at the airport for our flight back to India.

Our romantic vacation to Thailand was an extraordinary one. We witnessed the finest of nature, adventure, and city life here and these experiences are now permanently etched in our hearts. A truly rejuvenating holiday, Thailand revitalized our minds, body, and spirit.

The highlights:

  • Dive in the Deep Sea
  • Cruise with Dinner
  • Stroll through the Streets of Pattaya
  • The amiable guides/locals
  • Pleasant hotel stay in Bangkok


  • No negative experiences encountered. The only thing was it was a very humid place.

Advice for future travelers:

  • Please consult with Fred and Fuzzys before booking any trip

Supratim and his wife had an incredible time exploring the wonders of Thailand. You too can experience the same with your partner. Simply choose a customizable romantic Thailand package and let us handle the planning.

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