Thailand: A Perfect Family Destination – Don’t Miss Out!

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Apurva Khemka discusses her journey to Thailand with her spouse Praveen and child Piyush. She recounts her experience in the island nation and elaborates on how this nation is ideal for all those young in spirit. She reserved her 6-day land and air bundle through Fred and Fuzzys which incorporated her flights, accommodations, sightseeing, and tours all for a cost of INR 86,000.

We were thrilled for our voyage to Thailand. My spouse and I wished to explore the nation for its nightlife, scenic allure, and also potentially because such a lively place might not be feasible later in our lives.

As frequent adventurers, we have journeyed to numerous destinations, with our most recent one being Europe. Thus, when we secured the 4-5 day hiatus during the festive season, we resolved to make the most of it.

Apurva in the lobby of her hotel in Phuket Thailand

Since my spouse already acquainted someone at Travel Triangle, our decision to try the platform was already predetermined and boy, we were not let down! Once we provided the requisite particulars, suitable travel schedules and price estimates matching our preferences were dispatched to us. After selecting the finest travel package for Thailand, we were prepared to relax in the island nation. My spouse, myself, and our 2-year-old child, Piyush.

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Apurva on a bike with her family near Karon Beach Phuket

Day 1: Phuket – Traveling in pursuit of beauty

The initial day was spent on traveling since we boarded the flight in the afternoon (Kolkatta) and arrived in Thailand (Phuket) at night. As it was late, we decided to roam the streets before retiring for the night.

Day 2: Phuket – Exploring the city on a rented bike

This turned out to be one of the most exceptional days of the journey. The agent had scheduled a visit to a shopping plaza, but we chose to forgo it and instead explore the city. Hence, we acquired a rented bike and embarked on a quest to discover new locales. We stumbled upon the Karon beach and spent a significant amount of time there, immersing ourselves in Thailand’s allure and inhaling its invigorating air. It was a delightful deviation from the ordinary routine. Independently exploring instilled in us a feeling of liberation that we seldom encounter in prearranged vacations.

Apurva with her son in Phi Phi Island Thailand

Later, it commenced raining and we were now anxiously searching for umbrellas. Reflecting on that time, I find it all to be a part of a larger scheme, one which desired us to have a marvelous time.

To our great pleasure, we also managed to discover a pleasant vegetarian restaurant and relish its delectable cuisine.

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Apurva and her family posing for the camera

Day 3: Phuket – Exploring the Phi Phi Island

The third day was the Phi Phi Island excursion via cruise. This island, to put it simply, was absolutely incredible. There were a plethora of aqua activities and the buffet planned for us was excellent. We thoroughly relished the entire tropical vibe and the picturesque elegance of the island was a visual delight.

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Apurva on the beach with her son Piyush

Day 4: Pattaya – Hotel relaxing

The fourth day mostly revolved around travel, as we were transferred to Pattaya. After checking into our hotel, we proceeded to the pool area and had a wonderful time there.

Later, my spouse took me out to an affectionate candlelight dinner beneath the trees and it was surpassingly flawless. I will always cherish this dinner, for it was a blissful encounter.

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Apurva doing Parasailing in Coral Island

Day 5: Coral Island, Pattaya – Ascending above the world so high

The fifth day was one of the most thrilling days of the journey as it involved a multitude of enjoyable activities. The Coral Island excursion was awe-inspiring, offering a wide array of activities like parasailing, paragliding, and snorkeling among others. I experienced parasailing and it was an extraordinary experience for me. The entirety of Pattaya was visible from above and it was a magical, once in a lifetime encounter! We decided to reserve snorkeling for Maldives as we also have plans to visit there in the future.

Apurva and family on the cruise to Coral Island Bangkok

Coral Island was packed but pleasant. There was music, amusement and merriment occurring all around and it was at this moment that my son Piyush began to dance to the popular songs playing there. He amused the entire crowd with his dancing abilities.

Apurva and family on a cruise

The water in the Coral Island was utterly azure and I will never forget the vista.

We were transported back to Pattaya in a high-speed boat but before going to the hotel, my spouse and I got ourselves a tattoo. A lasting memento of the enjoyable moments we shared! The ink of affection.

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Day 6: Returning

We departed from the hotel early in the morning and were transported to the airport for our homeward flight to India.

Piyush on the beach in Coral Island

Thailand was an enchanting experience for me and my family. It was a fun-filled destination that provided me with so much to explore. The memories that we formed with each other will forever remain in my heart and its reminder shall always be there on our skins. The impeccable vacation!

Highlights – Hospitable individuals, commendable culture, picturesque islands, water sports activities, and fantastic ambiance.

Lowlights – Whilst on the cruise to Phi Phi Island, we were not informed about the events on the deck.

Suggestions for future travelers – An ideal place for all those young at heart. Besides capturing images, ensure you live in the moment and relish every aspect of the destinations you visit.

Thailand Renounces Visa-On-Arrival Fee For Indians. Dear Travelers, Get Packing!

Experience thrill like never before. Thailand as many assume is not only about indulging in opulence or simply rejuvenating at spas but also about amusement and adventure. Discover the captivating destination with these customizable alternatives and reserve your getaway to Thailand with Fred and Fuzzys.

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