Tampa’s Top 15 Must-Do Activities: Creating Lasting Memories for Your 2023 Getaway in Florida’s Cigar City

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Tampa is the top destination for having a fantastic time. Whether you are a family or a couple seeking some private relaxation, this is the perfect place for you to visit. Also known as the ‘Cigar city’, Tampa was established by cigar manufacturers and is renowned for its stunning beaches. With a variety of activities to offer in its hot climate, there is an ideal vacation waiting for you in the beautiful paradise of Tampa, where you can also find the world’s largest Spanish restaurant! So why wait?

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the things to do in Tampa for more than just a blissful vacation with your friends!

Top Activities in Tampa

Whether you are taking your family on a summer getaway or enjoying a romantic trip with your partner, you will undoubtedly have a great time. Here are 15 activities in Tampa that you should definitely try!

1. Tampa Museum Of Art

Museum houses

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This is one of the main tourist attractions in Tampa, established in 1989. It is known for collecting, preserving, and curating over 5,000 valuable artifacts from various origins and types. The museum houses, as mentioned earlier, a collection of more than 5,000 artworks by different artists. It serves as an educational treasure trove for those who wish to enhance their knowledge academically. Visitors come to this museum to learn, and as a tourist, this is a place you can visit. They also offer a variety of workshops, lectures, and conferences.

You can visit this museum to gain a deeper understanding of art, even if you are not an art enthusiast. You may just discover something new!

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2. Riverwalk

beautiful water fountains

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The Riverwalk in Tampa is a pathway where its river flows alongside stunning water fountains and other captivating destinations to explore. The main highlight is the Aquarium, Channelside Bay Plaza, a World War II American Ship, and other noteworthy attractions. This tourist spot is incredibly ideal for a romantic outing, and even if you’re single, it’s still a perfect place to visit. Who knows, you might just encounter that special someone. For detailed reservations on hotels and more, please contact your travel guide.

aquatic-habitat animals and plants

3. Tampa Aquarium

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This Aquarium houses over 20,000 diverse aquatic-habitat creatures and plants. Moreover, it hosts animals from around the globe. The interactive sessions held at the Aquarium provide an immersive experience, including a display of aquatic life behind glass shields and wetlands. There’s also a Stingray Beach. Visitors who have been to the aquarium before can even dive with sharks and swim with fishes. Outdoor activities are available as well, such as a pirate ship where children can enjoy playing, not to mention the opportunity to partake in cannon shooting and many other engaging activities.

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mountain climbing, canoeing

4. Not A Clue Adventures

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At Not a Clue Adventures, a variety of activities are organized under the supervision of experienced guides. You can engage in various thrilling endeavors such as mountain climbing, canoeing, and other exciting adventures. Camping is also available, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. If you have a taste for adrenaline, you will surely love this place.

Tampa waterways

5. Waterbike

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The Tampa aqua company provides you with an entirely new experience of the Tampa water bodies. Aqua bicycles offer you that moist and dry encounter while aqua biking. It’s like riding a vessel like a bicycle that is suitable for individuals of all age groups and keeps you dry. You can go around and utilize some of their hands-free items like, vessels or you could just take a cruise around. They can be leased on the basis of time and on special occasions. So, when are you planning to visit Tampa in the United States of America for an enjoyable experience like this?

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Painting with a Twist

6. Artistry With A Twist

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Enjoy painting with a variation, there is a place called “Artistry with a Twist” this place provides a fantastic way to have fun, socialize with and meet new individuals and make friends while you learn how to paint in a peaceful atmosphere. You can obtain proper and guided painting instructions from local artists while you have drinks and also create a personal and distinct masterpiece from various paintings.

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7. Busch Gardens

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Busch Gardens is recognized as one of the most visited amusement and enjoyment locations worldwide. This is a fantastic spot for amusement, featuring a variety of park favorites, tours, and rides that are certain to offer you that excitement. They also boast animal attractions like bird gardens. You can also unwind and rejuvenate at any of the cafes and bars that operate around the clock for your delight, naturally.

amusement and fun spot on the planetTTmain-logo.png

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8. Tampa Zoo

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For individuals who adore animals and would relish the opportunity to observe animals that you’ve only read about but never actually seen, this is the finest field trip or visit you’ll ever experience. At Tampa’s small zoo, there are numerous captivating animals. They consistently present a wide array of fascinating exhibits and yearly events such as the annual Halloween celebration and an intriguing 5k course that passes through the zoo and along the river. This tourist attraction is exceptionally tidy and well-organized.

Tampa’s little zoo

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9. Rock Beach

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The Indian Rock beach is less crowded and the ideal spot for enjoying a peaceful time. It is situated in the vicinity of St. Petersburg/Clearwater area, and most of the visitors would prefer the more popular choices in the area but the beach provides that delightful, utterly splendid white sand, and enjoyable waves. If you are a beach enthusiast, then you should definitely head to this beach and spend a marvelous time.

perfect spot for having a quiet time

10. Cuban Sandwich

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If you visit Tampa and do not try the renowned Cuban Sandwich, you are missing out on something substantial. Florida is the place where Cuban Sandwich originated and Tampa is one of the top destinations for savoring it. Food enthusiasts from all over the world come to sample this scrumptious sandwich. You can easily find this sandwich at cafes, kiosks, and food trucks in Tampa because of its popularity. Trust us, the Cuban Sandwich in Tampa will exceed your expectations.

cuban sandwich

11.Tampa Bay Brewing Company

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Do you love beer? If yes, then you should definitely visit Tampa Bay Brewing Company where you will have the opportunity to taste the finest craft ale. Tampa has a significant demand for custom-made beers and if you want to immerse yourself in the experience, then you should include this place in your itinerary. It was established in 1995 and has been offering microbrews to the people of Tampa. Indulge in a variety of locally brewed beers and have a fantastic time. It is unquestionably one of the enjoyable activities to do in Tampa during the evening.


12. Tampa Bay History Centre

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If you wish to learn more about the history of Tampa, then you should certainly visit Tampa Bay History Centre. In this place, you will find shops and arcade which is why it is always filled with people. From the early days of European exploration in America to the arrival of Spanish conquistadores, let the pages of history books unfold. The place also offers temporary exhibitions portraying modern archaeology and historical research. It is one of the most distinctive activities to do in Tampa.

museum in tampa

13. Large Feline Rescue

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Do you adore untamed cats? If yes, spend a day observing cats of all magnitudes at Big Cat Rescue, which also includes tigers. These creatures have been saved from circuses and zoos. Take a complete day visit to the sanctuary and witness lions, leopards, tigers, and bobcats joyfully existing in their natural environment. They also offer a registration program that you could enroll in. You might even relish a nighttime adventure. It is absolutely one of the enjoyable activities to do in tampa.

bell cat

14. Dolphin Excursion

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Who doesn’t appreciate dolphins? They are adorable, intelligent, and so lovable. Observe them frolicking in the water at Tampa Bay and have a thrilling day by the waters. If you have never encountered dolphins in their natural habitat, then this will be your exclusive chance to explore the aquatic life in Tampa. Simply get aboard a catamaran, take a ride on the waters, and spot charming dolphins.

jumping dolphin

15. Adventure Island Water Park

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If the Tampa heat becomes overwhelming for you, then head to the Adventure Island Water Park to cool off. The park features a tropical theme with lagoons designed like the bayous of the Deep South. The slides within the park are inspired by the remote regions of Florida and you will also discover man-made beaches. This park is a heavenly retreat. If you are accompanied by your partner, then spending a day in this park could be one of the most affectionate activities to do in Tampa that you could engage in. Consider it as a pleasurable date!

advenure ride

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Tampa is an extraordinary destination to explore and it’s certain to offer you an entirely new experience as a traveler. Are you prepared to plan your next journey to this captivating place yet? Reserve your trip to USA to have an unforgettable time in Tampa!

Frequently Asked Questions about Activities in Tampa

What are the most popular activities to do in Tampa with children?

While there are numerous family-friendly endeavors you can partake in Tampa, some of the highly recommended ones are a visit to the Museum of Science & Industry, exploring the Dinosaur World, taking a ride on the Coast Bike Share, visiting the Adventure Island, and trying your skills at Topgolf Tampa.

What are the top attractions to visit in Tampa?

If you are planning a sightseeing expedition, some of the must-visit attractions are Tampa Zoo, Florida Aquarium, Henry B Plant Museum, Tampa Theater, Glazer Children’s Museum, and Sunshine Skyway.

How can I spend 3 days in Tampa?

The best way to spend three days would be to divide your time between sightseeing, fishing, island hopping, going on a cruise, and dedicating one day to exploring various bars and restaurants to savor Tampa’s culinary scene.

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