Spectacular Waterfalls Across New Jersey That Will Captivate You!

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New Jersey is renowned for its splendid landscape, affluent history, and charming beachside boardwalks. Throughout the years, this city has progressively ascended to the pinnacle of popular tourist destinations in the United States. However, what sets it apart from the rest are the extensive assortment of cascades that grace its surroundings. Numerous waterfalls are scattered throughout the city, each more magnificent than the last. If you have been contemplating the idea of visiting the breathtaking waterfalls in New Jersey, rest assured that we have an array of exceptional options for you.

Top 10 Waterfalls In New Jersey

Discover the finest, exquisite, and concealed waterfalls in New Jersey that are still relatively unknown to many!

1. Paterson Great Falls2. Ramapo Falls3. Boonton Falls4. Otter Hole5. Wyanokie Falls6. Stony Brook Falls7. Buttermilk Falls8. Tillman Falls9. Van Campen Glen Falls10. Laurel Falls

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1. Paterson Great Falls

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Every visitor to New Jersey inevitably encounters the awe-inspiring range of the majestic Passaic River. In Paterson, the Passaic River cascades downwards, carving its way through the clefts of rocks and boulders formed in the bedrock. These remarkable features date back to the ice age. Paterson Great Falls ranks as the second largest waterfall east of the Mississippi River in terms of volume. Due to its forceful flow and splendorous spray, it does not offer feasible hiking trails. Location: 72 McBride Ave, Paterson, NJ 07522, USAHow to get there: Given the absence of hiking trails, the most practical option is to find nearby parking and seek out an overlook.

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Boonton Falls

2. Ramapo Falls

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When in New Jersey and if you pay a visit to Mahwah, you cannot miss out on the Ramapo Falls at the Ramapo Valley Reservation. Unlike other waterfalls, this stream is not very intense. From the MacMillan Reservoir to the Ramapo River, you will witness a small but steady flow of water. Most tourists who visit this beautiful waterfall in New Jersey choose to hike along the Vista Loop trail, which offers breathtaking scenic views.

Location: Wanaque, NJ 07465, USA

How to get there: Enter through the Ramapo Valley Corporation at the US 202 in Mahwah. Hike through the Vista Loop marked with yellow blazes for guidance.

Otter Hole

3. Boonton Falls

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When it comes to enchanting waterfalls in New Jersey, the Boonton Falls definitely deserve a spot on the list. Situated in the western part of Paterson, Morris Country, these falls attract a crowd of enthusiastic tourists. The majestic Rockaway River flowing through the town is adorned with the graceful flow of the Boonton Falls. It is located in Grace Lord Park.

Location: Boonton, NJ 07005, USA

How to get there: Take a stroll through the eastern bank of Grace Lord Park to enjoy the scenic views and take an easy trek to the destination.

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4. Otter Hole

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Otter Hole is another notable waterfall in New Jersey that lives up to its intriguing name. Situated in the southern section of Norvin Green State Forest, this waterfall is a favorite among both tourists and locals. It is relatively gentle and conveniently close to the parking area. Downstream from Otter Hole, you will find another popular attraction among travelers, the Chikahoki Falls.

Location: Norvin Green State Forest, New Jersey

How to get there: Park your car near the parking lot where Otterhole Road becomes Glenwild Avenue. Follow the Highlands Trail marked with blue blazes to reach your destination.

5. Wyanokie Falls

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Next on the list of the fantastic waterfalls in New Jersey is the Wyanokie Falls. This is situated in the western part of the Ramapo Valley Conservation emphasized in the Norvin Green State Forest. It is also recognized for showcasing some of the most famous waterfalls, particularly in the southern part. Derived from its name, the Wyanokie Falls cascade down the Blue Mine Brook which they further flow downstream to join with the Wanaque Reservoir.Area: Wanaque, NJ 07465, USAHow to reach: Trek through the New Weis Centre located in the Ringwood. Follow the following sequence, from the Otter Hole Trail to the Mine Trail and finally to the Roomy Mine Trail to reach your destination.

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