Sparkling June: Your Enchanting Vacation Guide to Italy

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Italy occurs to be one of the most popular tourist destinations and requires no introduction. The month of June is one of the best periods to visit this captivating country. Italy in June is full of stunning natural beauty including the heavenly mountain range, sea shores and beautiful canals. Home to renaissance, Italy has a robust cultural heritage and June is the best period to explore the magnificent Italian architecture, art and its fabulous Roman history.

Read on to get your questions answered about your vacation to the land of Pizza. We hope that this guide serves as a foundation for your next European trip!

Festa della Repubblica

Climate In Italy In June

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June marks the beginning of the summer season in Italy. And summers in Italy are quite pleasant, a break from the harsh cold and a period of beautiful sunshine. This makes it an ideal time to visit Italy and therefore it is also a peak tourist month. The temperature ranges from 13 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. South Italy is hotter than the northern regions of the country.

Here are top annual celebrations that make visiting Italy so incredibly special in the month of June. If you are planning to visit Italy in June then make sure you experience at least a few of the following extravagance.

Verona's Annual Summer Opera

1. Festa della Repubblica

This is one of the largest national festivals in Italy. On this day in the nineteenth century the country was declared a republic. You would see great celebrations – loads of fireworks and parades throughout Italy. This is also a national holiday. This day is celebrated on 2nd June every year.

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2. Verona’s Annual Summer Opera

Patron Saint Feast Day

This is the largest opera festival of Italy that takes place annually in June in the historic Italian city of Verona. What makes this festival a magnificent one is its venue – Arena De Verona – a historic ancient architectural marvel which is an open amphitheater with a seating capacity of more than thirty thousand. This festival witnesses some of the best opera stars from all over the world participating in this vibrant extravaganza.

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3. Guardian Angel Feast Day

Festival Of The Two Worlds

This is an annual celebration that occurs in Rome on 29th June each year. This yearly celebration is for St Peter and St Paul – Rome’s two guardian angels. The grand celebration takes place around St Peter and Paul’s basilicas in Rome. It is a public holiday in Rome. There are similar guardian angel feast celebrations in June in other cities of Italy – Florence, Genoa and Turin.

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4. Festival Of The Two Worlds

This is a musical extravaganza that takes place annually starting in June each year in Italy. The astonishing festival sees many grand performances from some of the world’s best artists. Performances include music, theater, dance, opera and concerts. It happens in Spoleto which is a small town in Italy close to Rome.

Rome city

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Here are top places to visit in Italy in June for a beautiful and awesome vacation time:

1. Rome

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The capital of Italy was also the capital of the former Roman empire. The city has been a major center during the Renaissance period and one can find countless number of architectural marvels of that time. One of the best cities to explore the renaissance architecture and sturdy ancient cultural heritage.

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2. Tuscany

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The Tuscany region in Italy is simply out of this world. This divine region is filled with heavenly hills, captivating natural greenery, stunning vineyards and olive groves. Tuscany is home to the renowned hill station – Florence. It is also the location of the awe-inspiring Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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3. Venice

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Venice is one of the most splendid cities in Italy. A very distinctive city, it is constructed over a lagoon and comprises of 118 small diverse islands connected by bridges and canals. It has gained a reputation as one of the most romantic cities in the world. The stunning and adorable waterways make it an absolute must-visit attraction.

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4. Pompeii

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Amalfi Coast

This is a historical city from the former Roman empire. The city is believed to have been buried under volcanic ash for over 1700 years. This marvelous city, which was unearthed in the 18th century, is a magnificent example of Roman architecture. It is one of the top destinations to visit if you wish to learn about the great Roman civilization.

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5. Amalfi Coast

Go Hiking At Mount Vesuvius

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This coastal region is located in the Campania region of Italy. The Amalfi Coast is popular among tourists because of its enchanting beauty. This picturesque and exquisite coastline is home to sparkling resorts, villas, lemon tree gardens, and breathtaking beaches. For an authentic beach vacation experience, Amalfi is the place to be. What’s even more enticing are the exciting range of sports activities available at your disposal. Don’t miss out on the wonders of Amalfi, visit today!

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If you want to make the most of your vacation, then here are a few things to attempt while holidaying in Italy in the month of June:

Experience Cinque Terre

1. Go Hiking At Mount Vesuvius

This is one of the most renowned mountains in all of Europe. Renowned for its past active volcano currently volcano isn’t active and it is considered safe for the climbers. Lots of hiking enthusiasts visit the mountain and get fascinated by its craters and marvelous beauty. June is the ideal time to climb this astonishing mountain.

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2. Visit Cinque Terre

Try Out Pizza At Naples

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This is an extraordinary national park which is also a UNESCO world heritage site. The area is well-known for its five distinct villages that are located at the hill tops here. It offers a stunning experience of Italian village culture and awe-inspiring natural beauty. Get prepared to enjoy a vacation full of surprises and anticipate the best time of your life here.

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3. Try Out Pizza At Naples

Toss A Good Luck Coin At Trevi Fountain

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Italian pizzas are globally renowned and you can experience the best of the authentic Italian flavor in Naples. There are numerous sparkling pizza outlets and eateries all over in the city. Naples is undoubtedly the pizza hub of the world. Taste the origins, the very basics, where you get the authenticity and experience like no other place on the planet. While you are there and have sufficient time, you can also enroll yourself in Nanna’s cooking classes popular across the country.

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4. Throw A Lucky Coin At Trevi Fountain

Take A Boat Ride At Lake Como

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Trevi fountain in Rome is renowned for its ancient practice of tossing a coin here. Tossing coins is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity. This is a glistening fountain and a remarkable piece of architecture. A splendid and globally renowned location for you to explore an authentic European atmosphere. You experience the ambiance of the ancient civilizations that this place is a part of. The monuments, the things you see, the buildings, and streets remind you of those times.

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5. Embark On A Boat Journey At Lake Como

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Lake Como offers a blissful boat trip particularly in summers – when the sun is shining, the surrounding mountains are adorned with beautiful greenery, and the shimmering waters of the lake make it picturesque. Lake Como is situated in Lombardy and is incredibly vast. You can spend an entire day here enjoying your journey, savoring some delicious Italian meals at the lakeside restaurants, and spending some time on the streets to get an overall impression of the luxurious beauty.

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Italy is a stunning and exquisite tourist destination. Exploring this country in the month of June is special because of its vibrant weather and the onset of peak tourist season. Now you know how thrilling a visit to Italy in June is going to be, why not organize your trip to this astonishing destination right away?

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Frequently Asked Question About Traveling To Italy In June

Is there a need for an AC in hotel rooms in Italy in June?

Yes. Generally, it is quite pleasant in June but sometimes it can get a bit hot. It is advisable to stay in a hotel where AC is available.

Is it cheaper to travel to Italy in June?

No. As this is the peak tourist season and the major tourist destinations in Italy see a large crowd of locals and foreigners, it gets slightly more expensive in June.

How far is Cinque Terre from Rome?

Cinque Terre is approximately 450 km away from Rome. A road trip may take around 5 hours to reach Cinque Terre from Rome.

Can one wear shorts/skirts in Rome churches in June?

Avoid wearing shorts or skirts when visiting churches in Rome or Vatican City.

Is Rome crowded in June?

Yes, it is slightly crowded in Rome and other tourist places in Italy in June as the peak season begins. However, June is still less crowded compared to July and August.


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