Singapore’s Top 15 Breathtaking Beaches: A Paradise for Beach Enthusiasts

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Beach enthusiasts is a vast community – they thrive on beach excursions for cerulean water and rustling foliage revitalize them; sandy beds and sun-tan recliners entice them, and beach gatherings and beach sports captivate them. And believe us, if you are a beach enthusiast, the supreme beaches in Singapore will entice you all year round. Particularly during November to early March, when the climate is exceptional for swimming, adventure sports, and beach games.

Speaking of Singapore’s well-liked beaches, they can be divided into two main groups – one, the beaches of Sentosa Island; and two, the east coast beaches. Both groups are untarnished, but Sentosa is more vibrant due to its immense popularity. These Singapore beaches are great for swimming and enjoyable activities, but if you are seeking some solitary relaxation and laid-back camping fun, beaches on the eastern coast of Singapore are a better choice. Take a quick look at all the stunning beaches in Singapore if you wish to spend some time by the ocean in this island nation:

15 Finest Beaches In Singapore On Sentosa Island

Below are a few of the top beaches in Singapore if you desire to lounge around by the beach and have a splendid time under the sun. All of these are exceptional attractions in Sentosa Island that make it so alluring for travelers.

  • Palawan Beach – The Perfect Beach
  • Siloso Beach – A Vibrant Beach
  • Tanjong Beach – The Party Hangout
  • Changi Beach – A Tropical Beach
  • Punggol Beach – An Offbeat Beach
  • Kusu Island – The Unexplored Beaches
  • Lazarus Island – Premier Beaches In Singapore
  • Pulau Ubin – Secluded Beaches
  • Pasir Ris Beach – The Famous Picnic Spot
  • East Coast Park – A Themed Beach Park
  • Sembawang Park – For Barbeque Evenings
  • Coney Island – The Cleanest Of All
  • St John’s Island – The Hidden Beach
  • Sisters Island – The Twin Beach
  • Pulau Hantu Island – The Ghost Islands

Stunning view of Palawan Beach, one of the best beaches to visit in Singapore

1. Palawan Beach – The Perfect Beach

Palawan Beach is situated in the heart of Sentosa and is also known as Sentosa beach. Palawan beach has swaying palm trees, glistening white sand, expanses of azure water and bustling beach bars. A fun zone, Port of Lost Wonder is themed around the pirate world, and is popular among kids and adults alike. The place is complete with a rope bridge, a few wooden beam towers, a pirate ship, and numerous treasure chests. This is the premier beach in Singapore for swimming or even just lounging lazily.

Things to do: Relax by the beach, partake in water sports, capture photographsTourist attractions: Pirate-themed water park, Port of the Lost World; and crystal clear water.Facilities available: Beach bars in cabana style, beach shelters, play area, souvenir shops, and restaurants.Best time to visit: February and MarchHow to reach: It can be easily accessed by any public transport in the city. One can take the Sentosa Express from Vivocity Level 3 and then take the blue line to reach Palawan.

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Siloso Beach_24th oct

2. Siloso Beach – A Vibrant Seashore

Picture Source

Siloso Beach is one of the most famous open-air seashores in Singapore. Always bustling with activities, there is never a boring moment at Siloso beach Singapore. You can find individuals celebrating, dancing, kayaking, engaging in beach volleyball, and horseback riding around the seashore. The incredible eateries and beach huts make Siloso one of the prime seashores in Singapore.

Things to do: Party, dance, kayak, play beach volleyball, and horseback ride.

Points of interest: Beach activities such as beach volleyball, banana ride, beach horse riding, among others, and laid-back food establishments serving a wide range of snacks and beverages.

Available amenities: Beachfront hotel, Beach tram, pavilions, restaurants, small shops, and walkways.

Optimal time to visit: November to January, May to August.

How to get there: One can easily reach the seashore by bus number 123, MRT with the nearest station being Harbor Front, or simply by taking a cab.

Tanjong Beach is one of the top beaches in Singapore

3. Tanjong Beach – The Party Hub

A man-made marvel, Tanjong is rated as one of Singapore’s finest beaches. It is concealed on the southern coast of Sentosa and blessed with a stunning crescent-shaped coastline, shallow warm water, tropical palm trees, and glistening white sand. It is the ultimate party destination, where Tanjong Beach Club hosts nocturnal beach parties every two weeks. Just a short walk away from Palawan Beach, it exudes an atmosphere that urges you to unwind and let go. This is one of the most renowned seashores in Singapore.

Things to do: Party, dance, play beach volleyball, and horseback ride.

Points of interest: Lively beach parties organized by the Tanjong Beach Club.

Available amenities: Beachside swimming pool, cabanas, loungers, shelters, rental bikes, and deck chairs.

Optimal time to visit: October to February.

How to get there: This beach can be reached by taking the Sentosa Express. One can also opt for the tram that operates between Palawan and Tanjong Beach.

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Sandy Coasts of Singapore on the Eastern Side

If you reside on the eastern side of Singapore, here are the subsequent sandy coasts where you can spend your leisurely moments.

stunning view of Changi Beach, one of the best beaches in Singapore

4. Changi Beach – A Tropical Seashore

Positioned on the eastern shore, Changi Beach is one of the premier tropical seashores in Singapore. More favored among families, fitness enthusiasts, and relaxation enthusiasts, individuals swarm this place to either relax on the sandy shore or go for a jog on the mystical pathways of Changi Beach Park. It is one of the top-notch seashores in Singapore for swimming. Nevertheless, the main highlight of this Singaporean seashore is plane observation. People arrive from across the nation to witness low-flying planes, getting ready to land at Changi Airport.

Things to do: Plane observationTourist attractions: Plane observation and walking trails of Changi Beach Park.Facilities available: Camping, park benches, seashore barbecues, paved walking trail, barbecue pits, children’s playground, shelters, and cycling trails.Best time to visit: January to MarchHow to reach: Bus numbers 9, 19, and 89 run to and from Changi Beach. It is the optimal method of reaching this location.

Pitcuresquare view of Punggol Beach

5. Punggol Beach – An Offbeat Seashore

Most unexplored among the Singapore seashores and one of the most renowned Sentosa Island attractions, Punggol Beach is concealed in the equally unexplored Punggol Point and serves as one of the prime seashores in Singapore. Nevertheless, its breathtaking beauty confirms its inclusion in the catalog of Singapore seashores. Even though it is well-connected to the main city via MRT shuttle and bus, this seashore is not frequented by many. The inherent beauty and tranquility of this place make it a sanctuary for couples and individuals seeking serenity. The expanse of fine sand is disrupted by massive rocks, crafting a picturesque sight at sunrise and sunset. Additionally, there are also numerous islands near Punggol that add to the enjoyment!

Things to do: Experience sunrise and sunsetsTourist attractions: Untouched beauty along with heavenly tranquility.Facilities available: Jetty station, walking trails, a eatery, and proper signboards.Best time to visit: MarchHow to reach: The most suitable means of transportation is MRT. Disembark at Punggol Station and board bus number 84.

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wonderful view of Kusu Island

6. Kusu Island – The Unexplored Shorelines

Kusu Island, off the coast of Singapore, is among the tranquil shorelines excursion in Singapore. The island accommodates a refuge which is home to hundreds of turtles. However, the unique selling point of the island is its unspoiled shorelines. Natural beauty encompasses every essence of these shorelines in the form of luxuriant green trees, vibrant sky, crystal-clear waters, and the purest of sand. It is one of the finest shorelines in Singapore that has plenty to offer.

Things to do: Unwind by the shoreline, partake in water sports, capture photographsAttractions for tourists: Turtle Sanctuary, causeway between two pieces of land, Museums in Kusu Island.Available facilities: Turtle sanctuary, cabanas, shoreline shelters, paved pathways, and a few eateries.Optimal time to visit: September to NovemberHow to reach: The optimal and only way to arrive is by taking a ferry. One can board a ferry from South Marina Pier, located adjacent to the Marina South Pier MRT Station.

Lazarus Island, one of the best beaches in singapore

Note: Camping is prohibited on the Kusu island shoreline to ensure the safety and well-being of turtles.

7. Lazarus Island – Supreme Shorelines In Singapore

There are numerous pleasant shorelines in Singapore, but the shorelines on Lazarus Island possess some unique vibes and are among the premier shorelines in Singapore. Lazarus Island is the country’s best-kept secret. The rustic ambiance and tropical atmosphere of the place is invigorating after the city clamor. In fact, the complete ambiance of Lazarus shoreline—turquoise water, white sand, and joyful atmosphere—can challenge the finest honeymoon destinations in Asia. The tropical forest bordering the shoreline makes for a pleasant escape.

Things to do: Unwind by the shoreline, partake in water sports, capture photographsAttractions for tourists: Tropical vibe, serene atmosphere, and turquoise water.Available facilities: Shoreline pavilions, footpaths, and excellent eateries serving the finest exotic seafood and other delicacies of Singaporean cuisine.Optimal time to visit: November to JanuaryHow to reach: One can access the island by boarding a ferry from South Marina Pier.

Splended View of Pulau Ubin, One of the best beaches in Singapore

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8. Pulau Ubin – Off Cherished Shorelines

Acknowledgment of Image: William Cho for Wikipedia

Amongst all the other coastlines to explore in Singapore, the isle of Pulau Ubin offers bliss in the bustling realm of the nation. Providing the joys of simple village existence, Pulau Ubin welcomes individuals who seek tranquility and serenity. The renowned Chek Jawa wetland coastlines, secluded coastlines, luxuriant plantations, island’s architecture – all appear to captivate the attention of tourists. Nevertheless, the experience of genuine local delicacies crafted from fresh fish and octopi take the limelight.

Things to do: Savor delectable local cuisine, unwind by the shoreline, engage in water activities, capture photographsPoints of interest for tourists: Village-like environment, uncomplicated living and calming tranquility.Available amenities: Rental bicycles, walkways, gift shops, local accommodations, restaurants and local eateries, cycle paths, and Jawa Visitor Centre with a viewing jetty.Optimum time to visit: March to JuneHow to arrive: Upon reaching Changi Point Ferry Terminal, travelers should hire a bumboat that requires approximately 15 minutes to cover the distance.

View of Pasir Ris Beach, One of the

Please note: Beach camping is an enjoyable activity, and individuals partake in some sections of the isle.

9. Pasir Ris Beach – The Renowned Picnic Location

Amongst the largest and the finest coastlines in Singapore, Pasir Ris Beach is a paradise for children and adults as well, which makes it an astounding and pleasant coastline in Singapore. The 6.6 km long beach is adorned with lush mangrove forests where you can embark on an adventurous journey. Revel in a picnic by the shoreline under the sun and surrounded by the refreshing ocean breeze. The views of the ocean from this beach are also awe-inspiring. This is one of the most frequented coastlines to explore in Singapore.

Things to do: Unwind by the shoreline, engage in water activities, capture photographsPoints of interest for tourists: Picnics and nature hikes, parkAvailable amenities: There is a cycling track, park, and playground area which also features a play-stationOptimum time to visit: FebruaryHow to arrive: One can take a bus to reach the Pasir Ris Road Entrance. Bus number 403 is the most suitable option to reach here. From there, the traveler should stroll to the mangrove Boardwalk.

East Coast Park, of the best beaches in Singapore

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10. East Coast Park – A Thematic Beach Park

Established during the 1970s, East Coast Park is a seaside park with city settings in Singapore. The park boasts some of the excellent beaches in Singapore. The park is centered around the concept of ‘Recreation for All’ and showcases everything necessary for the amusement of people of all ages. Spanning across 15 km of coastline, the objective of East Coast Park is to create a metropolis within a park. At this location, you can engage in jogging, take a bicycle ride, and partake in water activities such as Cable Skiing and skating.

Activities: Running, cycling, and participating in water sports like cable skiing and skatingTourist attractions: A variety of water and land sports activities and Xtreme Skate ParkFacilities available: public lavatories with a rinse, resto-bars, cafes BistrosBest time to visit: August to OctoberHow to reach: You can easily access it from East Coast Park Service Road or take bus number 401.

Perfect spot for people who are interested in Beachside activities at Sembawang Park.

11. Sembawang Park – For Barbeque Nights

In search of a tranquil beach in Singapore? Sembawang Park is situated on the coastline overlooking the Strait of Johor. You can spend rejuvenating hours at this serene beach as it is among the most well-liked natural beaches in Singapore. Relax under the warm sunshine and enjoy the refreshing breeze while observing others engage in water sports. This is one of the finest beaches in Singapore. While here, you can also explore some popular dining establishments near Sembawang, Singapore for genuine Singaporean cuisines.

Activities: Unwind under the warm sunshine and enjoy the refreshing breeze while observing others engage in water sportsTourist attractions: Beach walks, water sports, nearby historical landmarksFacilities available: Barbeque, water sports, cafes, and resortsBest time to visit: AprilHow to reach: One can reach the Park by taking bus number 882 and getting off at Sembawang Road End Terminal.

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Lush greenly around Coney Island, one of the tropical beaches in Srinagar

12. Coney Island – The Purest Of All

Coney Island will definitely excite you with its captivating allure. The place is often frequented by couples seeking a romantic getaway in a tranquil atmosphere. The panoramic views and weathered paths of Coney Island will undoubtedly make you fall in love with this stunning beach in Singapore! This is one of the most pristine beaches in Singapore! All the restaurants near Coney Island are truly an added bonus.

Activities: Unwind by the shore, engage in water activitiesTourist attractions: Breathtaking scenery, photography, vibrant flora and faunaFacilities available: Water activities, playground, wildlife spotting, cyclingBest time to visit: May to SeptemberHow to reach: The optimal way to reach here is by taking bus number 84 to Punggol Point Park. From there, walk approximately 500 meters east.

Best View of St John’s Island

13. St John’s Island – The Concealed Beach

Image Credit: Jacklee for Wikimedia Commons

Renowned as the ultimate destination for a perfect beach vacation in Singapore, St John’s Island is adorned with the abundant wonders of nature. This Island is renowned for its friendly felines freely roaming around. The most remarkable aspect of this Island is the hidden treasures in the form of passageways and caves. Appealing to thrill-seekers, St John’s Island is enveloped in dense mangroves, ideal for short hikes. For the optimal experience of this splendid beach, be sure to visit Singapore in December.

Activities: Relaxing under the warm sun and savoring the refreshing breeze while observing others enjoy water activitiesTourist attractions: Tropical Marine Science Institute, caves, resident cats

Facilities available: Hidden tunnels, natural beauty, dolphinsBest time to visit: December to MarchHow to reach: One of the best ways is to take a ferry from Marina South Pier. Tickets can be purchased from the Singapore Island Cruise booth.

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Sisters Island, one of the best beaches in Singapore

14. Sisters Island – The Dual Beach

This island primarily comprises a pair of Singapore islands known as Big Sister’s Island aka Pulau Subar Laut and Little sister’s Island aka Pulau Subar Darat and is among Singapore’s finest beaches. These Sister Islands are divided by a water channel and are associated with numerous mystical legends. It is these tales that attract tourists to the Island. The abundant marine life, exotic plant species, and magnificent coral reefs enhance the overall experience. Ensure that you have the necessary permits before embarking on this journey.

Things to do: Observe the abundant marine life, extraordinary species of plants, and the stunning coral reefs.

Tourist attractions: Marine Park, underwater life

Facilities available: Vibrant starfish, swimming, snorkelling, camping

Best time to visit: February to April

How to reach: Taking a ferry from Marina South Pier is the optimal and only way to reach the Sisters Island.

fun activities in Pulau Hantu Island

15. Pulau Hantu Island- The Ghost Islands

Image Credit: Congerdesign for Pixabay

If you are wondering if there are any beaches in Singapore where you can go camping, you would be delighted to know about the Pulau Hantu Island. Concealed within urban surroundings, Pulau Hantu Island is a scenic island situated in the southern region of Singapore. Teeming with diverse ecosystems, luxurious foliage, protected shores, lagoons, and azure waters, it is the sole location where you can partake in a variety of enjoyable activities such as snorkelling, fishing, camping, and scuba diving in Singapore. Consisting of two ghost islets Pulau Hantu Besar (Big Ghost Island) and Pulau Hantu Kechil (Little Ghost Island), Pulau Hantu is one of the most renowned beaches in Singapore for indulging in nature walks.

Things to do: Snorkelling, fishing, camping, and scuba diving

Tourist attractions: water sports, underwater life

Facilities available: Fishing, nature walks, swimming, snorkelling, camping

Best time to visit: All year round

How to reach: Taking a ferry from the West Coast pier is the best way to reach Pulau Hantu Island. You can also take a bus, taxi, or a metro rail to reduce your travel time.

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Singapore possesses a multitude of stunning beaches. Enchanted by the diversity and beauty of the Singapore beaches? Plan a journey to Singapore now and explore the previously mentioned finest beaches in Singapore! Simply pack your sunscreen, sunglasses, beach attire, and a hat, and embark on an adventure to the Lion City.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches In Singapore

Can you swim at Changi Beach?

Yes, you can swim at Changi Beach. Not only swimming, there are numerous other activities that you can relish on the beach such as having a picnic, barbecuing, or jogging. You can also rent a bicycle and enjoy cycling. There are park benches and shelters where you can sit and admire the ocean for extended periods. Delight in waterfront dining at the bistro by the beach. However, the water at Changi Beach might be slightly polluted. East coast beaches are cleaner and more suitable for swimming.

Does Singapore have excellent beaches?

Yes, some of the beaches in Singapore are renowned due to the vistas and activities they offer to visitors. There are east coast beaches and there are beaches on Sentosa Island. If you desire tranquility and solace, then visit the east coast beaches; otherwise, Sentosa beaches are perfect for a vibrant and exciting day.

How long is Changi Beach?

Changi Beach measures 3.3 km in length and stretches between Changi Point and Changi Ferry Road. It is one of the most famous beaches in Singapore and attracts a high number of tourists.

How can I reach Changi Beach?

You can take a bus to Changi Beach. Bus services 2, 29, 59, and 109 will transport you to Changi Village. From the bus stop, the beach is just a 5-minute walk on the pedestrian footbridge to the park.

Where can I sunbathe in Singapore?

You can find multiple locations in Singapore where you can bask in the sun. Bukit Timah Reserve and Tanjong Beach Club are ideal spots for sunbathing after applying sunscreen lotion.

Are there any beaches in Singapore that are suitable for swimming?

Sentosa Island in Singapore is home to some of the top beaches that are appropriate for swimming. Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach in Sentosa are popular among swimmers.

Is Sentosa a man-made island?

Sentosa Island in Singapore features artificial beaches and a 380-meter long artificial causeway that connects the island with mainland Singapore.

How do you get to Sentosa?

Sentosa can be reached from the Singapore mainland through a short causeway or Cable Car, which departs from Mount Faber and passes through HarbourFront before arriving at its final destination, Imbiah Lookout. The island is also accessible via the Sentosa Express monorail. Sentosa has three stations and there is one in mainland Singapore as well. Visitors can also access the island by walking along the Sentosa Boardwalk, which runs parallel to the causeway.

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