Shubham’s Week-Long Adventure in Thailand Embodied the Essence of a Solo Journey!

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Shubham’s Vacation in Thailand for a week was nothing short of amusement, relaxation, and excitement. He planned to embark on a solitary journey to relish the sensation of traveling alone. Take a look at how he maximized his vacation with the assistance of Fred and Fuzzys.

I had always desired to visit Thailand due to its pleasant climate and array of encounters this location had to offer. Furthermore, this place captivated me with its comfortable atmosphere, cuisine, vibrant culture, and countless attractions. Beaches have perpetually captivated me. The cobalt water and gilded sands made me yearn to spend the entire day amidst this picturesque setting. In addition to the stunning beaches, I have always been a fan of street food and would be overjoyed to discover it during my travels. This is precisely why Thailand was the ideal destination for my inaugural international trip, as it encompassed the best of both worlds! Beyond that, I was captivated by the locals’ demeanor, which made us feel at home, and through them, I obtained a better understanding of Thai culture. Reveling in the beauty of beaches under the radiant sun is something I will reminisce about for a lifetime!

Information About My Thailand Trip From Mumbai

Kind of Trip: SoloExpense: Approximately INR 15000Duration: 7 DaysNumber of Individuals: 1Inclusions: English Speaking Driver, Taxes, Airport Transfer, Lunch, SightseeingExclusions: Breakfast, Airfare, Dinner, Visa, Personal Expenses

My Schedule For Thailand Trip

Day 1: Arrival in Bangkok & transportation to Pattaya, leisurelyDay 2: Sightseeing in PattayaDay 3: Visit to Coral Island and thrilling adventureDay 4: Visit Underwater World PattayaDay 5: Leisurely dayDay 6: Thrilling day at Safari WorldDay 7: Departure

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Thailand Climate In October

I traveled to Thailand in the month of October when the temperature was comparatively cool compared to the other months. It is a season when Thailand experiences precipitation, but fortunately, it did not hinder my trip. It only rained when I visited Coral Island. It was actually unexpected, but nonetheless, I still enjoyed it.

Mad Monkey Hostel viewa look of the capsule room in pattayaa view of outside the hotel

Some Standouts From My 7-Day Trip To Thailand

I was fortunate enough to witness and explore some of the most incredible places in Thailand. Each place had an element of surprise and offered incredible experiences. My Mumbai to Thailand journey was all about amusement and delight, and here I am enumerating all the top places I visited and experiences I cherished:

slumber hostel party

1. Coral Island: Embracing The Scenic Beauty

Going for a tour of a coral reef island in Pattaya was something I considered quite crucial during my vacation. During the tour, I encountered a lot of individuals, both tourists and locals. The island is adorned with exotic golden shores that added immense joy to my trip. For a while, I simply relaxed by the shore and for a while, I frolicked with the lovely ocean waves. All in all, it was a fantastic day and I was able to make the most of my vacation.

underwater world in pattayaan amazing experience to see the underwater world

2. Underwater World: Observing The Colorful Marine Life

Next, I visited Safari World and Marine Park where I witnessed the breathtaking marine life. It felt as if I was strolling beneath the ocean. This was, without a doubt, one of the finest experiences that I had. I observed dolphins, seals, orangutans, and a vast array of other aquatic creatures during my visit. It was one of the experiences that I cherish the most after returning from the Thailand journey.

people enjoying the nightlifea famous pub crawl in thailand

3. Bangkok: Enjoying A Pub Crawl

vibrant nightlife in thailand

4. Safari World: Observing The World Of Animals

enjoying the time with group of people

Getting acquainted with Wildlife and creatures is one of my interests and as a result, I chose to take a day tour to Safari world to have a closer look into the peculiar lives of animals. After a delicious Indian breakfast at the hotel, I was picked up punctually by the Coach and was brought directly to the Venue. A friendly & hospitable Thai guide accompanied us to the location while relaying the necessary instructions. It was an exhilarating experience to observe numerous untamed animals in open enclosures. The Orang Utan Show, The Dolphin Show, The Cowboy Show, The Elephant show were simply breathtaking. This truly added immense allure to my Thailand vacation for 7 days. Moreover, I believe that this is one of the finest spots to visit in Thailand.

watching the zebras in safari worldnight market of pattayalightning everywhere at nightcloser look into the quirky live animals

My Personal Expenditures In Thailand

dance performances in safari world

My trip was on a tight budget which covered accommodation, sightseeing, and 2 meals. Anything else, I had to finance myself. However, if you are traveling alone, then INR 30,000 would suffice for your personal expenses.

exploring the safari world

Shopping In Thailand

an exciting world safari

I conducted most of my shopping in Phuket. Clothing is extremely affordable and of superior quality. Everything on the streets carries a high price tag, so negotiation is necessary for every purchase. During my Phuket city tour, I did visit a store supported by the government where prices were very reasonable. There are multiple locations for shopping in Phuket where you can discover incredibly inexpensive items. Additionally, if you are searching for the finest places for shopping in Thailand, then Pattaya should be your first destination.

experienced watching the rare species

Hotels In Thailand

I reserved various accommodations for both destinations. In Pattaya, I opted to stay at Sawasdee Sea Hotel View & Quinglian Youth hostel. Both establishments were fantastic and provided all the necessary amenities. Apart from this, my accommodations in Bangkok were Mad Monkey Hostel and Slumber Party Hostel. Both of these locations were ideal for a solo traveler like myself. Overall, I had a marvelous time staying at all of these establishments. Furthermore, I found Sawasdee Sea Hotel View to be one of the premier hotels in Thailand.

What To Pack

  • Minimal and lightweight clothing
  • Waterproof jackets are essential if traveling during the rainy season
  • Waterproof Slip ons/ flip flops
  • Hat, Sunscreen, and sunglasses are essential

Essential Travel Tips For A Trip To Thailand

  • Do not confine your shopping to a single location. There is always another place where you can find similar goods at a greater discount.
  • Bangla Street in Phuket can get very crowded, especially at night when people may be intoxicated. Therefore, exercise caution with your belongings when visiting.
  • If any performer approaches you for a photograph, kindly decline as they may demand payment for the picture.
  • Thoroughly researching the area is of utmost importance.
  • Multiple information booths can be found everywhere and their services are free of charge.
  • Additionally, there is a wealth of information not available online.
  • Ensure that you visit all the primary attractions in Thailand to make the most of your vacation.

My Experience With Fred and Fuzzys

I must say that Fred and Fuzzys and its agent truly made my trip phenomenal. Initially, I had some concerns about whether I would receive any support after booking the package. However, my experience dealing with Fred and Fuzzys agents was incredibly positive.

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I thoroughly enjoyed my 7-day trip to Thailand and I cannot thank the Fred and Fuzzys team enough for it. They took care of all the planning and created an itinerary that met my desires. It fell within my budget and included everything I wanted to see or do. If you too desire a similar experience, then plan your journey to Thailand with Fred and Fuzzys and get ready for an amazing adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions You Might Have

How distant is Pattaya from Bangkok?

Bangkok is approximately 147 kilometers away from Pattaya. To get there, you can enlist the services of a cab, which will take roughly two hours.

How many days are suitable for a Thailand excursion?

Around a week is a favorable duration to allocate for exploring Thailand comprehensively and appreciating all that it has to offer.

Which is the most economical month to book flights to Thailand?

To secure the most budget-friendly fares, it is advisable to consider the period outside the peak tourist season. Therefore, planning your visit to Thailand for the month of September would be the optimal choice.

What is the cost of a meal in Phuket, Thailand?

The cost of a meal varies depending on the dining establishments you opt for. The average price of a modest Thai meal in a restaurant ranges from INR 210 to INR 350. If you decide to indulge in seafood, naturally, the cost will be higher. Furthermore, Phuket also boasts remarkable Indian restaurants that provide reasonably priced meals.

Which currency is recommended to bring to Thailand?

For Indian travelers intending to visit Thailand, the most prudent approach would be to convert INR to USD prior to departing from India.

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