Shubham’s Honeymoon in Thailand: The Definition of Exquisite Natural Beauty, Opulence, and an Unforgettable Dinner Cruise

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A new commencement deserves a majestic jumpstart. What superior approach to enter wedded life than a lavish honeymoon in Thailand. Peruse the comprehensive narrative of Shubham as he joyfully elucidates his travels to a lively south-eastern paradise. Their journey incurred a total of INR 35,000 which encompasses their transfers, accommodations, sightseeing, cruise, and meals.

I was searching for Thailand honeymoon packages when I stumbled upon the Fred and Fuzzys website. I admired their idea of personalized travel which bestows the traveler with the autonomy to mold their itinerary. I submitted an inquiry on their website and received a callback for the same.

Amanpreet from Fred and Fuzzys comprehended my requisites and connected me to various agents who offered multiple proposals for a honeymoon in Thailand. I chose the finest offer presented to me by the ‘Book My Vacationz’ agency.

Soon enough, all the visa procedures were completed and we were prepared to embark on an adventure to Thailand that would undoubtedly be a memorable initiation for my wife and me. I was eager to witness and experience firsthand the loveliness of beaches in Thailand.

Arriving in Pattaya

Day 1: Opulence and Glitz in Alcazar

We arrived in Bangkok early morning from New Delhi. The chauffeur was present to welcome us and transport us to Pattaya. After a few hours we entered the magnificent city of Pattaya and checked into the hotel.

Subsequently, we prepared ourselves by 5 pm for the Alcazar show. It was a rather of cabaret amusement in a deluxe fashion. After thoroughly relishing the show, we proceeded for dinner at 10 pm and eventually returned back to the hotel.

Taking a boat to Coral Island

Day 2: Coral Island- A stunning fantasy

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The subsequent morning, we departed at 8 am for the Coral Island Tour. We arrived at the Jomtien Beach and engaged in water sports such as underwater walking. From there itself, we boarded a boat to Coral Island. We discovered the place to be adorned with exquisite beaches and surreal terrain. To conclude, we relished a delectable lunch at an Indian restaurant.

Afterwards, we returned to Pattaya via boat and visited the Nong Nooch village. It was thrilling for us to witness how the locals lived in a traditional manner. We returned to the hotel at 6.30 pm.

Honeymoon trip to Thailand

Day 3: Leisure and shopping frenzy

The following day for us was scheduled as a free day. A wonderful opportunity for my wife and me to spend some time alone and relish that heavenly place. After lunch, we took a walk to Pattaya beach in the evening. Later on, we decided to indulge in some retail therapy on Walking Street for 3-4 hours. The street showcased the authentic atmosphere of Pattaya.

Bangkok monuments

Day 4: Getting acquainted with the beaming Bangkok

The next day, following breakfast, we checked out of Pattaya and returned to Bangkok. As soon as we checked into the hotel in Bangkok, we embarked on a city tour. One of the most iconic cities in Asia, and we were captivated by the grandeur and allure of Bangkok.

Some of the renowned places we visited were Reclining Buddha Temple, Grand Palace, and Floating market. The tour concluded at 5 pm, after which we did some shopping at Indra market. At 9 pm, we returned to the hotel and rested for the night.

Day 5: An unforgettable dinner appointment!

Getting classy for a luxurious dinner cruise

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The day began with an early visit to Safari World and Marine Park. Over here, our love for animals overflowed with joy when we saw dolphins and orangutans. My wife, being an animal enthusiast, thoroughly enjoyed witnessing the wide variety of animals.

Witnessing Giraffes in Safari World

Once the Safari World jeep ride concluded, we returned to the hotel at 5 pm. An hour later, we were picked up for Crystal Boat Tour. The boat tour ended at 10 pm as they prepared Indian cuisine for us, which was a very kind gesture. The atmosphere on the boat with music and lights was truly enjoyable.

Day 6: Farewell Thailand

Time for a selfie in Thailand

The following day, our flight was in the afternoon so we spent some time exploring local areas and eventually boarded the flight at 1 pm.

As an avid traveler, Thailand was a diverse destination that I had always desired to explore. It is said that there are numerous places in Thailand, making it a dream map for top-notch clubs. My spouse also found this method of travel to be well-organized and thoroughly enjoyed our honeymoon in Thailand. We had a great experience with Fred and Fuzzys. Next, I’m planning a trip to Singapore within the next 6 months, and I already know who I’ll trust to plan it!


  • Bangkok Dinner Cruise. It was wonderful that we saved the best for last.


  • The Pattaya hotel did not offer Indian cuisine.

Traveler’s Tip:

  • The trip was worth the money. Make sure to explore the customized packages provided by Fred and Fuzzys.

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