Saloni’s Dreamy 7-Day Journey: Exploring Vietnam from Delhi

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Vietnam, with its magnificent mountains, glistening beaches, and vibrant cities, is certain to captivate everyone. This city is the ideal destination for a vacation, whether it be with friends or family. Let me share the exciting travel tale of Salon, a fellow traveler who embarked on a journey with her mother to discover the hidden treasures of this bustling city. This is their remarkable 7-day trip to Vietnam from Delhi.

I had extensively researched Vietnam, and my friends had shared their incredible experiences about the place. My mother, too, was eager to visit after hearing such positive reviews. Engrossed in blogs and conversations with friends, we delved into the culture and lifestyle of this captivating city, prompting us to plan an entire trip around it.

Insights Into Our 7-Day Voyage to Vietnam from Delhi

Type of Trip: FamilyCost: INR 29,854.56 per personNumber of Participants: Duration: 6 Nights 7 DaysInclusions: Transfers, Accommodation, Breakfast, Guide, Sightseeing, Kayaking boat in Ha Long bay (if any), Tissues and water on coach, Services charges and government tax, 24/7 hotline support guaranteed, Vietnam Visa letter approval, No extra charge after services confirmationExclusions: Incoming and outgoing flight & Departure taxes, beverage, personal expenses, tips, and gratuities, Travel insurance, Early check-in and late check-out, Visa stamping fee on arrival at the airport, Surcharge for airport cabs from 12:00 am – 05:00 am

Our Exciting Itinerary for the Vietnam Trip from Delhi

Day 1: Arrival in VietnamDay 2: Ninh Binh Province Tour, boat excursion to Tam CocDay 3: Exciting CruiseDay 4: Exploring Limstone Cave, Transfer to Ho Chi MinhDay 5: Cu Chi tunnel, admiring the sights of Ho Chi MinhDay 6: Arrival in My Tho, Enthralling SightseeingDay 7: Departure from Ho Chi Minh

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September Weather in Vietnam

We embarked on our adventure in September, and the weather was delightful throughout. Although, on our final day, a heavy downpour soaked us for an hour or so. But even that couldn’t dampen our enthusiasm for exploring the splendor of this captivating country.

Traveling from Delhi to Vietnam

By flight: At the time of booking, there were no direct flights from Delhi to Hanoi, so we had a layover in Bangkok.

Memorable Experiences during our 7-Day Trip to Vietnam from Delhi

At the airport

Now, allow me to reminisce about some of the extraordinary moments we encountered during our Vietnam journey, memories that will remain etched in our hearts forever.

Pagoda view

1. Immersing Ourselves in the Wonders of Hoa Lu

Following a satisfying breakfast to kick off our adventure, we embarked on our first destination called Hoa Lu, which was approximately a two-hour journey from our hotel. Our guide proved to be exceptional, providing valuable insights and captivating stories about the country and its people that kept us engaged throughout the trip. The route through Ninh Binh Province was adorned with majestic mountains and vibrant vegetation, a sight that truly delighted me during our ride. Upon arriving at the historic capital, we had the privilege of exploring the renowned ancient temples belonging to the Le and Dinh Dynasties. These pagodas, which carry the weight of the nation’s history, were immaculately preserved, emanating a serene and lush ambiance. After immersing ourselves in the wonders of these pagodas, we indulged in a delectable lunch that left us thoroughly satisfied.

Note coffe houseTam coc a perfect place for a boat trippictures at Pagoda

Continuing our journey, we embarked on a picturesque cycling experience for an hour, traversing through the enchanting rice fields, rugged terrains, and charming villages of Tam Coc. The tranquility and serenity of this ride were unparalleled, providing a respite from the bustling world. Additionally, we embarked on a boat ride, traversing the stunning karst formations and weaving through the intricate limestone caves. Navigating through this mesmerizing landscape was an experience to cherish.

As night fell, I stumbled upon a quaint and colorful coffee shop that seemed like a vibrant kaleidoscope. It was undoubtedly the most beautiful coffee house I had ever encountered, and the coconut & egg coffee I savored there was nothing short of heavenly.

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2. Ha Long Bay: A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Halong bay

On one of the mornings, I ventured to the famous Hanoi train street, a mere distance of 1-1.5 km from my hotel. This unique location allowed me to witness a train zooming by along a narrow street, an experience unlike any other. Surrounding this captivating sight were charming cafes that immediately captured my heart. Later in the afternoon, our much-anticipated destination awaited us, the UNESCO world heritage site, Ha Long Bay. No words or extravagant phrases can adequately describe the sheer beauty of this place. Surrounded by clusters of islands in the expansive ocean, Ha Long Bay offered a much-needed digital detox with no internet connection.

at Train streetexploring limestone caveon halong bay cruiseclicked pictures at halong bay

Following a sumptuous lunch, we ventured into the heart of Ha Long Bay, exploring the awe-inspiring Sửng Sôt (Surprising) cave. This natural wonder housed magnificent grottoes adorned with countless stalactites hanging from the towering ceiling. It was truly a marvel of nature. As evening approached, we embarked on a dreamy kayaking expedition. Gliding through the gentle waters, surrounded by picturesque islands, the melodious sound of paddles gently caressing the water created a harmonious symphony for the ears. We also had the privilege of participating in a Vietnamese spring roll cooking class, where the guide and staff provided us with constant support and courtesy, ensuring our trip went smoothly.

As night cast its enchantment, I found myself nestled on a terrace, surrounded by a sky adorned with sparkling and exquisite stars, gracefully accentuated by the moon. In that moment, time ceased to exist as I reveled in the sheer beauty of the night sky.

3. Exploring the Enchanting Floating Village

Following a delightful breakfast, we embarked on a fascinating journey to the mesmerizing Cua van Floating Village from our cruise, immersing ourselves in a boat ride that lasted approximately 40 to 50 minutes. This captivating experience unveiled a picturesque panorama, allowing us to witness the ethereal existence of floating shops and the vibrant village. Furthermore, we had the privilege of exploring the pearl farm, a sanctuary for nurturing oysters specifically bred for the exquisite art of pearl farming. Within this sanctuary, we were enlightened on the intricate process of extracting pearls with great intrigue. As we bid farewell to our cruise, memories of joy and contentment accompanied us on our journey back to Hanoi. The most cherished aspect of this adventure was witnessing how my grandparents thoroughly relished the experience. With the nightfall, we boarded our flight to Ho Chi Minh City, cherishing the abundant time that lay before us. Without wasting a precious moment, we seized the opportunity to visit the captivating Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Complex and the One Pillar Pagoda. Though these attractions did not offer an abundance of activities, they nonetheless provided a delightful and enjoyable experience.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleumenjoying the time togetherfamily at Cruisewatching Sunrise

Finally, under the cover of darkness, we bid a fond farewell to the capital city and embraced our flight to the next jewel of the country, Ho Chi Minh City.

4. Embarking on an Unforgettable Journey to the Mekong Delta

At the break of dawn, on one of our adventure-filled days, we set off towards the enchanting Mekong Delta, a region that embraces numerous islands, villages, and bustling markets. Our mode of transportation was a serene boat ride, offering us the opportunity to immerse ourselves fully in the vibrant atmosphere of the village adorned with charming eateries and shops. While there, we indulged in the exquisite flavor of honey tea, an experience that enticed us to purchase organic honey to savor its exceptional quality. Meandering through the rustic lanes, encompassed by lush orchards and captivating tropical fruits, we were accompanied by the evocative melodies of folk songs performed by the gracious locals. Our journey then led us to a fascinating factory, where we marveled at the meticulous process of crafting coconut candies. The alluring fragrance of coconuts pervaded the air, enhancing our senses and leaving a lasting impression. We continued our expedition to unicorn island, a haven of untamed beauty, delighting in the sight of magnificent dragon fruits. Pedaling through the quaint and charming lanes of Tan Thach village, we were enchanted by the tranquility and witnessed the art of crocodile fishing, indulging in moments of pure relaxation. Our affection for this enchanting place reached new heights as we savored a delectable lunch, bidding farewell to our guide as he escorted us back to our hotel. The surroundings of our hotel offered a vibrant nightlife, and I ventured out to explore the lively streets, hoping to extend the day indefinitely, cherishing every vibrant moment.

enjoying the boat ride in mekong daltaenjoying the tour in mekong daltaOn way to Mekong Delta

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5. The Fascinating Tale of the Cu Chi Tunnels

On this particular day, we embarked on an adventure to the Cu Chi tunnel. Prior to delving into the tunnels, a brief introduction was given, followed by an illuminating video showcasing the construction of the tunnels and the incredible resilience of the people who endured the harsh wartime conditions. We then explored the remaining area, with its intricately designed living spaces adorned with kitchens and bedrooms, alongside martial facilities such as storage rooms, weapons factories, field hospitals, and command centers. These facilities catered to the basic needs of the individuals residing within the tunnels. Our knowledgeable guide also revealed the presence of numerous concealed trap doors and treacherous traps within the maze-like tunnels, implemented for security purposes during the war. I even dared to venture through some of the narrow and cramped tunnels myself, an experience that left me awestruck.

explore some malls in Vietnamclick pictures at Saigon skydeckexploring the tunnel Chu chi tunnelinside of the Chu Chi Tunnel

As evening descended, we decided to explore the city at our own pace. We took a cab and made our way to Saigon Skydeck, a mere 15-20 minutes away. From the 49th floor, we were treated to a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. The vibrant cityscape adorned with dazzling lights left an indelible impression on us.

6. Unveiling the Charms of the City

On the final day of our journey, we opted for a private tour of the city. While group tours abound, we chose the private option for the convenience and comfort of our grandparents. Our first destination was the Reunification Palace, once the abode and workplace of the President during the Vietnam War. Next, we visited the Notre Dame Cathedral, although we were unable to enter as it was closed. Nevertheless, the exterior of the church and its picturesque garden were a sight to behold. We then proceeded to the central post office, a functioning establishment that stands as a testament to its timeless beauty. Our following stop was the Giác Lâm Pagoda, an edifice of great historical significance. The tranquil ambience and exquisite interiors of the pagoda made our visit truly worthwhile.

a family pic at Giac Lam Pagoda

The penultimate stop on our tour was the War Remnants Museum, an invaluable repository of the untold stories and struggles endured by the nation during the Vietnam War. History enthusiasts will find this museum to be an essential visit, as it houses a wealth of information on the experiences of the people who lived through those challenging times. Finally, we concluded our journey at the renowned Ben Thanh Market, a bustling local marketplace. From clothing and jewelry to local delicacies, spices, fruits, footwear, and florists, this market offered a myriad of goods to suit every taste. The key to navigating the market lies in honing your bargaining skills, as prices can be negotiated. Nonetheless, the shopkeepers are amiable, and with some effort, one can find quality items at favorable prices. As night fell, we boarded our flight back to India, carrying with us a treasure trove of cherished memories.

Runification Palace

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Accommodation Recommendations

In Hanoi: Our lodging choice was Diamond Legend Hotel. While the hotel itself was average, its prime location in the Old Quarters was unbeatable. Surrounded by the vibrant energy of the city, I found it to be a delightful spot, especially during the Lunar Festival when the streets were adorned with captivating decorations and lively crowds. Numerous charming coffee houses and shops lined the streets. We were even fortunate enough to stumble upon an Indian restaurant within a short 10-minute walk. The rooms were impeccably clean and hygienic.

The hotel staff was cooperative and courteous, assisting us despite the language barrier of Vietnamese being the dominant language.

In Hạ Long Bay: We embarked on an unforgettable adventure with the Legend White Dolphin Cruise. Since we were traveling with our grandparents, the staff kindly arranged for our rooms to be conveniently located near the dining area for their ease. The cruise’s activities and accommodations were thoughtfully planned. Our guide, Mr. Nam, was wonderful to talk to and displayed great friendliness. The meals onboard were exceptional, and the crew went out of their way to prepare vegetarian options for my family. One particular staff member even surprised us with yogurt, knowing that Indians hold a particular fondness for it. Such thoughtfulness was truly heartwarming.

Ho Chi Minh: Our stay at Hotel Prague was nothing short of enchanting. The spacious, beautiful rooms and impeccably clean bathrooms were a treat. The hotel’s surroundings added to its allure, with lively cafes and pubs that seemed to keep the city alive even at night. The breakfast selection was superb, offering a delightful variety of dishes that catered to different tastes. My grandparents were particularly fond of the hotel’s ambiance, and we were pleased to find an Indian restaurant a mere kilometer away from our location.


During our time in Hanoi, we immersed ourselves in the local street food scene, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. For Indian cuisine, we dined at Zaika restaurant, which offered a good selection of authentic dishes with pleasing flavors. Since Vietnam is renowned for its coffee culture, I made sure to visit Note Coffee Shop, a charming establishment with unique decor and exceptional coffee flavors that I had never encountered before, such as egg and coconut coffee. During our stay at Hạ Long Bay, all meals were included in the cruise package.

In Ho Chi Minh, we indulged in Indian cuisine at the Punjabi Indian Restaurant, while also exploring the diverse range of street food available. For coffee, we visited Highland Coffee, which provided a satisfactory experience.

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Shopping Gems in Vietnam

While I’m not a big shopper, there were a few irresistible items that caught my attention. Being a coffee lover, I couldn’t resist purchasing some authentic Vietnamese coffee from a shop in Ho Chi Minh. Additionally, during our trip to the Mekong Delta, we stumbled upon a factory that produced heavenly coconut candies. If you have a love for all things coconut, these candies are a definite must-try.

Personal Expenses

The tour package included lunch during some of the full-day excursions, but dinner was left to our own discretion. Personal expenses per person amounted to approximately 6,000 Vietnamese Dong, covering dinners, non-included meals, shopping, snacks, other dining experiences, a city tour of Ho Chi Minh, as well as transportation and admission fees for the Saigon Skydeck (around 650 Vietnamese Dong per person).

Essential Packing Items

Here are the must-have items that you should pack for your trip:

  • A convenient portable charger and power bank
  • An umbrella or raincoat, as unexpected rainfall may occur
  • Comfortable footwear, as you will be exploring the destination on foot most of the day, and you wouldn’t want sore feet
  • A camera to capture all the memorable moments

Useful Tips for Your Vietnam Trip

  • Keep in mind that Vietnamese cuisine mainly consists of seafood, not Indian food. It’s important to be adaptable and open to trying new flavors.
  • Although there are Indian restaurants with good-quality food, it’s unfair to compare them to authentic Indian cuisine. However, if you are not willing to embrace new culinary experiences, remember the wise saying: “If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home.”
  • Carry some local currency but preferably have USD as it is widely accepted. Local shops may only accept their local currency in some cases.
  • Make sure to have a local sim card with a reliable internet connection. English is not widely understood, and having access to Google Maps will be your savior. It’s better to purchase a sim card from the city rather than the airport for better deals.
  • For vegetarian travelers, it’s recommended to carry ready-to-eat snacks like poha, upma, and laddoo. The vegetarian food options at restaurants might be bland. Additionally, if you need your morning tea, bring milk powder and tea bags, as milk powder is hard to come by in Vietnam.
  • Avoid purchasing souvenirs from souvenir shops as they are often overpriced. Local markets offer better deals and more authentic products.
  • Download the Grab app, which is similar to Uber, for affordable and convenient taxi or bike bookings. It is a better option than booking taxis through tour agencies.

Unforgettable Experiences

Our trip to Vietnam was filled with special and memorable experiences. While there were many, here are some that I will always cherish:

Biking through the awe-inspiring rice paddies of Tam Coc: Unlike cycling paths made by humans, this natural route through the rice fields provided a beautiful view and a unique biking experience.

Exploring limestone caves by boat: Immersed in the tranquility of lush green plants, boating through the limestone caves allowed us to feel connected to nature. The boatmen pedal the boats using their feet.

Admiring the beauty of Ha Long Bay: The highlight of our trip was cruising through this stunning archipelago. The night sky illuminated with countless stars, resembling sparkling diamond dust.

Discovering the history of Chu Chi Tunnel: It was an exhilarating experience to walk through these tunnels and learn about their historical significance.

Enjoying the view from Saigon Skydeck: Observing the Ho Chi Minh city skyline from the 49th floor was truly breathtaking. The city lights created a magical atmosphere, making it feel like a fairy castle.

Our Experience with Fred and Fuzzys

First and foremost, we express our gratitude to Hannah and Megha for their exceptional arrangements. This was our family’s first international trip, and we had an incredible time. Despite two additional last-minute participants, the team effortlessly managed everything. Our tour guides were friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic, ensuring we enjoyed every moment of our tours. The accommodations were satisfactory, with a special mention to the superb hotel in Ho Chi Minh city and its perfect location. The cruise experience was fantastic, tailored to our comfort. The cab service was punctual and reliable. We extend our special thanks to Hannah Vu, our tour manager, for her excellent coordination. She efficiently handled every aspect of our trip, ensuring its success. As vegetarians, our dietary needs were taken care of throughout the journey. The cherry on top of this memorable experience was that my grandparents, who are over 75 years old, joined us and had a fantastic time, especially in Ha Long Bay. They have been praising the entire trip to their friends, indicating its resounding success. Once again, we thank the team for creating such a remarkable trip for us!

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Vietnam offers the perfect destination for a vacation with friends and family. If you are planning to visit the country soon, consider booking a hassle-free Vietnam trip with Fred and Fuzzys.

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