Romantic Getaway: Top 18 Spanish Destinations for a Dreamy Vacation in 2023

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Planning a honeymoon in Spain and can’t decide between a beach and a hill station for your beautiful plans? With its internationally renowned beaches, abundant meadows, verdant valleys, hills, and snow-capped mountains, Spain offers it all. Not to mention the captivating flamenco dances, the lively samba, and the never-ending Sangrias. Take a look below to select the finest locations for an extraordinary honeymoon in Spain – the enchanting country! Optimal period to visit Spain for a honeymoon. Considering that summer can be quite scorching in Spain, the ideal months to visit are: April, May, June, September, and October.

Top 18 Places For A Honeymoon In Spain

Spain is a remarkable nation with a welcoming and amiable culture, picturesque cities, and delightful cuisine. Here are some of the most excellent romantic honeymoon destinations in Spain.

  • Tenerife – The Rocky Beaches
  • Madrid – The Urban Chic
  • Toledo – Rustic Charms
  • Andalucía – A Fairytale Honeymoon
  • Costa Galicia – Colorful Shores
  • Alicante – Romantic Nightlife
  • Mallorca – Luxurious Adventures
  • Benidorm – A Fun-Filled Getaway
  • Ibiza – White Sand Beaches
  • Barcelona – A Relaxed Cultural Retreat
  • Seville – A Town Of Plaza-Filled Fountains
  • Salamanca – The City Of Architecture With a Honey-Hue
  • Segovia – Cinderella’s Disney Castle
  • Ávila – The Land Of Gothic Churches
  • Cádiz – The City Of Cathedrals And Castles
  • San Sebastian – Renowned For Pintxos
  • Granada – The Moorish Gem
  • Valencia – Paella City

1. Tenerife – The Rocky Beaches

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Endowed with year-round sunshine, a wide selection of beach resorts in Spain, and an abundance of restaurants and entertainment, Tenerife in the Canary Islands is one of the most idyllic honeymoon destinations in Spain.

Recommended honeymoon duration: 7 NightsAttractions for tourists: The rugged terrains and breathtaking backdrops make these 500 kilometers of secluded, pine-fringed, white-sand beaches a truly romantic escape.Why should you consider going there? Strolls through tropical forests, indulging in designer boutiques, volcanic landscapes, the lively Carnaval celebration, and Pico del Teide, Spain’s tallest mountain.Optimal time to visit: April, May, September, and October.Places to dine: Little India Tenerife, Arte Del Gusto, Pizzeria ManammeRecommended accommodations: Hotel Elegance Miramar, Hotel Parque San Antonio, Hotel Regency Country Club

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2. Madrid – The Stylish Urban

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Your honeymoon in Spain is incomplete without a visit to the capital. A perfect spot for the metropolitan couple, this Spanish city combines metropolitan flair and vitality with a relaxed Mediterranean mindset. Spending your honeymoon in Madrid, Spain will be an invigorating experience as this city radiates a lot of positive energy. This is an excellent place to begin your new life together for your dreamy fortnight in Spain honeymoon.

Recommended honeymoon duration: 5 Nights Notable Tourist Attractions: If you and your partner enjoy nightlife and revelry, the vibrant restaurants, galleries, tapas bars, and nightclubs in Madrid will ignite the necessary spark for your new beginnings. Why should you visit? A selection of cocktail bars, nightclubs, and energetic crowds dancing until sunrise, Madrid’s nightlife is legendary. Best time to go: September to November, March to May Eating establishments: Metro Bistro, Eat Is Wok, CEBO Madris Restaurant Accommodation options: Los Amigos, Barcelo Torre de Madrid, Vincci the Mint

3. Toledo – Charming Rusticity

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Curious about honeymoon ideas in Spain? A fortified and walled location, with a castle atop and a river below, Toledo whispers romance at every turn. Cobblestone streets, ancient walls, cozy restaurants; for an unforgettable honeymoon in Spain, get blissfully lost with your beloved in Toledo and explore the finest Spanish gastronomy in town.

Recommended honeymoon duration: 3 Nights Notable Tourist Attractions: Mesmerizing sunsets, stunning churches, museums, synagogues, mosques, and late-night dancing on weekends make this Spanish city a perfect choice for honeymooners! Why should you visit? As one of Europe’s oldest cities, it captivates with its old town allure. Best time to visit: Throughout the year. Eating establishments: Schmucker’s Restaurant, J. Alexandro’s Restaurant, Tony Packo’s Restaurant Accommodation options: Hotel Abad Toledo, Hotel Pintor El Greco

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4. Andalucía – A Enchanting Honeymoon

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Certainly, Andalucia makes for a flawless Spanish honeymoon destination. Its got it all – the sunlight, ocean and sand but with a twist, you don’t need more motives to visit Spain for your honeymoon. Add to it the distant villages of the Alpujarra, hilltop retreats and the gypsy quarters and it is certain to be a memorable trip with your significant other.

Perfect honeymoon duration: 7 NightsTourist Attractions: Romance straight out of a Hollywood motion picture! Nomads, flamenco, matadors, tapas bars, geraniums, and strolling guitarists attract the lovebirds to this beautifully romantic city.Why should you go there? Unforgettable natural surroundings such as Sierra de Aracena and Doñana wetlands, Parque Natural de Cazorla, white villages and Alpujarras mountains.Best time to visit: April to June and September to the initial half of October.Places to dine: Maa India Restaurant Nueva Andalucia, Piucaro RestaurantWhere to lodge: Cordoba Bed and Be, Hostel Mii Mercader de Sedas

Romantic Place

5. Costa Galicia – Vibrant Shores

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This is one of the most amorous places in Spain for the honeymoon. Untamed coastal strolls, abandoned white beaches, private windswept coves, a green coast with clifftop retreats and great seafood, the Costa Galicia is the selected spot for honeymooners and couples who are planning to  tie the knot in Spain can select from thrilling wedding venues in Spain.

Perfect honeymoon duration: 4 NightsTourist Attractions: Imagine a thermal bath with your love, some delectable food and bonfires all along the beach. The vibrant Costa Galaicia is certain to captivate you with its cleverness & leave you in awe.Why should you go there? With wild beaches and arguably the finest seafood in Europe, this distinct Spanish honeymoon destination remains largely unexplored and is still very much affordable.Best time to visit: May and JunePlaces to dine: Tira do Cordel, Bar Restaurante Marico, Casa ObduliaWhere to lodge: Casa dos Eiriz, Pazo Almuzara

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6. Alicante – Enchanting Nightlife

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An ancient Mediterranean port, vibrant, appealing, this Spanish metropolis with a fortress, old neighborhood, and lengthy waterfront is an exceptional honeymoon location. The dining scene is thrilling and the nightlife is completely legendary amidst many other activities to engage in within Spain.

Recommended Duration for Honeymoon: 6 NightsAttractions for Tourists: Experience the majesty of the place as you immerse yourself in the modern Victorian era. Remember to visit the Castle of Santa Barbara, El Palmeral Park, Explanada de España beachReasons to Visit: Expansive gold-sand beaches, remnants of Roman and Arab civilizations, and a variety of palm-fringed squares, sidewalk cafes, and bars make this city an ideal destination for a honeymoon in Spain.Best Time to Visit: May to OctoberPlaces to Dine: Templo Restaurante, La Crsipeta, Alma del SurAccommodation Options: Old Centre Inn Alicante, Melia Alicante

7. Mallorca – Opulent Ventures

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Spain’s most popular Mediterranean Island, it is among the most ideal adventurous honeymoon destinations in Spain. Exploring hiking and cycling paths, availing private yachting facilities, head to Mallorca on the Balearic Islands for an adventurous yet laid-back time together. Trekking in Spain is another thrilling sport that you can enjoy on your honeymoon trip. This is one of the finest places for those planning their honeymoon in Spain in December.

Recommended Duration for Honeymoon: 6 NightsAttractions for Tourists: This seaside honeymoon destination is sure to impress both you and your partner with its ancient sites, delectable beaches, and stunning forts.Reasons to Visit: Pine-fringed white-sand beaches, whitewashed windmills, and picturesque mountain villages scattered across the breathtaking Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.Best Time to Visit: December to AprilPlaces to Dine: Adrian Quetglas Restaurant, Marc Frosh, Agra Tandoori Indian RestaurantAccommodation Options: Melia Clasvia Beach, Innside by Melia, Occidental Playa de Palma

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White Sand Beaches

8. Benidorm – An Enjoyable Escape

With three impressive golden-sand beaches, four amusement parks and countless hotels, bars, eating establishments, and clubs and nightlife venues, the seaside resort of Benidorm in Costa Blanca provides everything you require for a entertaining honeymoon in Spain.

Optimal honeymoon duration: 5 NightsTourist Attractions: For the thrill-seekers and adventurous pairs, Benidorm is the place to go! Aquatic activities such as water skiing, scuba diving and snorkeling, windsurfing, paragliding & other mischievous indoor adventures will make your time together even more special.Why should you visit? The coastal town is known as a renowned destination for its seaside hotels, vibrant nightlife, stunning eating establishments, and exceptional shopping opportunities.Best time to visit: December to AprilPlaces to dine: Ians’ Restaurant, Amigos Restaurant, Paneil’s SteakhouseWhere to stay: Casa Candalaria, Aptos La Costera

9. Ibiza – Pristine Beaches

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The incredibly stylish Balearic Island of Ibiza is renowned for its lively dance club scene and over 50 white-sand beaches which make it an excellent location for active newlyweds seeking a honeymoon in Spain. This is one of the finest destinations in Spain for a honeymoon.

Optimal honeymoon duration: 5 NightsTourist Attractions: The party continues non-stop in the world-famous city of Ibiza! And to captivate your senses, explore the world heritage sites of D’Alt Vila, filled with centuries-old houses. Head here for an exhilarating experience together.Why should you go there? The world’s greatest clubs, white sand beaches, and unforgettable parties – a fantastic start for honeymooners who love to party.Best time to visit: June to AugustPlaces to dine: Loveat Ibiza, Mariner, SushimiWhere to stay: Hostal Sunset Ibiza, Eurostars Ibiza

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gorgeous architecture of a city

10. Barcelona – A Relaxing Cultural Getaway

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An eccentric blend of refined galleries and structures, bustling markets and outdoor coffee shops, laid-back bar and lounge scene, beaches and rooftops, Barcelona is a perfect spot for the cultured newlyweds while exploring the finest cities in Spain.

Perfect honeymoon duration: 5 NightsTourist Attractions: Live music at night, sun-drenched beaches, romantic yachts and ancient architecture – what more do you need to impress your partner on your initial intimate time together? Why should you visit this place? Limitless culture, legendary architecture, and a world-class drinking and dining scene welcome newlyweds to Barcelona. Best time to explore: May, June and SeptemberPlaces to dine: Viana Barcelona, Restaurante BelleBuon, Disfrutar BarcelonaWhere to reside: Forget Me Not Plus, H10 Metropolitan, Vincci Gala

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11. Seville – A Town Of Fountain-Filled Plazas

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Seville, arguably the most romantic city in Spain, is home to some of the finest fountain-filled plazas. While exploring the narrow passageways of the city that are filled with the sounds of Spanish guitar, you can take a horse and carriage ride with your love. Learn a few Spanish travel words and phrases before you pay a visit.

Perfect honeymoon duration: 2 NightsTourist Attractions: Enchanting sunsets, beautiful streets, grand churches, and Real Alcázar palace.Why should you go there? For its old-world allure and incredibly stunning architecture.Best time to visit: March to MayPlaces to eat: Cocome, Espaciao Eslava, Al WadiWhere to stay: Hostel Posada del Lucero, Hotel Inglaterra, Monte Carmelo

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12. Salamanca – The City Of Honey-Hued Architecture

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Salamanca is a UNESCO World Heritage city, which ultimately makes it fascinating enough to explore among many other captivating tourist attractions in Spain that you can discover on your journey. Adorned with Gothic, Baroque, and Romanesque architecture, it is an idyllic destination for couples to visit during their honeymoon in Spain.

Optimal duration for honeymoon: 2 NightsAttractions for tourists: Beautiful structures, incredibly delicious cuisine, and tranquil villages.Why should you visit this place? For the affinity towards outstanding architecture and picturesque streets.Most favorable time to visit: March to April and October to NovemberPlaces to dine: Restaurante La Hoja 21, El Laurel, En la ParraAccommodation options: Salamanca Puerta de la Catedral, Sercotel Hotel Las torres, Hotel Soho Boutique Salamanca

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13. Segovia – Cinderella’s Disney Castle

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If you desire to witness the authentic Cinderella castle, you must visit Segovia. The Cinderella castle drew inspiration from Alcázar of Segovia. That’s not all, the city is brimming with romantic architecture, stunning cathedrals, and breathtaking streets.

Optimal duration for honeymoon: 2 NightsAttractions for tourists: Romantic and breathtaking castles, cathedrals, and romantic snowfall.Why should you visit this place? If you are someone who longs to explore a city that is laid back and filled with extraordinary architectural wonders, Segovia is the ideal destination for you.Most favorable time to visit: March to April and October to NovemberPlaces to dine:  Meson Don Jimeno, MesonDe CandidoAccommodation options: Hotel Real Segovia, San Antonio El Real

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14. Ávila – The Land Of Gothic Churches

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Also recognized as the ‘Town of Stones and Saints’, Avila boasts the highest number of incredibly stunning Romanesque and Gothic churches in all of Spain, making it one of the premier romantic destinations in the country.

Optimal length of honeymoon: 3 NightsPoints of interest for tourists: Enchanting sunsets, stunning churches, and the tranquility of the townReasons to visit: If you desire to experience the sensation of being in a fairy tale world, far away, then you must include this destination in your honeymoon plans.Best time to go: May to OctoberRecommended dining establishments: Custom House, Avila Market, Blue Moon Over AvilaAccommodation options: Hotel Palacio de Los Velada, Parador de Avila

Iglesia de San Sebastián

15. Cádiz – The City Of Cathedrals And Castles

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Another romantic medieval city of Spain is Cádiz which showcases splendid cathedrals and ancient fortresses. This bustling port city boasts incredible coastlines where you can sit with your beloved and admire the majestic views of the castles, providing you with an unforgettable honeymoon experience in Spain.

Optimal length of honeymoon: 2 NightsPoints of interest for tourists: Elegant architectural marvels, scenic castle vistas from the beaches, and romantic sunsetsReasons to visit: For its captivating landmarks, lively carnival, and incredibly romantic beachesBest time to go: March to July and September to NovemberRecommended dining establishments: La Candela, Ultramar&nosAccommodation options: Hotel Patagonia Sur, Hotel Convento Cadiz

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16. San Sebastian – Renowned For Pintxos

If you are searching for honeymoon destinations in Spain, then search no further than San Sebastian, a picturesque region located in the northern part of Spain that is a beloved spot for food enthusiasts, beach lovers, and individuals who crave the seaside vibes. The city is home to two enchanting beaches named La Concha and La Zurriola, which are perfect for surfers and divers, making it one of the best honeymoon spots in Spain.

Optimal length of honeymoon: 2-3 daysPoints of interest for tourists: Beachside surfing, surreal sunsets, delectable cuisine, and tapas.Reasons to visit: For the beaches, gastronomic delights, pintxo bars, and refreshing coastal atmosphereBest time to go: May to JulyRecommended dining establishments: Arzak, Misura Restaurant, Bodegon AlejandroAccommodation options: Villa Birdie, Pension La Perla

Beautiful top view of Port Saplaya Beach in Spain

17. Granada – The Moorish Gem

The whitewashed Moorish district of the Albaicin and narrow streets to wander all night make it one of the finest locations in Spain for honeymoon. Granda is encapsulated by a hilltop fortress that enhances the beauty and allure of this town and makes it appear as if it were straight out of a film, rendering it one of the most romantic places in Spain for honeymoon.

Recommended honeymoon duration: 1-2 daysTourist Attractions: Alhambra fortress, Albaicin, Heritage and history, SacromonteWhy should you visit there? For its fascinating history and heritage, the snow-covered mountain vistas, old-fashioned charm, white painted wallsBest time to go: May – June; September – OctoberPlaces to dine: El Mercader, El Trilo Restaurante GranadaWhere to stay: Alhambra Palace, Parador de Granada

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18. Valencia – Paella

This city continues to be one of the best Spain honeymoon destinations and most picturesque in terms of delightful cuisine, stunning beaches, and old-fashioned charm. If you’re seeking honeymoon spots in Spain, this is the ideal place to be. It radiates positive vibes throughout its every corner along with lively beaches and a few historical treasures.

Recommended honeymoon duration: 3-4 daysTourist Attractions: Beaches, historical treasures, architecture, museums, cuisineWhy should you visit there? For magnificent beaches, to marvel at architecture, experience the old-fashioned charm, and visit Europe’s largest aquariumBest time to visit: March and JunePlaces to dine: La Favole, Infraganti, Ricard CameranaWhere to stay: Caro hotel, Bonnies Suites, vincci Mercat

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Experience a fusion of culture, fashion, and the good ol’ sun tan during your time here with your partner. If you have decided on a honeymoon in Spain, plan a trip to Spain for your honeymoon soon and head to this marvelous country with your loved one to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Honeymoon In Spain

Which European country is the most suitable for honeymoon?

Some of the finest European countries for honeymoon are Tuscany, Paris, Florence, Rome, Santorini, Cinque Terre, Amalfi Coast.

Is Barcelona a favorable honeymoon destination?

Barcelona boasts a Mediterranean climate year-round and serves as a great destination to enjoy a honeymoon between the months of May to June and September to October. This is considered one of the top honeymoon places in Spain.

Which are the top honeymoon spots?

Bora Bora, Bali, Paris, California, Scotland, Venice. Harbour Island and Cape Town are among the top honeymoon spots worldwide.

Where should I stay in Ibiza for my honeymoon?

Some of the best places to stay in Ibiza for a honeymoon are Palladium, Occidental, Azuline, Invisa, Galeon, and Can Lluc Boutique Country.

Is Ibiza a suitable destination for a honeymoon?

Ibiza is a distinctive destination for a honeymoon and the best reasons to plan a vacation there are – Pleasant weather – Romantic landscapes – Delectable cuisine – Relaxing surroundings

Where to visit in Spain for a honeymoon?

Spain is a country blessed with abundant sunshine throughout the year and offers a multitude of choices for accommodations, restaurants, and entertainment. One of the finest locations to visit is Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

Which is the top destination to visit in Europe?

Paris, Florence, Santorini, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Rome are among the top destinations to visit in Europe.


Which cities in Europe are the most beautiful?

Budapest, Florence, Bern, Barcelona, Prague, Istanbul, and Bologna are among the most beautiful cities in Europe that one must definitely include in their travel bucket list.

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