Romania’s European Gem: Explore These 10 Must-See Destinations

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10 Finest Locations To Explore in Romania

Let’s swiftly bring into focus the top spots to explore in Romania, where you should go this vacation to spend it in the most flawless way possible:

1. Fortress of Alba Iulia

The Fortress of Alba Iulia is one of the most renowned places to explore in Romania. The primary attractions encompass extraordinary museums inside the ancient fortification, two magnificent cathedrals, marvelous sculptures, and bars where you can sit and relish the views. The stroll between the inner and outer walls is astonishing. There are gardens, water fountains, restaurants, and palaces to discover here. If desired, you may embark on a bus tour around the site or rent a bicycle. The vistas of this city and the surrounding countryside will leave you in awe. Highly recommended for a flawless family trip plan.

Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance

Location: Calea Motilor, nr. 5A, Alba Iulia 510134, RomaniaPrimary Attractions: Coronation Cathedral (Catedrala Reîntregirii Neamului), St Michael’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, Obeliscul lui Horea, Closca si Crisan.Places to Stay: Citate Hotel, Apulum Hotel, Parc Hotel, Transilvania Hotel.How to Reach: The routine train routes such as Viena/Budapest – Bucharest pass through various major cities in Romania. It remains a good choice to consider for exploring Romania and its allure.

2. Monument of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance

This museum provides an exceptional understanding of a recent, gloomy period in Romanian history. It is an enlightening experience on the communist era of Romania after World War II until 1989. Though it is not a simple place to visit because it signifies such tragedy, it offers ample insight into the sufferings of the past. It is crucial to preserve the memory of those times and educate future generations. And, for that reason, the Monument of the Victims of Communism and the Resistance is among the tourist spots to be explored in Romania at least once.

Torre do Relogio

Location: Str. Corneliu Coposu No. 4, Sighetu Marmatiei 435500, RomaniaKey Points of Interest: Joyful Cemetery, Church of the Holy Paraskeva, Geographical Center of Europe.Places to Stay: Casa Lurca, Loca Loca Specialita Piadine, Carisma, Pensuine Restaurant Flamingo.

3. Torre do Relogio

Torre do Relogio museum is filled with fascinating artifacts from the medieval era. It is situated in the center of the ancient town and is adjacent to the birthplace of Vlad Dracula. This museum offers a leisurely stroll to the observation deck and each floor holds a delightful surprise for visitors. It is highly recommended not to overlook the clock mechanism during the tour, as it is a unique feature of this place and contributes to making it one of the finest destinations to visit in Romania.

painted houses

Location: Strada Turnului, Sighisoara 545400, RomaniaKey Points of Interest: The Dracula Investigation, Art & Crafts, Sighisoara Historic Center.Places to Stay: Hotel Central Park, Hotel Sighisoara, Hotel Casa Wagner.How to Reach: The most convenient way is to take a train from Brasov to Sighisoara to reach this destination.

4. Sighisoara Historic Centre

This place is a breathtaking spectacle with its enchanting old town, stunning colorful houses, and clock tower. The entire ambiance of the place is awe-inspiring. It consists of remarkably beautiful cobblestone streets, historical edifices, churches, and a picturesque small square at the heart of the city. With its narrow meandering alleys and distinctive buildings, this historic center of Sighisoara is sure to be a must-visit destination in Romania.


Location: Piata Cetatii Nr.1, Center of Sighisoara, Sighisoara 545400, RomaniaKey Points of Interest: The Dracula Investigation, Art and crafts, Torre do RelogioPlaces to Stay: Hotel Central Park, Hotel Sighisoara, Hotel Casa Wagner, Casa Savri.How to Reach: The most convenient way is to take a train from Brasov to Sighisoara to reach this destination.

5. Church on the Hill

Chill and tranquil, this distinct church is situated in an elevated position, above the ancient town of Sighisoara and remains one of the ideal and most suitable places to visit in Romania with family. You can easily descend to the underground vault and roam among the benches and the historical exhibits throughout. It is highly recommended to take the sheltered staircase to the church on the Hill to observe the exquisite frescoes and also the ancient bell in this charming church. Take the time to explore the church. You will discover numerous intriguing features to appreciate.


Location: Sighisoara, RomaniaMain Attractions: The Dracula Investigation, Art and Crafts, Sighisoara Historic Center, Torre do Relogio.Places to Stay: Hotel Restaurant Claudiu, Hotel Central Park, Hotel Sighisoara, Restaurant-Pensiunea Joker.How to Get There: Trains are readily available from Brașov to Sighisoara, which can help you arrive here promptly.

6. The Dracula Investigation

This is an enjoyable, educational, and enigmatic place that falls under the top 10 places to visit in Romania. The Dracula investigation presents Vlad Tepes’ history in a contemporary manner. This is probably the only attraction related to Vlad/Dracula that does not rely on the inexpensive props and sudden frights. It actually enlightens and entertains the travelers. Definitely worth a visit if you happen to be in Sighisoara.


Location: Scolii 12, Sighisoara 545400, RomaniaMain Attractions: Art and Crafts, Sighisoara Historic center, Scara Acoperita-Covered staircase, Church on the Hill.Places to Stay: Hotel Sighisoara, Hotel Casa Wagner, Georgius Krauss House, Casa Savri.How to Get There: Travel to Romania via air, and then trains are available from Brasov to Sighisoara.

7. Danube Delta

By visiting the Danube Delta, you will have an opportunity to explore a completely preserved nature and safeguard it at the same time. All the organized activities in the Delta are part of a significant ecotourism program. The highlights are the birds, herons, pelicans, swans, cormorants in addition to the landscape. They offer surprises, with arid sandy areas to others with the forest that you can traverse on a horse-drawn cart.

Painted Monasteries of Bucovina

Site: Tulcea, RomaniaMain Attractions: Braila city sightseeing, Science Museum, and Botanical Garden, Cocos Monastery.Accommodation Options: Traian Braila Hotel, Saint-Germain Hotel, Belveder Braila Hotel, Triumph Hotel.Directions: There are two stages to reach this location: firstly, reaching Tulcea – the most significant city in the vicinity, and then taking a boat from here to your final destination.

8. Colorful Monasteries of Bucovina

The adorned monasteries can be found in the northeast region and are truly remarkable sights in Romania. They deserve to be witnessed – incredibly distinct and definitely worthy of being a UNESCO World Heritage site. The only thing to consider is that it is preferable to dress modestly while exploring this place.


Site: Suceava, RomaniaMain Attractions: Moldovita Monastery, Museul Oului, Museul International al Oualor Lucia Condrea.Accommodation Options: Sofia Hotel, Bucovina Tourist Resort, Eden Hotel and Bungalows, Movila leremia Hotel.Directions: Both Suceava and Iasi offer easy access to this location as they have airports.

9. Sarmizegetusa Regia

Situated atop a mountain at an altitude of 1,200 meters, this historical area is filled with ancient ruins, including a sanctuary reminiscent of England’s Stonehenge. The journey to the site is breathtaking. Speaking of the site itself, it is well-preserved and the landmarks are thoroughly explained. Overall, this place is serene and tranquil, making it a must-visit destination.


Site: Natural Park Gradistea Muncelului – Cioclovina, RomaniaMain Attractions: Pestera Bolii, Dinosaur Geopark, Arsenal Aqua Park.Accommodation Options: Petrosani Hotel, Bujor de Munte guesthouse, Rusu Hotel, Casteldul de Vis.Directions: To reach this destination, you will need to make a stopover. Firstly, take a bus or train from Sibiu to Orastie, then a bus from Orastie to Costesti. From Costesti, Sarmizegetusa Regia is approximately 20 km away. At this point, public transportation ends. From here, you can either walk or catch a ride with other tourists or locals.

10. Sulina Beach

Sulina is truly a petite haven that one needs to witness firsthand and is surely one of the most significant places to explore in Romania. The beach is lengthy and broad with extremely exquisite and ivory sand. The sea is ebony due to the fusion of the Black Sea with Danube Delta. Along the route to the beach, do not forget to visit the ancient Sulina Cemetery which is approximately 2 kilometers away from the beach. Additionally, take a stroll to the Danube and observe the vintage structures as well as archaic boats.

Location: Sulina, RomaniaKey Attractions: Kayaking and Biking Sulina, Danube Delta, Letea Forest, 0 Kilometer.Places to Stay: Lebada Luxury Resort and Spa, Green Village Resort, Cormoran Resort, Puflene Resort.How to Reach: The sole feasible means to reach Sulina is by boat. There are daily ferries from Tulcea, with travel times ranging between 1 ½ and 4 hours. Most of them depart around 1:30 PM during the summer.

There is no shortage of places to explore in Romania. What remains crucial is how do you strategize and incorporate them into your itinerary for optimal discovery of this region. Embark on a journey to Romania today to ensure that the aforementioned places are included for boundless enjoyment and exploration of this captivating European nation.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Places to Explore in Romania

What is Romania renowned for?

Romania is the twelfth-largest country in Europe and the northern-most region, known for its timeless villages, traditional wooden churches, and alluring mountain landscape.

Is it secure to visit Romania during Covid?

Ensure that you have received both doses of vaccinations and undergo testing at least 48 hours before your departure. You must adhere to all the travel guidelines specified by the authorities.

What is the most attractive city in Romania?

Romania is one of the most stunning countries in the world, drawing tourists year-round. Some of the most captivating cities found here include Timisoara, Sibiu, Cluj, Iasi, Brasov, Constanta, etc.

Do individuals converse in English for communication in Romania?

The majority of individuals working at hotels and train stations have a command of the English language and are generally helpful.

What is the currency used in Romania?

The Romanian Leu serves as the currency of Romania.

Is Romania a costly destination for tourists?

Romania presents itself as an affordable vacation spot, providing excellent value for money across various aspects.

What is the primary international airport in Romania?

Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport stands as Romania’s busiest international airport. Additionally, there are other airports such as Arad International Airport, Bacau “George Enescu” International Airport, Baia Mare Airport Cluj “Avram Iancu” International Airport, Constanta “Mihail Kogalniceanu” International Airport, and more.


Does India require a visa for Romania?

Indeed, citizens of India are required to obtain a Romanian visa.

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